15 Best Education Apps for Teachers

Oliva Eve
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Teacher Skills

The technology has widened the scope of education by incorporating mobile educational apps, which greatly help the teachers, students, and educators. The use of mobile devices and tablets were once restricted in classrooms.

However, now they have the power to turn boring, monotonous deliveries into fun and exciting ones. With the best education apps for teachers, learning is no longer limited to the classrooms only. Educators can plan, create, and prepare lectures for their students through learning-oriented apps. Moreover, such apps will enhance the engagement of students and develop effective communications.

When it comes to educators, they can easily use such education apps to maintain attendance records, record students' behaviour, etc. They can also extend the learning process outside the classroom. It opens the door to an ocean of knowledge for the students. Students can gain access to these apps anywhere and anytime.

Educators can keep the students connected to their classrooms at all times through these useful learning-based apps. So if you are a teacher, you should check out our curated list of 15 best educational apps for high school teachers:

1. Quizizz

Quizizz is one of the most fun learning apps that can be used for online learning and classrooms. Quizzes can make learning more intriguing and exciting. The app is filled with many quizzes created by thousands of teachers. Students can complete the quizzes alone or with the help of their friends and family.

Also, teachers can assign homework from such quizzes to boost participation and student engagement. Teachers can create quizzes on various subjects to help students learn new things. Moreover, you can also respond to polls and live presentations. Compete with your fellow educators and participate in multiple training sessions.


App features

  • You can customize your quiz session according to your competition level, standard, speed, and other factors.
  • You can track progress.
  • It integrates the knowledge and skills of multiple teachers.
  • This has support for presentation, deep linking, and answer explanation.
  • It covers all the areas of knowledge and enhances the skills of the students.

2. Pocket

Education now takes place both in class and outside the class. You can save educational content, articles, short videos, and other instructional or learning-based web content related to your curriculum. Also, you save offline videos and view or present them afterwards.

It is also mobile responsive as the layout will change accordingly to your device. Moreover, it is easy-to-use interface improves the reading experience. The upgraded version of this app allows offline listening. You can use Pocket's text-to-speech features even without a stable network connection.


App features

  • It facilitates night reading through the use of Sepia and Dark themes.
  • It offers multi-language support.
  • You can also interact with your students and their parents virtually.
  • With this, you can unlock advanced features by levelling up to their premium range.
  • You can learn by listening to the content.

3. Zoom

When we talk of Zoon, it has become the most used app in 2020. People are using it for work, education purposes, or everyday communication. It has connected millions of people through the virtual world. Join the bandwagon of millions of educators and unleash the benefits of this education app.

Also, you can host virtual classes with hundreds of students. You can conduct classes, share lessons, exchange files with students, and give instructions. Moreover, you can communicate directly or via the chat box within the app.


App features

  • It supports unlimited individual meetings and group minutes within a time limit of 40 minutes each.
  • This can support up to 100 participants in its basic paid version.
  • It has built-in share screening tools and offers HD quality video calls.
  • This app offers the highest security for all teachers.
  • You can schedule your classes, plans, and lessons.

4. TED

It has been one of the leading education apps. It houses thousands of informative, intriguing, and fascinating TED talks. Millions of industry experts share their ideas and knowledge relating to human evolution, mathematics, neuroscience, etc. Moreover, educators can learn from this app and take ideas or inspiration from them. You can effectively integrate them into your classes or start an online debate with your students.

Students can also learn from such thoughtful sessions by subject experts. Also, you can customize a unique presentation and effectively engage your students.


App features

  • You can plan innovative and meaningful lecture strategies from their app content.
  • It videos have subtitles which enables a better understanding.
  • You can save your favourite TED talks content.
  • With this, you can learn about new enthralling things.
  • The app also supports offline mode.

5. Seesaw

Through Seesaw, you can motivate your students to put their best foot forward. Students can create a portfolio app to save and post their great works to share with their teachers and parents.

As a teacher, you can also assess their strengths and limitations. You can provide examples of their success stories and explain the areas where they need to work on. Moreover, you can add activities and ideas in the library, share knowledge, and copy voice your instructions.


App features

  • You can translate notes in up to 50+ languages and integrate them with 100+ notes of other apps.
  • Students can effectively work on themselves.
  • You can get real-time responses.
  • Students can make a portfolio.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.

6. StudyBlue

You can create custom digital flashcards, quizzes, instructions, interactive sessions, and study guides for your students. Also, you can use the audio or video mode. Students can also build and share their tools and flashcards.

It creates an innovative place for students to learn new things apart from their primary curriculum. Students can get unlimited access to various study materials and modify any set of flashcards for free. Moreover, you can use multiple devices to gain access to StudyBlue.


App features

  • You can get flash card recommendations relating to your favourite subject.
  • It creates a platform to stay connected.
  • You can bookmark your web content.
  • Access to a vast range of study materials.
  • It allows you to track your progress.

7. Epic

It is an essential app for all elementary school teachers as you don't have to spend hundreds on buying books for your students. You can get access to a vast range of books on various subjects.

The educator's version of the Epic App includes lectures, videos, and lesson plans to help you plan your classes effectively. Moreover, students can also pick and save their favourite lesson series. It also has stories from various trending and famous authors. Also, it will develop reading habits in children.


App features

  • It is a free app and offers access to 40000+ premium quality books.
  • It can create a custom library for everyone.
  • No ads to interrupt your reading.
  • You can use it on multiple devices.
  • Students can get personalized book recommendations.

