Video Project Ideas for Students

Oliva Eve
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Online Class Strategy

It is nothing new to see videos uploaded on YouTube by younger web surfers. Videos are the go-to medium for all things trendy and informative. People seek instant results and gratification. If an informative video will help a student join a new high school with warm, as opposed to cold feet, that’s great. How about a video showcasing how interesting the school’s annual gala is? These are cool ideas for video projects students can take up to introduce their peers to learning-related content. It is also a way for students to utilize technology, and possibly social media, in a productive way.

Video Project Ideas for School

Book Trailer

For younger pupils, this idea is perfect for studying literature, and introducing students to book reading. Students of all ages can be encouraged to prepare videos based on their favorite books. Better ideas revolve around a video capturing one or two texts mandated by the school. Poems and biographies make up a great part of learning material. Students can create short trailers based on their understanding of these reading materials, and share them with lecturers and students online.

Tour Videos with Commentary

School trips usually end up with a lot of anecdotes after the fact. However, few people know how authentic the stories are, or if they are made up to remove suspicion of a trip that went bust. Getting kids to create videos will make light of any and all situations. An educational trip is fun if a few students fall, embarrass themselves on video, or come out as stars on the video. A tour video is more about bringing students out their shell than being informative.

Recreate Historical Moments

Bring back moments worth remembering from paperback, to videos. Landmark moments inspired by Rosa Parks or perhaps Martin Luther King Jr, all make interesting video content. Students who create a clip based on these stories will be helping others easily understand certain parts of their history. It’s no secret that youngsters would rather than watch than read. Facilitate their learning on a comfortable platform.

Pretend to be Presenters

How about letting kids attempt to create a news segment. Students can take up various roles, including videographer, anchorman or woman, photographer, weather woman and any other they see fit. Perhaps they’ve idolized being the sports news presenter or correspondent. Students creating these videos will have to perform diligent research on chosen topics, which makes it a well-rounded learning experience. 

Make Jingles on Xmas Day

Having students celebrate their favorite time of the year on video creates a fun learning atmosphere. Kids will be more relaxed and ready for the school year. Grant them the opportunity to create an Easter video, as a follow up to their hugely successful Christmas video. Teach them to spice up with their videos with narration of their appreciation for their teachers, family and friends, during the most wonderful time of the year.

Showcase Portfolios

How about getting a head start to one’s college application? Students should take time to work on their talents, fully engage them and present them on video. They can learn to showcase their talents on video, perhaps even posting them online. College recruiters can easily navigate to these videos online and perhaps capture what other colleges may have missed, regarding your skills.

While on the topic of video creations, perhaps we should examine useful tips for beginners.

Video Project Ideas for Beginners

These concepts work for beginners of all ages, specifically amateur filmmaking students.

White Board Animation

Yep. Easy to set up and create, it requires a cool venue, like your school classroom, and handy camera. Simply set it up on a tripod and record whatever your action may be, on the whiteboard. Draw stick figures, geographical landscapes or longitudinal lines, or carry out calculus. Either way, this is the easiest form of video creation for all amateurs.

Stop-Motion Animation

Using screen-capturing software like Screen-o-Matic, take shots of slides and different webpages that you visit. Once you have enough content, create a video using Screencast software, adding your voice for narration. Sounds complicated? It’s easy for less tech-savvy users, and the perfect way to fire up your movie-making career.

Slide through Screen Cast Recording

Present your slides using screen cast with ease. Take screenshots of different pages, ideas and movie clips then combine them for a more professional presentation. It is easy to execute using readily available, free-for-use software like Screen-o-Matic or Screencastify. You can present several bulleted points as individual slides, adding images and voiceovers to it.

Interview with the Amateur

For novice content creators, this can be accomplished using software that is available, by default, on smartphones or tablets/laptops. How about random videos of people you run into at the store? Ask relevant questions regarding supermarket purchases and scams or socio-economic issues. Make them fun, humorous or totally serious, depending on the target audience.

Gift Audiences with Gifs

GIF makers are available all over the internet for download or to be used online. Graphics Interchange Format uses pics and parts of videos to create funny yet informative clips. Use current study notes or anything classroom oriented and create GIFs to be presented on school websites, graduation presentations or social media.


Sky is the limit as far as video content and its usability is concerned. Students won’t stop using clips and sharing them on social media, regardless of restrictions. This inevitability confirms that students be granted an opportunity to use video and online platforms to facilitate learning. With scores of video creating and editing software easily accessible, students get to liven up, and shorten learning curves.