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Entering the virtual world with a 3D model has never been so easy and realistic before. With advancements in technologies, you can create a virtual avatar online to illustrate your virtual activities practically in just a few seconds. The Avatar represents you on the internet. Hence, it provides a unique persona that marks your presence in the simulated 3D environment.

The potential of online 3D avatars is powerfully endless since the world's level of interest in AI is consistently increasing. The human-like bots are being accepted as a better way of delivering information more comfortably. Since a human face is more favourable to humans, the 3-D Avatar is being supported by many of the world's population.

The photo-realistic avatars are the most advanced instruments to explore virtual reality. You can let your imagination fly with a customized 3D avatar to engage your thoughts. For that, all you need to know is the right tool to create the Avatar and the steps to do so. But before diving into it, let's get a quick recall of what a virtual avatar is.

Part1 What is a Virtual Avatar?

A digital or virtual avatar, also known as an AI or 3D Avatar, is an artificial human-like assistant that provides a digital image to the user and improves his interaction in the virtual world. Powered with AI technology, the bot depicts human appearance. It can even communicate using NLP or Natural Language Processing algorithms.

To sum up, a virtual avatar enables intelligent interactions and powers virtual reality, making direct and easy communications. Hence, you can now create and use a digital human to make engaging explainer videos and to enter into a virtual world with friends, watch movies, play games, boost your business, and much more!

Part2 Why will you need an online 3D avatar?

Primarily used for entertainment purposes, the applications of digital humans have become more diverse now. These days, online 3D avatars have become the most powerful tool to share ideas by creating demo videos. Plenty of learners, educators, freelancers and entrepreneurs use virtual avatars as a definitive way to communicate.

The most popular applications of online 3D avatars are listed below.

Sharing Knowledge

Avatars are a powerful medium to create impactful presentations like lecturer training, business introduction, game commentary, and knowledge sharing. The presentations recorded can be uploaded directly to platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.


With games becoming more realistic, the scope of 3D avatars in the gaming industry has increased significantly. The users admire their unique identity. As a result, gaming companies have been the most popular users of avatars for more than a decade.


A 3D avatar has become a well-adopted medium to convey messages, making the interactions more realistic virtually. The advancement in mobile AI has simplified the communication of difficult messages making it more tactful.


AI avatars are found to be highly beneficial for reducing training costs and improving the performance of employees in several businesses. Hence, the assistant can be a great online training tool for your business.

Virtual assistant

Every new application and software requires a medium to guide its users. And what else can guide humans better than a look-a-like assistant? Admiring its role, the industry is now flooded with 3D avatars to answer questions and queries and to provide personalised services to its users.


Being highly advanced and intelligent, virtual avatars are contributing significantly to the healthcare industry as well. It is being used to address certain disorders like Austin. Further, it can teach skills and interactions to the patients.


Besides commercials, virtual avatars have exploded the world of marketing and advertising. For promoting businesses many brands are moving towards the eventually promising idea of introducing 3D avatars to make better synergy with the customers.

Part3 How to create a Virtual Avatar Online?

Creating a digital image is among the first steps towards participating in an online community. Interestingly, we often have virtual avatars on social networks that may or may not resemble our look but do represent our identity. Likewise, you can create, customise and animate your virtual Avatar online to possess a unique character in the virtual environment.

To establish your digital identity across social media platforms, you'll need a suitable web tool to create the Avatar. In this article, you will learn how to make a virtual avatar online and what are the top 10 tools that can help you achieve the purpose more productively.

Part4 Top 10 Tools for creating 3D Avatar

Developing with tech trends, the industry has come up with several high-end free as well as premium tools that can create incredible virtual avatars to perform to your advantage. The entire look of the avatars can be customised from head to toe.

Here is the list of the most powerful tools you can use to create your 3D model.

1. Ready Player Me

Ready Player Me is one of the most popular 3D Avatar creating tools for the metaverse. After spending over seven years building the most perfect digital human creating system, the platform has now become the one-stop destination for all your avatar needs.

Ready Player Me can create a brilliant 3D model by using a selfie. A single avatar can unlock many virtual worlds as it can be used on 1000+ unified platforms, including several apps and games.

Used by more than 1500 developers, Ready Player Me allows you to buy NFTs for the Avatar. Moreover, you can sell them to trade on a marketplace. The avatars created by Ready Player Me are most popularly used for VR services like LIV, MeetinVR, VRChat, Spatial and more.

make virtual avatar online

Steps to use-

● Visit Ready Player Me from the web, mobile, or desktop.