8. Remind

It is a one-stop platform for teachers to communicate effectively with their students or their parents. It offers real-time communication outside the classroom. You can share lesson plans, make announcements, engage in group chats, and indulge in private conversations via the Remind App.

Also, you can translate your messages into 90+ languages and effectively share your thoughts with everyone. You can effectively manage to communicate with your students through this app. Moreover, it incorporates more lively comments and feedback.


App features

  • It offers safe, secure, and real-time communication.
  • This offers multi-language support.
  • You can effectively share files, images, web content, and other educational materials.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • It supports all operating systems and mobile devices.

9. Kahoot

Turn your monotonous lecture into a fun game with the GetKahoot website. You don't have to think of creative ideas to get the attention of your students. Kahoot has got your back! Also, you have to prepare some questions and answers and enter them into the app.

The app will turn the inputs into an instantly playable and fun game. Your students can join in the excitement by downloading the app. Moreover, you can start by incorporating simple tasks, and you can view your profile's key stats on your home screen.


App features

  • Students can choose from millions of intriguing quiz games.
  • Students can join the live games of their favourite teachers.
  • This is equipped with a highly responsive UI.
  • You can put hundreds of challenges for the students.
  • You can track the progress report of students.

10. Google Classroom

Everyone is aware of the existence of Google Classroom, which can be used to organize your lectures, class materials, and notes on Google Drive. It can help to distribute assignments and grade them. Also, you can connect to your students more efficiently and quickly make important announcements.

You can incorporate full participation of the classroom by using the Student Selector feature. Moreover, it randomly chooses students and builds meaningful engagement. It has million+ downloads and ranks within the top 20 best apps for educators.

google classroom

App features

  • You can effectively set up a virtual classroom.
  • It has an affordable subscription and features no ads.
  • This app boosts effective communication.
  • It offers paperless learning methodology.
  • This app helps to organize the curriculum.

11. Slack

Apart from being a top pick for office employees, it is also famous and one of the best free educational apps for teachers and students. It allows you to stay connected even after class hours. Educators are hosting learning-based classes on this platform and also set up important reminders.

Students can get motivated to work more via the reminders. You can switch on the dark mode at night to help your eyes. Moreover, it enables you to upload multiple files and images simultaneously in various threads, chat boxes, and channels.


App features

  • You can exchange unlimited ideas and assign numerous group projects.
  • Students can easily search older documents and get their files edited or corrected by the teachers.
  • Real-time feedback and advice.
  • You can integrate apps like Google drive, dropbox, and others with it.
  • It allows you to personalize your profile and engage in meaningful conversations.

12. Class Dojo

You can manage the performance of your students by using comments to improve their work. Also, you can understand and elaborate on the achievements and behaviours of your students. You can also send feedback to help them know whether they are moving in the right direction.

Moreover, you can also engage with their parents privately and publicly to inform them about their child's progress. Being one of the best distance learning apps for teachers, it offers real-time information and feedback to save time.

class dojo

App features

  • Motivate students and track their progress.
  • It is a free app without any annoying ads.
  • Appealing and responsive UI.
  • It offers a safe communication platform.
  • Students can gather more activities in their virtual portfolios.

13. Trello

Managing group projects can be challenging when all the classmates are working on various schedules. That's where Trello comes in. It enables students to stay on the same page and offers tools to keep their task organized.

You can upload files and images, assign projects and tasks, create checklists, and sync all contents through the Google cloud. Also, you can easily complete the tasks and delete them once done. Moreover, using this app, which is the best educational apps for high school teachers, you can add other web content links.


App features

  • Customize your tasks and reduce your stress related to your project.
  • Create, drag, and attach cards.
  • Add notes and reminders in Trello digital board.
  • Get an easy follow-up of your project from the idealization to the action.
  • Flexible and organized work.

14. Dropbox

You can store photos, presentations, videos, assignments, and all other files using this app that is one of the best learning apps for teachers. Further, you can access them anywhere. You can also create, edit, and save Microsoft Office documents on your mobiles.

Also, you can then share such file links with your students without the need for cluttering their phones with enormous copies. You can customize the content access by changing the link settings relating to password, viewers, downloads, and expiration. Moreover, you can also choose whether to upload your full camera roll or only the latest photos.


App features

  • You can get a trail app service for 30 days.
  • You can send large documents via link sharing.
  • Smooth navigation.
  • This allows you to enable auto-upload to the cloud.
  • This allows you to convert important documents into PDF by scanning.

15. Edx

It includes innumerable lectures of teachers of the top universities. Students can join a real-time lecture session on various subjects like mathematics, neuroscience, engineering, and other languages. You can add information and courses for the students.

Also, you can collect multiple topics from external sources and post them on Edx. Moreover, it connects various educational experts and facilitates the easy sharing of knowledge.


App features

  • It offers certified online courses.
  • You can incorporate unique lecture sessions.
  • This app has a responsive and user-friendly interface.
  • It is easily navigable.
  • This application offers versatile online classes.

Final Words

The digital resources can enhance the learning system of the future generations. Mobile education apps add power in the hands of educators to effectively manage and organize their classes.

The best education apps for teachers or educators around the world are Dropbox and Google Classroom. It's because these two integrate all the features of the other apps and are incredibly affordable. Also, you can easily share file links and documents to organize the tasks of your students.

Moreover, they create a best-in-class virtual classroom and help your students in numerous ways. The other apps have more subscription fees and less revolutionary features.

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