How to Extract Audio from Video with iMovie?

Oliva Eve
2024-04-02 09:16:39 • Filed to: Audio Editing

Do you want to get the separate audio from video? Actually, it's not a hard task, you only need a tool to finish this. If you're a Mac user, the iMovie is a great tool to extract audio from video. In this article, you can get the detailed steps about how to extract audio from video with iMovie.

1. How to Extract Audio from Video with iMovie Mac

iMovie is a video editor that for iOS and macOS users. It owns numerous editing features and can be used on different platforms (Mac, iPhone, iPad). Not only extract audio and audio editing, it also performs marvelously in video editing. The user-friendly interface can empower your video editing ideas. Below are the detailed steps about how to extract audio from video with iMovie.

Step 1. First, launch iMovie. Then click on the “Projects” tab, hit the “Create New” option, and begin the extraction process.

Step 2. Then click on the “Import Media” option and wait for the “Finder Wizard” to pop up. Select the video files you wish to extract audio from.

launch iMovie

Step 3. Drag the file to the iMovie timeline. Then go to the top-right corner of the iMovie interface and click on the “Export” option and select the “File”.

Step 4. Change the Format from “Video and Audio” to “Audio Only”. Also, you should select the output format you wish the extracted video to be in from the “File Format” drop-down option then hit the “Next” button. iMovie supports MP3, AIFF, WAV, AAC, among other formats.

select audio only in iMovie

Step 5. Your audio just got extracted from the video, then select a destination path to save the audio file. iMovie will automatically convert and download the file and save it to the selected destination path. Finally, extract the audio file from the output folder.

2. Extract Audio from Video with DemoCreator

As we've discussed above, iMovie is a suitable tool to make audio extracted from video on Mac. But we can figure out that the steps seem complicated. If you want to find an easier tool to extract audio, then the DemoCreator will be a better choice.

Different from the iMovie, the DemoCreator suits not only Mac, but also Windows. And if you want to make audio detach from video, the steps will be easier than iMovie. Moreover, it supports you to add multiple sound effects and music resources. It's driven into screen recording and video editing attached numerous video effects, which make you record and edit video/audio in one stop. Below are the detailed steps to separate audio from video with DemoCreator.

Step1. Launch DemoCreator and select "Video Editor"

First, launch DemoCreator and select the “Video Editor” in the start-up window.

launch DemoCreator

Step2. Import video and drag to timeline

Double-click to import the media file that you want to make audio detach, and add it to the timeline.

import video and audio

Step3. Extract Audio

Select your audio in the timeline and right-click, choose the “Audio Detach” from the sub-menu. Then the audio and video file will show on 2 different tracks.

make audio detach

Step 4. Export audio and video

Your video and audio are now separated and you can save and export them. Just click the “Export” tab at the right corner of the interface to export the audio track.

export audio

How to Rich Your Audio?

1. Add sound effects and suitable music to audio

With DemoCreator, you can make advanced edits to your audio by adding sound effects that enhance your video by providing clues about the environment of the subject. Among the sound effects you can add to your audio in DemoCreator include sounds of thunder, wind, coin, ghost, game over, gun sounds, etc.

Steps to add sound effects to your audio:

Step1. Go to the “Menu” bar and click the “Audio” option. Next, choose the “Sound” effect from the left-hand side of the DemoCreator window. A collection of sound effects will be availed for you to choose from.

choose sound effects in DemoCreator

Step2. You can choose the sound of a beep, typing, coin, thunder, game over, etc. You can as well adjust the audio. Just click on the audio clip and go to the “Audio Settings” window on the right “Properties” pane. Here, you can change your audio’s speed and volume among others Once you have chosen which effect to add to your audio, drag and drop it onto the timeline clip..

Step 3. Finally, save and export your video in any format.

save and export audio

3. FAQs about Audio Editing in iMovie

iMovie presents advanced audio editing features that you can apply to your audio.

1)How to split an audio clip in iMovie

To split audio;

  1. First, open a project in iMovie.
  2. Then scroll through the timeline to the place you want to split the clip.
  3. Next, tap the audio clip.
  4. Go to the “Actions” menu and tap on the “Scissors” button.
  5. Finally, tap on the “Split” option to split your audio.

2) How to adjust the duration of an audio clip

If you want to make the duration of your audio clip shorter or longer,

  1. Launch a project on iMovie.
  2. Tap on the audio clip that you want to shorten.
  3. Then wait for the trim handles to appear.
  4. Next, drag the handles to the clip points.
  5. Finally, tap outside the audio clip to adjust your audio.

3) How to remove an audio clip from a project

iMovie editor also lets you easily remove an audio clip from a project.

  1. First, open your project in iMovie.
  2. Next, tap and hold on to the audio clip.
  3. Then drag the audio clip icon above the timeline.
  4. Once you see a “Smoke” effect, release your hold and you would have removed the audio clip.


The total article has introduced 5 steps to extract audio from video with iMovie. If you're are a deep  Mac users, then the iMovie will be better for you to make the audio editing. And the second part is the other way to separate audio, Wondershare DemoCreator. Compared to iMovie, the DemoCreator will be easier and it supports you to record audio. And it also has the Windows version.