Best Distance Learning Tools

Alma Elliott
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Remote Learning Engagement

The COVID‐19 pandemic is having a noteworthy effect on the future of young people and quality of life; it can also result in disturbance in education. A disturbance might pose a severe threat to the whole society in the post-crisis era. Hence, educational institutions should respond fast and look after the continuity of the educational procedures. The goal should be to design and implement a model allowing a rapid transition to the distance learning model from the traditional model in a state of emergency. Hence, the need for technological tools for distance learning is felt in the recent crisis.

In order to overcome this situation and issue, it is necessary that distance learning supplies for teachers and students are in place, so that the educational process is not interrupted and hampered. Here are some best tech tools for distance learning that can be used during this health crisis to suffice educational needs.

Part 1
Video Communication Tools

1. Wondershare DemoCreator

Wondershare DemoCreator is the one of the best distance learning tools. It is a creative and powerful video editor, which is developed with an intuitive and user-friendly interface to make learning process simple. Teachers can edit recorded lectures with interactive effects. Apart from this, teachers can also crop videos, change the speed, and add annotations to help students understand better.

democreator recording screen

In addition to this, teachers can also capture webcam or record computer screen. They can select a target area, set a frame rate, and then begin recording their screen, microphone, or webcam simultaneously or separately. They can also include cursor effects in recorded lectures, which will assist attract students’ attention and make them understand better. The smart video editor offers teachers with 3 kinds of cursor effects: Cursor Highlight, Left Click Rings, and Left Click Sound to stand out. Also, with Annotations, teachers can make the lectures more informative by adding text, drawing graphs, or inserting elements. It is also a great method to engage with your students.

2. Zoom


With classes shifted to a remote learning model for the rest of the semester, teachers and students are keen to maintain the intellectual vibrancy and academic consistency of the classroom. Live video with virtual participation is one of the best methods for teachers and students alike to duplicate the classroom experience. Zoom is the perfect option to achieve this and is one of the best distance learning tools for teachers. It is now available to all faculty, students, and staff and is the perfect tool to assist you suffice educational needs. Some benefits of Zoom are:

  • One-on-one meetings, a staff meeting up to 300 or up to a class of 500 students
  • Participants can join the session from any device
  • Polls, chats, content sharing, breakout rooms, annotations, and whiteboarding.
  • One-click connection for easy audio and video
  • Integrated with different LMS
  • Easy accessibility for all learners

3. Loom


If you are searching for a simple app that can do regular classroom presentations and screen captures, then Loom is the tool for you. It offers easy way to narrate, record, and share lectures with a simpler way to communicate as compared to text. You can show your lecture with your head in the bottom corner, as well. Loom allows you see who saw your video, and you can even add it into Google apps, like Gmail. The pro version, which is now free for students and teachers, provides even more advanced features. It includes custom thumbnail creation, “do not disturb” mode, drawing tools, HD quality recording, custom access security, and mouse-click highlights.

Part 2
Content-Specific Tools

1. Google Classroom

google classroom

Google Classroom is a powerful social tool for learning and one of the best distance learning tools. It lets students to post doubts and gets answers from their educators and fellow students. In addition to this, teachers can publish intriguing lesson materials and questions for review at home. It can also be added with other Google services such as Google Forms, which can be a superb method to get feedback from students.

2. Quizlet / Quizlet Live


Quizlet offers a platform for teachers and students to generate and share their own learning materials, comprising diagrams and flashcards. Quizlet Live is the free in-class quiz game, created by Quizlet, which can bring learning materials to life, thereby being one of the best tech tools for distance learning. In this interactive and engaging game, students must all stay focused, contribute, and communicate well to win. Quizlet constantly gets excellent reviews and is a great way to bring study materials to into the COVID-19 crisis era.

3. Scratch


Scratch is a fun, simple, and engaging introduction to study, developed particularly for 8–16-year-olds. You can combine graphics, music, and photos to make interactive animations, games, and slideshows. All of their creations are shareable with others in online community of a student. It is essential to note that Scratch will actually only teach programming things, not so much authentic, real programming.

Part 3
Presentation Creating Tools

1. Visme


Visme is a cloud-based presentation software that lets you to make extremely visual presentations to communicate your ideas and engage viewers. It sports a drag-and-drop, intuitive design method for making presentations. The business edition also prioritizes company-wide image storage and brand consistency. When you or your staff makes a presentation, it will have logos, colors, and images that represent your organization. This promotes uniformity across presentations amongst your staff. Visme also provides an in-built analytics system, so you can see who finished your presentation and who has seen your presentation. Visme provides different plans varying from $20 per month per user to $60 per month per three users. It is also possible to get a free live demo to see how the tech works before you use it.

2. Pitcherific


Pitcherific is not only a presentation software, but also a tool for practicing and building your presentation. It is a template-supported solution that guides you via the presentation making process. Rather than creating a few slides, the tool prompts you to write out the regions of every portion of your speech. The summary for an elevator pitch, for instance, comprises a hook, issue, solution, and ending. There are different templates for different types of presentations and pitches, so you will have guidance on many types of presentations and speeches. The tool also suggests a timeclock and a character count for every section, letting you to track how long your presentation is and remain within a desired range. The pricing depends majorly on your needs, so you will have to reach out to its sales department to get a specific quote. The tool does provide a free version in case you are curious to see how the platform operates.

3. Haiku Deck

haiku deck

Haiku Deck is one of the best distance learning tools for teachers that prioritize simplicity. You can create basic, elegant presentations with high-quality images. This approach promotes connecting with students rather than losing them in information overload owing to text-crowded slides. What differentiates Haiku Deck from conventional presentation tools is its array of fonts and image library. It makes it simple to create powerful, simple presentations that are available on any device. Haiku Deck provides 3 plans, varying from $7.99–29.99 per month.

Part 4
Homework Management Tools

1. iProcrastinate


This platform is helpful for organizing tasks and to-do lists you deem most essential. Syncing from your PC to your iPhone or iPad, this tool provides ways to organize your exam, homework, and/or social schedule. After adding into the PC what you require to get done, the tool provides methods to break down that task into sections to increase the fluidity of your schedule. Extra perks include priority levels, color-coding, and the ability to share tasks with others.

2. inClass


With this tool, students can never miss a word and record their lectures with ease. This tool lets students to plug their assignments and class lists in a monthly calendar and get alerts on the basis of when specific tasks are due. Advantages comprise a note-taking device differentiated by class name and a backup function that allows you to transfer info to your device for future use.

3. Kno

With this tool, you can say goodbye to heavy backpack and over-priced textbooks. Using Kno, users can order textbooks at almost half the cost via your tablet or iPad. It provides features such as annotating with sticky notes and highlighting text. The service lets you to record audio notes in class and snap video and photo of chalkboard diagrams and lectures you find essential. Included is a “journal” that saves all of your annotated and highlighted material so it is all in one place. Advantages comprise a "quiz me" option that tests on parts in the textbook and 3D diagrams.


In short, you just had a look at the best distance learning tools that can be used during this COVID-19 crisis. In addition to this, DemoCreator is the best option to use for distancing learning during this health crisis.