The COVID-19 pandemic caused economical drawback that was adversely felt by the entire world. Many individuals lost their sources of livelihoods with a good number diverting to business. It will take you by surprise at the magnitude of side business ideas you can do for a decent survival. It is even more amazing to learn that about 90% of new American billionaires are business owners as reported by But that’s not all, the Pew Research Center also reports that most people quit their jobs in 2021 due to low pay. Whatever the case, it is not always advisable to deep both your feet in water. And for this, most business admirers start it off as a side hustle before eventually dwelling into full-time business owners. So, what are some of the side businesses you can settle for? Check out our top 15 list below.

In this article
  1. App development
  2. Product delivery services
  3. Lease out existing assets
  4. Digital marketing
  5. Affiliate marketing
  6. Transcribing
  7. Cleaning service
  8. Home care nursing
  9. Rideshare driving
  10. Graphic designing
  11. Pet sitting
  12. Article writing
  13. Virtual Assistant
  14. Video Creation
Side hustle

1. Online Reselling

To resell means to purchase goods from manufacturers or other retailers and sell them to common customers. As a seller, you should strive to add some value to help you sell your products as desired. For example, if you sell online, then find how to deliver the products to the customer’s doorstep. This is a great side business for students who wish to get themselves some good bucks. The best way to start online sales is by using online store websites to sell fashionable clothes or other goods you no longer use.

It may take some time to get adequate customers. However, as a seller, you better source for ways to better your side business. The best you can do is to find effective marketing strategies and reach a wide clientele.

2. App development

Whether you are a technocrat or just into apps out of passion, you can do great with website and application development. Imagine the magnitude of mobile apps and how other virtual reality software has become a part of our everyday lives. This is definitely a good point to start.

The beauty is that you can learn coding with even no prior experience. Bu the truth is that “app development” isn’t easy either. It comes with its advantages and disadvantages. It is pretty time consuming and you need to organize yourself well. Otherwise, it’s good business and you could pocket $50 to $300 monthly.

3. Product delivery services

This is another small side business idea that can take you places. Product delivery is a form whereby a company sells its products or services to the end user. Furthermore, you won’t have any boundaries as you can deliver any product from electronics, household appliances, and medical supplies, among other goods. Doing this as a side hustle will need some network. Register with a reliable company and participate in delivering their products to customers.

One Edmund Lowman, a Floridan found himself with no job after the COVID-19 pandemic. He was working in the Tourism industry before then but was thrown into a disarray when the pandemic hit. He immediately had to source for other means of survival. He was lucky to stumble onto a grocery delivery job. He got another great idea of a grocery delivery app from one of his friends. Eventually, he bought the idea and as they say the rest is history. Edmund now makes over $100 daily.

4. Lease out existing assets

You could leas out anything from commercial space, power tools, or become an Airbnb host. Do you own an extra home you don’t need and are willing to sublet? Well, Airbnb is a great starting point. You can join the bandwagon and rent or lease out your apartments for some good bucks.

Simply visit the Airbnb site and sign up to be part of their hosting team. You also need to upload images so that potential lenders know what they expect. What of a tiny home? Well you can pocket some cash out of your tiny home that you no longer use. It could as well be a commercial space like a warehouse, or some retail area.

5. Digital marketing

This marketing strategy is used to promote products and services on different digital platforms. You could venture into marketing to attract potential buyers. Don’t just let your tech knowledge lie to waste. Many businesses are out there scrambling for information. You can start some content marketing ideas and you will be surprised how much a vast group of online dwellers’ll need them.

You could make about $50 to $100 doing this as a side hustle. Just act smart and keep with the trend of the digital world. For example, start a TikTok, or YouTube account and feed viewers with delicious content that they can’t resist.

6. Affiliate marketing

Among the easy side businesses to start is affiliate marketing.  This is a program where you join online companies and do marketing as an affiliate member. You’ll earn some good cash as commission on every click that leads to a purchase.

Here’s how to succeed in affiliate marketing

First, choose the right social media platform. Facebook is  pretty common, with a large breadth of viewers. Facebook suits middle aged customers. So, if your niche is in this group, go on to market in Facebook. However, more serious viewers are in Instagram. If your products are more appealing and you market for the big companies, then Instagram could be the place. Most companies give 5 to 100 percent commissions, which is good for side hustle.

7. Transcribing

Are you a good listener? Then this will be a good side business to start with.  Remember you also need some good typing speed and be keen to detail. More so, it is pretty flexible and you can transcribe right from the comfort of your living room.

