• 1. Steps of turning a PowerPoint presentation into a video.
  • 2. Make a video presentation with DemoCreator.
  • 3. Export your presentation video to the desired format.

How to Make Video Presentation with Slide

David Wilson
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Presentation Video

Is it necessary to make your PowerPoint presentations video slides? Well, the answer could be a "Big yes" and sometimes "No", too. It depends on the situation. Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the renowned software for making presentations.

You can make a presentation on any of the topics in Microsoft PowerPoint, such as your school project, a lecture on any subjects, a tutorial, audience insights, product launch, marketing plans, a startup, etc.

The main objective of these presentations is to showcase what you have prepared to the audience who may be included in the project or might have any interest in the project.

If you are presenting your PowerPoint presentation with Projector in front of an audience, then it's good, but if you send your PowerPoint file to others via Email or WhatsApp, then it might be that some of them do not have Microsoft PowerPoint on their PCs.

If someone received your presentation via WhatsApp, most people do not keep PowerPoint on their smartphones as the application occupies enough space. In this case, they would not be able to via your presentation.

If they have PowerPoint on their smartphones, then the presentation takes a long time to open and often lacks sometimes, plus some of the features would vanish on mobile, and the text could overlap with each other.

This is where the conversion of PowerPoint slides into a Video comes into use. If you convert your PowerPoint presentation into video slides, your viewers can easily watch the video and give their feedback, whether they have PowerPoint or not.

Also, busy clients can watch the Video proposal you made with PowerPoint slides easily in one click rather than opening it to the PowerPoint. And all the features, effects, sounds, and text you added in the presentation would not vanish in the video.

So yes, converting the PowerPoint Presentation into a video is a smart move you should go for. In this article, we will take you through each step of turning a PowerPoint presentation into a video.

How to Make a Video Presentation with DemoCreator?

As we have discussed before, PowerPoint presentations can be turned into video presentations or video slides with the need for robust video editing and recording software like the Wondershare DemoCreator.

Wondershare DemoCreator is a one-stop shop for all video requirements. It has a screen recorder, webcam recorder, voice recorder, game recorder, video editor, and video effect library built-in. This screen recording software assists students, instructors, freelancers, and gamers take their idea-sharing to the next level.

The intuitive features of DemoCreator enable it to meet the needs of teachers, vloggers, and inexperienced gamers who want to create presentations, lessons, games, and much more. The easy and intuitive interface lets you configure the resolution, frame size, and frame rate, after which you can apply the final touches using the inbuilt video editor.

Let's explore how to make a video presentation from a PowerPoint presentation;

Get ready for Your PowerPoint Presentation

The First step includes creating a compelling, knowledgeable/interesting, and eye-catching PowerPoint presentation.

make video presentation with slide

Once you are done creating the PowerPoint slides, click on “File”, available on the top left of the ribbon, to save your PowerPoint presentation.

make video presentation with slide

A menu will expand; click on the “Save as” button.

make video presentation with slide

Now, click on “Computer” and then click on “Browse” to save the PowerPoint presentation to the desired folder.

make video presentation with slide

Type a name for your PowerPoint Presentation and click on the "Save button."

Open DemoCreator and Import Your PowerPoint to DemoCreator

Now Microsoft PowerPoint tasks are accomplished, it's time to move forward toward Wondershare DemoCreator. Download DemoCreator and launch it on your PCs; on the interface, you will find different options; click on "Video Editor".


Double click the big plus icon to import your PowerPoint presentation.

make video presentation with slide

Now choose the PowerPoint presentation file located in your folder, select it and click on “Open.”

make video presentation with slide

After importing, you can double-click on the files to start the PowerPoint preview.

make video presentation with slide

In this part, you can select the pages that you want or do not want to show in your final video.

make video presentation with slide

If you want to delete some pages, select it and right-click to choose delete.

make video presentation with slide

At this point, you can drag and drop your files onto the timeline, and then you can start your video.

make video presentation with slide

Now finally, you can start editing your presentation video.

make video presentation with slide

Edit your Video Presentation

The Wondershare DemoCreator empowers you to crop the video, modify the playback speed, and add comments, symbols, and effects to make the content you're sharing online more entertaining and understandable.

In addition to your voice, which allows you to communicate more simply, you may utilize various annotation tools, such as captions, speech bubbles, overlays, arrows, and other colorful elements, to help you transmit the messages most essential to you.

