Transforming Lectures Into Videos

Oliva Eve
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Lecture Video Editing

The world has been changing at a rapid pace and in the modern world and the futuristic world, slowly but surely online video education is replacing the traditional format of face to face lectures. It is important that those who are engaged in the business of delivering lectures whether it is in the form of teaching in schools and colleges or as a mentor or in any other form as they deem fit.

The world has been seeing developments in the recent times and these developments have been calling for unprecedented changes with the teachers shifting to online teaching. In this article we will try to address this tectonic shift in the world and how this change can be tackled by the educators in transforming their lectures to videos.

Finding a Theme

The mentality of the users would have to be taken care off while creating a video and for that it is very critical that the mentality of the viewer is kept in mind and it is a very important factor for the content creators. The creators need to decide on the theme that they would like to keep their videos in and accordingly take the decisions regarding their videos. A video which is only focused on covering all aspects of the content which is being taught at times becomes very hard to digest for the students.

It is highly important that the teachers factor in the attention span and divide the lectures and design them in a manner that facilitates learning in the easiest possible manner. It must be remembered that even though the video is being sent out by a machine, the recipients are humans who can focus on a thing for a very limited time. They need to make sure that the content is also divided and apportioned according to the significance of the content and the content which is significant should matter a lot more for the students.

This means that the content creator really needs to brainstorm about how significant a particular piece of information really is before delivering it and eliminate everything that is unnecessary and the overall video should be full of graphics and other elements which resonate with the theme of the video.

How to Make Lecture Videos

For transforming your lectures into online videos, the content creator has to follow two important steps. The first step here is the creation of slides. A slide is basically a presentation which is done mostly in the form of a PowerPoint presentation which covers most part of the content that has been covered and the explanations thereof in different parts and in the order that the creator deems fit. The slides must always be made as user friendly as possible in the sense that they must not have only text because it begins to become monotonous for the ultimate viewers.

The creators must make the use of tools such as graphs, charts, images and GIFs for making the videos extremely attractive and easier for the viewers to understand and not just having to read the text and investing a lot of time in it. The online classroom is nothing but a portal for digital storytelling of the subject that is being covered and therefore it becomes extremely critical that the slides are crafted in a manner that facilitates the storytelling of this subject.

The content creators must understand that the content that is said during a physical class is a very different ball game when converted online because the creator may well be communicating only through the audio medium and not visually and physically present. The next process that makes the online lectures stand out from the rest is how the voice recording is added in the slide. Through various screen and voice recording software, the content creators have the option of adding voice and other screen recording elements into the video. Since text in itself does not have expression it does not become self-explanatory.

The viewers are more engaged in the video when they can hear what is being said and that lets them concentrate more on what is being said rather than the facts that are written in the slides. The voice recording aspects are usually also personalized because the users might not always be listening to this as a class and may be listening to it personally so it is important that the faculty ensures that the coverage of content is done keeping in mind the different kinds of students and their learning capabilities.

Voice recording and narration becomes an effective tool as the faculty can create content by including examples and instances where practical life can be involved and make it easier to understand for their students. These are tools that are not accessible when it comes to the text slides and narration really makes it more engaging. For recording the slides, the users can use the various screen recording software which are easily available online and for download and most of them are very basic and can be used by beginners too.

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So as the transition to online teaching becomes an inevitable reality, the world has been seeing an evident shift to the online learning methodologies and the execution of online videos is becoming more and more doable for teachers across the globe. Converting lectures into online videos makes them reach a larger audience and also enables an exciting way of personalized learning as the videos can be customized differently for a different set and class of students. It is also possible for creating these videos in the language of the viewer’s choice and then the elements like charts, graphics, images and voice recording makes this a brilliant form of learning in the world that is fast becoming more pertinent online.