● Take a selfie or use the premade avatars available.

● Customise the Avatar using 300+ options.

● Export the Avatar and use it on several supported platforms.


IMVU is the most detailed and exciting online virtual avatar developer that offers a versatile range of customization options. It is an online game where 3D avatars are created and used to establish a fascinating virtual life. You meet, chat, and play games with your friends and new people here.

The most astonishing feature of IMVU is its extensive range of 3D items that keeps on updating regularly. There are bunches of hairstyles, clothing trends, stylish shoe options, and a huge player base. Hence, you can express yourself in different ways using your creativity and incredibly smooth 3D graphics.

make virtual avatar online

Steps to use-

● Sign up to the official website of IMVU.

● Create, customise and name your Avatar. The customization can be changed whenever required.

● Download the IMVU world for free on your computer.

● Watch the small tutorial and earn credits to buy accessories. Some of them are free of cost.

● Explore the virtual world entering a chat room.

3. Union Avatars

Union Avatars is another most used platform for creating virtual avatars that can provide unique real-life experiences in the metaverse. Using a selfie, the tool can create a digital twin, that is a highly realistic virtual character of the entire body.

The most appealing thing is, the avatars produced are low-poly rigged models that look perfect and realistic. Hence, the platform saves your time, cost, resources, and NPC's of the game.

make virtual avatar online

Steps to use-

● Visit and click on 'Go to avatar creator'.

● Register your email and submit the details.

● Confirm the registration to activate your account.

● Upload a picture and customise the Avatar.

● Once customised, export the 3-D model and use it on your favourite VR platform.

4. Spatial

Spatial is used to design realistic custom avatars to let people communicate realistically in a virtual meeting just like they do while sharing space. The application represents each member of the team more accurately providing a better meeting experience.

With Spatial, the user gets unlimited options for creating his favourite digital Avatar quickly and easily. Spatial uses an interactive web browser and telepresence to connect users. The AR and VR headsets used are Oculus Quest, iOS, and Android.

make virtual avatar online

Steps to use-

● Create a spatial account using any of the connected services from Microsoft, Slack account and Google. Or you can use your email.

● Now capture or upload a photo like a straightforward headshot.

● Create and customise your digital Avatar.

● Export and use it on your favourite platform.

5. Wolf3D

Wolf3D is a highly skilled 3D avatar creator that offers a wide range of lucrative products to customise, personalise and animate the avatars. There are tons of assets and personalised stickers to create a perfect full-body avatar of your choice.

Trusted by mega-industry leaders like Tencent and Huawei, Wolf3D creates avatars to be used for virtual worlds, games, mobile apps, and the metaverse. It can create the Avatar in just 5 seconds of uploading the photo for the image.

make virtual avatar online

Steps to use-

● Visit the official site of Ready Player Me, the personal 3D avatar creator from Wolf3D.

● Click and upload the image you want to create the Avatar for.

● Customise the Avatar from head to toe using the assets available.

● Export the Avatar to use it on the desired platform.

6. LIV

LIV is a complete toolset for VR adventurers that comes with VTubing functionality and leading mixed reality features like avant-garde avatar calibration. There are avatar dynamic bones, LUTs, filters, and custom masking to create a rich avatar.

The setup is easy to customise with a wide range of avatar camera modes. The users can capture the image using a wide range of cameras from DSLRs to simple webcams even without a green screen. LIV has an in-built background removal tool based on machine learning.

make virtual avatar online

Steps to use-

● Download LIV

● Install driver

● Press plus button to create an avatar

● Pick Avatar from the list

● Launch the game with your favourite 3D model

7. Second Life

Second life is among the top 3D virtual worlds that create and connect 3D avatars for free. The platform allows you to get connected with thousands of special groups, parties, contests, and workshops. It is a destination guide that pays your way to tons of enjoyable places and events.

To give personality to your Avatar, you get a series of animations, starter AOs, free clothing, and shoes. Also, you can purchase accessories to develop the model.

Steps to use-

● Make your account in Second Life.

● Download and install the Second Life Viewer.

● Set up your character. You can change it whenever you need.

● Entering the Second Life, you can review the details of your Avatar, buy lindens and search the marketplace to develop an avatar.

8. Avakin Life

Avakin Life is known to create a perfect 3D virtual world where the avatars can explore, interact and compete. It is a 3D simulation video game that has 1.4 million daily active users and 200 million registered accounts. It can be played on a computer and mobile phone.

Avakin Life allows you to customise, decorate and show off your Avatar's personality. Get your decorating skills ranked on top with the regularly updating accessories that include new animations, furniture, dresses, stickers, and more.