At the end of the process, you may export the recorded movie in several formats such as MP4, MOV, and GIF and utilize the program to share it on your favorite social media quickly; you can even export it directly to Youtube.

Let's discuss all these features and editing procedures in detail;

Crop Video

First, select your clip and then click the Crop option to crop a video. Then enlarging the visible area would be advantageous. Click and drag the resize handles to do so. Then click OK to crop your video clip.

make video presentation with slide

Adjust video speed

To speed up or slow down the video, select it in the timeline and adjust the speed in the properties area to achieve the desired effect.

make video presentation with slide

Trim Video Clip

Trimming allows us to cut out the sections of the video that aren't necessary, mainly if the video is composed of many clips. To trim a specific clip, click on it, move the mouse to the clip's edges, and then drag the cursor forward or backward to eliminate the unwanted part.

make video presentation with slide

Add Stickers

DemoCreator gives you the ability to add vibrant stickers to your video. You must go to your window screens and click the "Stickers" option at the top of the screen, where you will find a variety of exciting stickers.

Education, games, GIFs, and emoji are among the sticker categories. You can use stickers of “like, subscribe, and share” as a call to action.

make video presentation with slide

Add Captions

To add captions/subtitles to your movie, go to the captions option at the top and select from captions. The opener, lower third, subtitle, and end credit are among the categories from which you can choose.

make video presentation with slide

Choose the Caption effect and drag it to the video where you want the caption to appear. You can adjust the font size, font style, and color in the properties section.

Add Annotations

Annotations are essential when preparing a lecture or demonstration video. DemoCreator includes an annotation feature that allows you to add a chat box, speech bubbles, or text to any point in your video's timeline.

make video presentation with slide

The categories here are Line&Arrow and shapes. Choose your favorite Annotation effect and drag it to the timeline where you want it to appear.

Add Transitions

Transitions are an excellent method to give a video an amazing feel and to please the client, mainly if it comprises several clips. You can also add transitions between the clips and events at the beginning and end of the video.

Color, 3D, Wrap, Slideshow, Speed Blur, and Ripple & Ripple&Dissolve are just a few transition effects available in Wondershare DemoCreator. Choose the most appropriate transition effect from the categories and place it between the clips and at the beginning and conclusion of the video.

make video presentation with slide

Add Voiceover

You can add Voiceover to your video to give some additional information; click on the Voice Over icon available in the toolbar, record your voice, and add it where you need it.

make video presentation with slide

Add Cursor effects

In the upper corner of the toolbar, select the cursor effect. Cursor Highlight, Left Click Rings, and Left Click Sound are the three effects available. Drag the cursor effect to the timeline you wish to use in the presentation video.

make video presentation with slide

Adjust the cursor settings on the Cursor tab of the Properties Window. This tab's scale slider allows you to change the size of your cursor. You can also change the highlight color to suit your needs.

Export to the desired Format

Now it's time to export your Presentation video to the desired format on your computer, or you can also export the presentation video to YouTube once you've finished editing it. Follow the customizing steps after clicking the Export icon in the top right corner of your screen.

DemoCreator now supports WMV, MP4, MOV, AVI, GIF, and MP3 as output formats. You can also modify the encoder, resolution, framerate, and bitrate, among other settings.

make video presentation with slide

Export Video to YouTube

DemoCreator allows you to upload your videos directly to your YouTube channel. Click the YouTube navigation bar in the Export box. Sign in to your YouTube account and share your videos with only one click. Fill in the title, description, and tags for the video. After that, press the upload button.

make video presentation with slide


A video presentation is when you make a presentation in a video and use it to share a concept readily. The video presentation is a technique to draw students', managers', business clients/partners', and colleagues' attention, answer their questions in an engaging and accessible manner, and create a stimulating environment.

The video presentation is simple to access, understand, and remember. Once you've turned your PowerPoint presentation into a video presentation, you may rest assured that your work will always be safe and accessible.

Time and money are saved by using video presentations. Creating video presentations is a smart move in which clients/customers are given too much information in a few slides. And you may quickly get the stuff that is described in the slides.

We have explored every step employing which you can turn your PowerPoint slides into a smooth and high-quality video. The steps are easy, and with DemoCreator's user-friendly interface, anyone without any prior experience in video editing can turn slides into compelling videos.