How to Create & Use Avatars in Facebook Messenger App

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Many of you might only use Facebook Messenger and not the Facebook app. This could be because you may be interested in interacting only when your family, friends, colleagues, clients, or any other person whom you know. While texting, the avatar Messenger app has could play an important role in expressing your emotions and ideas more clearly. With that said, the sections that this piece contains cover a couple of ways that you can try to create a Facebook Messenger avatar.

Part 1 Create Your Own Messenger Avatar Stickers on Android/iOS

The Messenger app is available for Android and iOS devices and the method to create an avatar in Messenger is almost identical in both of them. You can learn how to create an avatar in Messenger by following the steps given below:

Step 1. Get to the Smileys Box.

Launch Facebook Messenger on your Android or iOS device (iPhone 13 Pro Max is used here for illustrations). Open an existing conversation or start a new one. Tap the Smiley icon from the right of the message input field.

open messenger app to create avatar

Step 2. Create and Customize Your Avatar.

On the Smileys box, tap Stickers, and ensure that the Avatar icon is selected from the bottom (tap to select if it is not), tap Make Your Avatar, and follow the on-screen instructions to choose skin tone, hairstyle, hair color, mouth type, etc. to define physical attributes of your avatar.

Customize Your Avatar
Customize Your Avatar

Tap Done from the top-right corner to finish customization and create your avatar Messenger can use.

Customize Your Avatar
Customize Your Avatar

Step 3. Use Avatar in Messenger.

Once you have successfully created your avatar in Messenger, you can use it while chatting with your friends. To do so, open your friend’s chat box, tap the Smiley icon from the right of the message input field, go to the Stickers section as explained earlier, and tap the Avatar icon from the bottom.
Once all your avatars appear, you can tap the one you want to use and the Messenger app will send it to the recipient instantaneously.

Extra Tips:

Although you can use an avatar in Messenger, what if you can’t create it in the first place? If you face such a problem where you don’t see any option to create an avatar on Messenger, you can try a few solutions to fix the issue. Some proven remedies are listed below:

  • Update the App: If you are using an older version of the Messenger app, it may not show you many advanced options. Even though almost all the latest smart devices are configured to automatically update the apps, if you have turned this feature off to save cellular data, you must update Messenger manually.
  • Enable Location Services: Messenger checks for your location before it allows you to access some of its features. This is to comply with the policies defined by the government of that region. If you can’t create an avatar in Messenger, try turning on the Location on your device and see if it works.
  • Clear Cache: in the case of Messenger, clearing the cache further enables you to start using the program afresh, thus allowing you to access the features that were not available earlier.
  • Reinstall Messenger: If you still can’t access avatar in Messenger, you can uninstall the app from your device and then reinstall its latest, fresh instance and see if this fixes the issue.

Part 2 Can I Create Facebook Messenger Avatars on Computer

A quick, short, and blunt answer would be, NO. Officially, the Messenger app is only available for Android and iOS devices and cannot be accessed from a PC, unless you are using an emulator.

For instance, if you have BlueStacks installed on your computer, you can install the Messenger app in it as it mimics the Android operating system. Nevertheless, talking or explaining about BlueStacks is beyond the scope of this piece.

Coming back to the point, as an alternative, you can use a third-party tool to create custom avatars for Facebook Messenger. Because the objects created externally don’t depend on any particular program, you can use them on multiple portals such as WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.

One avatar creator application that has received several positive reviews from a majority of users across the globe is DemoCreator by Wondershare. It allows you to create animated avatars that you can use on several social media sites.

In addition to being an efficient avatar maker for multiple social media platforms, DemoCreator also helps you in:

  • Screencasting: it is a process where you record a computer screen to create interactive tutorials or demonstrate something.
  • Create Game Walkthroughs: this point works in conjunction with the previous one. To create walkthroughs, you launch the game and start recording your PC screen.
  • Video Editing: you can use DemoCreator as a full-fledged post-production tool as the application has a built-in video editor that allows you to edit your raw footage professionally.
  • Livestreaming: If you are an influencer and have your profile configured for live streaming, you can use DemoCreator to stream live with ease.

How to Make Your Personal Avatar on Windows/Mac?

Step 1: Get to the Video Presentation Interface.

After downloading and installing Wondershare DemoCreator on your Windows computer, launch the program, click to select Video Presentation, and click Next.

launch Facebook avatar maker on decktop

Step 2: Choose a Background.

Go to the Avatar tab from the top, click Background from the right pane, and choose your preferred image to set it as the background for your avatar Messenger can use.

pick avatar background

Step 3: Create Facebook Avatar.

Click Avatar from the right pane, and click to select your preferred avatar from the available options. Optionally, go to the other categories in the right pane to choose elements to decorate your avatar to make it look more realistic and stylish.

create facebook avatar

Once you are done, download the avatar and start using it on Messenger and other social media portals.


Creating an avatar in Messenger is easy as long as you know the correct process. Because the characters you create mostly remain confined only to certain apps, you may use an efficient tool like Wondershare DemoCreator that also allows you to add dynamics to your creations. With such an avatar Messenger and other apps become more interesting when it comes to conversation.