Video Learning vs Text Learning

Oliva Eve
2024-04-02 09:17:54 • Filed to: Elearning Tips

In the past few months and the last couple of years, the world has seen an emergence of the video learning as an effective alternative to the other forms of learning and with the onset of lockdowns and other restrictions distance learning has become the most relevant form of learning off late. This has given rise to two different forms of learning which text learning and video learning. In this article, we will compare the two forms of learning, video learning vs text learning, and come to a conclusion why video learning is better.

What is Text Learning

This is the traditional form of learning which involves reading of books or text in general through the different forms of videos There are people who still follow books and prefer this form of learning over the form of learning which is done by the videos. Reading and text learning have its own set of fans and those who want to stick to it and not move on to the video forms of learning

What is Video Learning

This however is a form of learning where the concepts are explained by using audio visual techniques. These include screen-recorded slides which are accompanied with the narrations and other annotations which help people grasp the concepts in a manner which is different to the reading form. While there were critics of this form of learning earlier, in the recent past, this has caught up and almost revolutionized how learning is done in the modern world.

Comparison Between Text Learning and Video Learning

The concepts of video and text learning can be compared in the following points:

Why Should One Choose Text Learning?

The learning that is done through text involves reading and is a slower form of learning and the learning done through videos is a much faster way of learning however it has been observed that the retention of the learning done through the reading and over a longer period of time is a lot more than the video learning concepts which some people consider to be a lazy and spoon-fed form of learning. The counter to that however is the fact that the video learning is one that doesn't perish and can be revisited time and time again.

Another point that goes in the favor of video learning is the fact that the human brain prefers to learn in a visual form and lesser in the text form. Reading books can be an effective tool for learning when the reader is trying to increase his or her literary knowledge. This is something that is not possible when the video learning is done because the videos reach an audience that is bigger and the language that is used is much simpler.

For instance, books remain the most effective tool when the readers are trying to work on their vocabulary or sentence formation. This is where there is a major drawback of the video learning experience because most of the video learning is done through slides and pointers Reading is also beneficial when the user wants to learn at their own pace because they can read a book or text as many times as they want until they understand it.

Why Should One Choose Video Learning?

Video learning is a much better option when the viewer wants to enjoy the content and the concepts in a broader sense and not a detailed sense however that doesn’t meant that videos cannot be used for difficult concepts in fact videos are a much better option when complex subjects are supposed to be understood because books in that sense can be extremely taxing on the mind as the video can quickly offer solutions and also explain the workability of the concepts while text learning will only provide the theoretical learning experience.

Videos are also an excellent option when it comes to learning quickly and without spending too much. Books are expensive and need a physical storage ground. They are also not as accessible as the video learnings are and people who are in the remote parts of the world may not have access to books always and for them video learning comes as a major helping hand as they can study the concepts online by having an internet connection and a streaming device both of which are a one-time expenditure that are common place today.

Videos also offer personalized learning experiences in the sense that books are written keeping in mind a broader audience however videos can easily be configured to match the requirements of the readers. The viewers often also have an option of communicating with the creator of the video. This is an option that does not exist for the readers of a book and that gives a huge advantage to the video forms of learning.

Videos are also bifurcated often into the different sub-videos and are easily viewed by the viewers as and when the need arises. However for those asking is watching videos better than reading? It certainly has its advantages however it cannot completely render the concept of text learning redundant. The concepts are important in their own place.

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The reading vs video learning debate is one which is going to go on for a long time in the near future and will be one where many people are going to have their opinions however it is undeniable that video forms of learning have been successfully taking over the learning industry and are certainly the favored forms of learning for people in the current era.

The future also belongs to the video industry because of the accessibility it provides and the amount of people it can reach without the intermediaries being involved and there being a single channel for distribution unlike the books which require multiple channels to reach the end user. Apart from this, the engagement of a video learning concept offers a big benefit to the user.