• 1. Automatically match the video resolution to the right setting.
  • 2. Record your computer screen, microphone, and webcam simultaneously.
  • 3. Edit videos with thousands of resources and templates, record and edit in one stop.

Apowersoft Screen Recorder for PC

Alma Elliott
2023-04-20 19:44:13 • Filed to: Recorder Software List

There are a lot of moments when you wish you could record your computer screen just like you do on your smartphone. This can be the case, especially when there is a big football match, some major event live streaming, or something of great importance. Still, you cannot be in front of the screen at the exact time.

You can also monitor your screen activity if you are away and want to know if someone accessed your PC. You can also set up scheduled recordings in many cases.

 Apowersoft Screen Recorder is a powerful and professional yet easy-to-use screen recorder for PC, along with both screen and audio activity monitoring simultaneously. You can record and save videos in multiple formats using the built-in video converter.

Continue reading to learn more about Apowersoft Screen Recorder for PC.

How to Record Desktop Activity with Apowersoft Screen Recorder

To start recording your desktop activity, the process is straightforward, yet there are many options to customize your preferences. Follow the steps below to learn how to customize the recording options and use the built-in features along with recording your screen.

Step1: Launch Apowersoft

Launch Apowersoft screen recorder

recorder for pc

Step2: Select Screen Area

After you have launched the Apowersoft screen recorder, you will see a User Interface with some options that you choose from and then start recording.

First, you have to select the screen area you wish to record. If you want to record everything that displays on your screen, select 'Full.' Otherwise, you can select custom and then select the resolution or adjust the screen area manually with the guides shown on the screen.

The custom size can either be a window, a specific resolution, or a specific area of your screen that you can record as per your need.

recorder for pc

Step3: Select Sound Recording Option

After you have selected the screen recording area, you then have to select the sound recording option, i.e., if you want to record only the system sound or only the microphone sound or if you wish to record a voice over along with system sounds.

 You can also exclude any audio altogether and record without any audio. It is up to you which option you wish to select.

recorder for pc

Step4: Choose Webcam Option

Click on the arrow beside the webcam icon, and you can select which webcam to use if you have a dedicated webcam or do not wish to use a webcam. You can select 'record without webcam'. You can also tweak some settings from the settings menu, as in the position of the webcam preview and its output resolution.

recorder for pc

Step5: Tweak the Final Settings

From the top right corner, you can select 'Settings,' and you can adjust all kinds of settings and access different features from the menu. You can choose the video output format from many formats, along with video resolution and frame rate. You can also change bitrate and codec.

You can also change audio settings such as audio output format, bitrate, and sample rate, along with the output format of screenshots you take. Mouse settings can also be tweaked, such as mouse cursor, recording mouse clicks, showing mouse cursor and its area, and adjusting the cursor size.

Hotkeys can also be adjusted and set according to your ease.

recorder for pc

Step6: Hit Record

After you have set up all the settings and chosen all preferences, it is time to hit the big red recording button, and it will start recording!

You can then later pause or stop the recording from the toolbar of the recorder.

Edit Screencast in Real-time or Afterwards

Apowersoft Screen Recorder has two powerful built-in editors that you can use to annotate on the video in real-time while recording your screen or even after you are done recording. Many options are available, such as spotlight, which highlights only the area around your cursor. You can also use the pen tool to annotate a highlighter or whiteboard.

Click on the pin icon on the bottom toolbar. It will open a vertical toolbar with many annotation options such as adding arrows, boxes, text, and various other shapes.

recorder for pc

You can also edit and enhance the video after you are done recording.

recorder for pc

recorder for pc

You can change the speed of the recording, trim the video in the advanced options, and add an intro and outro for your video, along with adding any watermark if you wish to. You can apply the same annotation after your recording as well as while recording the video.

A screenshot option is also available, so you can always take screenshots of the recorded video at any point in the video.

The powerful built-in editor is available if you click on the ‘Advanced editor’ option. This will open the Apoweredit.

recorder for pc

Powered is a powerful advanced editor to cut, edit and trim your videos. You can also add as many transitions and filters as you want from the tons of options available. Overlays can also be added from Apower's library and further enhance your video.

You can also import videos other than the videos recorded by Apowersoft Screen recorder and add them to your timeline along with audio files to use as voice overs or add unique sound effects and music.

How to Create Scheduled Task

Using Apowersoft is convenient as you can also set up scheduled tasks. It can record your screen without needing you to be in front of the computer. You can always record while you are away from the computer screen.

Here is how to create a scheduled task. Follow the steps.

Step1. Launch Apowersoft Screen Recorder.

Launch Apowersoft Screen Recorder.

Step2. Open Task Scheduler

From the application's main screen, click on the Task Scheduler icon.

recorder for pc

Step3. Add a new task

Click on the + icon, and it will take you to the scheduler menu, where you can select the details for your scheduled task.

recorder for pc

Step4. Finalize the details

You can select the task's starting date, repeating schedule, total recording time, and other recording settings such as Screen area size, audio preference, and webcam settings from the Task scheduler menu.

After finalizing the settings, you will add "OK" and your task. You can now access the recording and edit it after it is automatically done and saved.

recorder for pc


These are some of Apowersoft Screen Recorders' best and most notable features.

Perfect Video Converter

After your screen recording is finished, you can use the built-in video converter to help convert the video efficiently and swiftly in any format. You can choose from umpteen formats such as MP4, AVI, FLV, 3GP MKV, and MPEG, along with other famous design formats for Android, Apple, and other Sony Devices.

Upload video on FTP

You can share the files of your screen recording using FTP (File transfer protocol) and store them on your personal or organization's web server. You will have to provide the account information to use this feature. The account settings can also be saved and remembered by the Apowersoft Screen recorder application.

Share Video on YouTube

After you finish your final product, you can share your edited and enhanced video on the most popular video-sharing platform YouTube, simply by logging in using your login information and clicking OK. You will immediately be redirected to YouTube’s video page, and you can conveniently upload your video on your channel.

You can also share or store the videos on any other social media platform and store it on any cloud storage you wish to.

Comparison with Wondershare DemoCreator

Wondershare DemoCreator is an alternate screen recording application to Apowersoft Screen Recorder. There are many similarities, such as adding texts, transitions, filters, annotations, and trimming and further editing of the recorded videos; however, both have some differences.

Wondershare DemoCreator allows you to record gameplays with a separate tool to cater to the specific needs while playing games and not interrupt the gameplay itself.

recorder for pc

DemoCreator support scheduled recording that support recording within 24 hours. You can schedule the start time and end time and the recording area. That is very useful if you want to stream a live show or online meeting.

recorder for pc

These are some of the significant differences and similarities of both the screen recorders.


All in all, Apowersoft Screen Recorder is a simple yet effective and powerful tool that caters to all your needs, such as recording, editing, and scheduling early recordings. You can later edit the videos with the built-in advanced editor to add transitions, voiceovers, filters, and many other elements.

Sharing and saving videos is also very easy. In short, it is a complete package if you want to record your computer's screen for any purpose. If you want to apply more advanced screen recording and editing functions. DemoCreator will be also an option for schedule and game recording. It comes with abundant media packs that can provide you more digital creativity for your video making.