Steps to use-

● Download the app for the desired platform- Android or iOS.

● Install and get the app from Google Play Store Page.

● Start it and click on 'New User'.

● Select a template, appearance, and name for your Avatar.

● Get back to the Home Page and click on the 'Let's go' button to explore the virtual world.

9. Virtway Events

Virtway Events is an innovative avatar-based metaverse for 3D conferences and virtual interactivities. The platform offers a novel solution to explore 3D virtual events, meetings, fairs, and online workshops. The collaboration and communications are highly entertaining and realistic.

The unique and innovative technology of Virtway allows users to create imaginative digital spaces productively. As a result, Virtway Events has revolutionised the way businesses confront, communicate and commit.

Steps to use-

● Open the browser and enter the URL of the virtual world you want to reach on Virtway Events.

● Create an account by filling out the registration form.

● Now install a plug-in for chrome from the store.

● Open the application and choose the virtual space of your choice to enjoy the events.

10. Tafi Avatar

Tafi is a 3D avatar creator that offers a hyper-realistic NFT collection for the metaverse with an artistic community perfect at creating world-class content for the 3D models. Also, the PFP collection is hyper-realistic, stunning, and powerful.

The eCommerce SDK is a world-class avatar solution featuring self-expressive women. The 3D models are non-binary, metaverse ready, and fully rigged. The full-body avatars can be customised to empower users' experience for apps and games.

Steps to use-

● Go to

● Scroll down and download the VRChat edition of the app.

● Opening the editor, you will get 1000 tafi tokens to get started.

● Choose the design, physique, height, and accessories for your tafi avatar from the options available.

Part5 Avatar Presenter: Getting Creative with Presentations

Breaking the traditional conception of presentations, where plain texts and bright colours were the limited means, Avatar powered demonstrations have disrupted the digital world. Avatar presenters bring up new ideas where users can be incredibly creative and informative while communicating with their audience.

Recording Screen with 3D Avatar

Using avatars for presentations contributes to more expressive and deep learning. With the freedom to talk, personalization with avatars makes the expression insanely productive and more optimistic. Removing boredom from regular presentations, avatars create inspiring proposals and manifestations for your goals, ideas, and strategies.

Recording screen has become a great way to capture and show off your on-screen skills and creativity to the world. Though adding voice-overs, webcam recordings, animations, and other effects have significantly upgraded the usual screen recording experience, using 3D avatars can elevate the impression to the next level.

DemoCreator: The Perfect Tool to Record Avatar Presenter

DemoCreator is one of the most powerful screen recording software that works prominently to record, edit and save the activities happening on the desktop screen in real-time. It is a one-stop destination to record and create a well-designed professional tutorial video.

DemoCreator is featured with AI virtual presenters that can transform the learning experience of the users incredibly. The 3D Avatar can be designed, customised, and recorded using virtual human technology where the model can talk and explain your views with facial utterances in real-time.

How does DemoCreator Avatar Presenter work?

With DemoCreator, you can transform yourself into a human-like virtual cartoon that demonstrates all the activities that you perform. The working principle is as follows-

● Machine learning tracks the movement of your jaws, ears, eyes, and pupils.

● Noticing the movement of your facial organs, the Avatar mimics them.

● That means, when you talk, your Avatar lip-syncs in real-time.

How to record a screen with a webcam and virtual Avatar?

Virtual presenters are most commonly used for tasks like online teaching, gaming, and creating presentations of many sorts. DemoCreator has 16 in-built virtual humans ready to capture your motion. But how can you record a video with digital humans? Here are the four easy steps to do so.

Step 1: Search for the "Virtual Human" mode on DemoCreator.

Step 2: Select the option that enables "Virtual Human" and webcam recording.

Step 3: Select a virtual avatar and start giving directions. The Avatar will mimic your motion.

Step 4: Once you feel the setup is ready, start recording the screen.



The 3D avatars create a great impact when powered with business proposals, startup strategies, YouTube videos, teaching, gaming, tutorial, and every sort of informative presentation. Hence, you can create and show whatever you want in the most enlightening manner.

Besides, an online 3D avatar allows you to dive into the virtual reality world of the metaverse. By using it, you can interact with virtual things as they are real. The game and experience will immerse you in the space where the visuals would seem like they are projected before you.

To sum up, the 3D avatars have shaken off the virtual world providing a better way to communicate. And with the betterment of technology, creating virtual avatars has become a breeze. Wait no more to try the avatars and share your knowledge most attractively.

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