Transcribing jobs pay between $15 to $25 per hour. Many sites are cropping up for this task as companies continue to source such services. Well-known sites include Transcribe Anywhere, Rev, and the renowned Quicktate.

8. Cleaning service

Most people have tight schedules and lack adequate time for thorough cleaning in their homes. You can form a small group and just hit the road running as this kind of business requires little overhead. More so, spice it up by adding premium options such as exterior power washing and floor waxing.

Just set your free time and organize how and when to do the cleanings with your customers. You can fix a few hours a week for great output.

9. Home care nursing

Become a home nurse and take care of the health-needy. Family caregivers are often overwhelmed with emotional and mental exhaustion and could require assistance. If you are in the health sector, this could be your chance to spare some time and care for such individuals.

This is achievable with some health care experience. Most aged persons or those living with health conditions occasionally need some special attention. The Population Reference Bureau reports that the current population of those aged over 85 years is likely to triple in the next 30 years. Definitely, some tender care will be needed for the longest time you can think of.

Among the jobs you can do include;

  • Home care support activities of daily living
  • Nutritional support and diet
  • Medical management

10. Rideshare driving

A ride share driver does transport people anywhere they need to go. They could also pick and deliver food orders when needed. With this, you will schedule your work location and hours for convenience.

This profitable side business won’t need additional overhead. It’s just your car and you are good to go. It is, however, to join an established organization such as subscribing to Uber. With this, you are sure of ready clients who already build their trust with the application.

11. Graphic designing

This is not a common region for most people. If you can perform some great designs then you are a hot cake. Corporations and small businesses are always out there looking for ways to upgrade their artistic circle. So, grab the opportunity and upscale your artwork. Types of graphic design include;

  • Marketing and advertising designing which include banners, magazines, flyers, infographics, and billboards.
  • User interface graphic design like on-screen, micro-interactions, etc.
  • Publication designing include books, directories, annual reports, catalogs, and newspapers.
  • Art and illustration such as graphic patterns on textiles, T-shirt branding, stock images, websites, and book covers, among others.
  • Visual identity designs such as assets like logos, color palettes, typography, etc.

12. Pet sitting

Pet sitting is the act of taking care of another person’s pet for an agreed time. This is just temporary and it could be the pet owner has gone on vacation or is help up and not able to take care of the pets.

Statistics show that about 85 million families in the United States own a pet. Nonetheless, a American Pet Products Association survey shows that only 37% of this group travel with their pets. So what happens to the remaining 63%? They need to leave someone behind to take care of their pets. This puts the pet sitting business among the business side hustles to run to.

13. Article writing

With an adequate typing speed and a keen eye for details, article writing could become your side hustle. Writing come in a wide range like self-publishing content, copywriting, blogging, and how-tos, among others.

The beauty of writing is that it’s flexible and you choose your working hours. Look out for professional websites like Upwork, Fivver, and PeoplePerHour. Here, you are protected under Escrow and any transaction goes on within the site.

14. Virtual Assistant

Be a virtual assistant and help many organizations achieve their goals. The beauty is that you can work remotely as you provide administrative tasks such as making phone calls, scheduling meetings, arranging travel, and many more.

You can make about $60 per hour doing simple tasks. A virtual assistant participates in;

  • Regular updates of the database
  • Research for market trends and updates the responsive team
  • Compile data into presentable format
  • Generate leads and networking opportunities online

15. Video Creation

Video creation is far-fetched the side business that make money online. Videos are powerful sources when it comes to interacting with both your customers and the potential ones. A single video can reach thousands of viewers in just one minute. And think of the trends like animated explainer videos, educator, vlogs, how-tos, and many more.

What Kinds of Videos Can Make You Real Money?

Even though videos spread like bush-fire, you need to narrow down to what you intend to achieve with your videos. Here are some common types of videos.

1. Animated explainer videos

If you are into kids’ program then animated explainer videos will do you good. Besides, companies have adopted the animated explainer characters for marketing.

2. Shoppable videos

Most videos are out there with the aim to sell a service or product. What if your potential customers can hit that “Buy” button and Voila! You make an instant sale. So, this is another great idea to have everything at your control and monitor the sales pattern.

3. Do It Yourself Videos

The internet is a rich source of information and thinking of ways to teach your viewers on any topic will deeply put some money in your pocket.

4. Vlogging

Vlogging is another area that helps content creators to deeply interact with the target audience. It will make a great impact whether it is personal vlogging or you are managing a company.

How Do You Choose the Best Type of Video for your Side Hustle?

This is mainly based on your interest and how much you wish to spend.

  • First, ask yourself what you intend to achieve with video business as different videos serve totally different missions.
  • Your budget cannot go unmentioned. The most important aspect to check is the added value that the video brings on the table. Simply spend what is within your means.
  • Your market audience is important. There is a group who will connect with the animated explainer videos while others just want it plain and straight.

If your aim is to make money with your video, then take into consideration a video that can outdo others in presentation and explainer. And of cause you need a excellent video creator for such. DemoCreator comes revamped with the latest technology for different user scenarios. Whether you want a schedule recording, game recording, or Virtual Avatar presenter, this video maker has you covered.

The upgraded version 6.0 comes simplified to record your computer screen on any size whether full screen, half or just partially. Likewise, you can live-stream your online meetings and reach a wide magnitude of audience through Zoom, Skype, and Team, among other sites. It also supports live stream on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.

Wondershare DemoCreator
An essential demo-making tool that helps learners, educators, freelancers, and gamers to take idea-sharing to the next level.

Key Features of DemoCreator

Multi-track editing: You can split your video clip and audio to different tracks in the editor.

AI effects: Easily apply Artificial Intelligence technology to polish your video such as removing background color and other effects.

Pan & Zoom effect: Get to use the pan & zoom function to help you zoom in or out as you emphasize a point.

Beauty Effects: Improve your video quality by adjusting the necessary effects.

Built-In transition effects: Plenty of transition effects like water splash, box turn, erase, and dissolve, puts your video at a top-notch state.

10,000 templates: These templates and resources like annotation, stickers, and text are a perfect add-on to your video.

Added hot themes: The latest version just added 4 hot themes to make your video creation exercise a walk-in-the path. Simply choose education, gaming, business or tutorial.

How to Use Video to Make Money

Since videos can reach a wider audience within a short time, it is the simpler way to make money in any section. DemoCreator lets you use the Demo and Record mode and supports recording a 3D Virtual Avatar. Here are the steps to follow in DemoCreator to make videos for money.

Step 1. Download and install DemoCreator.

Click on the “Free Download” tab to download and install the app on your computer. Then launch  DemoCreator go to the start-up window.

start up window

Step 2. Record your video

Start by resetting your camera to recording frame, size, and position, among other options. Likewise, the Demo and Record mode provides AI facial recognition and green screen features. Otherwise, if you don’t wish to record your face, simply use Virtual presenters. For this, choose the “Avatar” mode at the top then choose your preferred virtual character on the right side.

Step 3. Adjust the layout and import video material

To do this, click on the toolbar and choose a layout. These include newsroom layout, content, or camera full screen, among other formats. Alternatively, you can create a blank page and fill it with content or simply use a PowerPoint presentation or other imported screen recordings, videos, or images.  These will then display in the right content area.

edit video background

Step 4. Edit video background

DemoCreator lets you alter the background to your satisfaction. Go to the “Resource” area on the right and click on the “Background” option to choose any background template you wish to use. These include offices, and houses, among others. Likewise, you can add sounds, transitions, and other effects. And for Demo on Record Mode, you can add text, whiteboard tools, or any other effect to spice up your video.  You can also make use of annotations under live video and recording mode. Then use the “Broom” feature to clear the board and create more space for explanation. Once you choose your preferred virtual background, click on apply to use it. You can also use the “Teleprompter” whenever you are not sure of the material you want to speak about.

adjust layout

Step 5 import or record your clips

You can import any clip whether PowerPoint, videos, or images. Just go to the “Clipboard” option then go on to adjust the clips’ order by the mouse drag and drop feature. Just pick the clip you wish to download or select all. Next, hit on the “Import” tab. You can also record multiple monitors to show content at the same time.

edit recording

Step 6. Edit your recording

Easily customize the workflow preferences once your recording is complete. These include recording and drawing on the record screen in real-time with the drawing tool. You can also add stickers to make your video interesting.

And for easy management, DemoCreator just added two wonderful features. You can group all your files into one file. Also, you can combine multiple clips and edit them as one. Most importantly, the “Demo Record” mode gives you beauty effects in the “Editor” Just go to “Effect” > “Advanced” > “Beauty” to find and drag them to your clip and adjust your settings. Don’t forget to add sound. You can use the “Denoise” capability or employ voice changers such as women, children, men, etc.


Why sit and let your youthful years fly away while you can do side business with your job and be ahead of your peers? This article has given you some of the best ideas to kick start your dream hustle and eventually turn it into a magnitude of wealth.

David Wilson
David Wilson Apr 18, 24
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