Online teaching has become a new norm to provide teaching and training classes with great flexibility. To engage your students and attendees during online teaching, you would require some tools and effective techniques. Whiteboard tools for online teaching are a great example that can benefit you during online teaching or training.

This article will introduce an offline tool that consists of the best whiteboard for online teaching. Moreover, we will also shed light on some online whiteboard options you can utilize during online teaching.

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Part 1: DemoCreator: Whiteboards While Recording or Sharing Your Screen

DemoCreator is an advanced tool designed to record and create video presentations on a single platform. It can also help education trainers and learners to benefit from remote learning in a reliable environment. This tool provides multiple options such as Demo Project Mode and All-in-One Recorder to screen record or live stream a video presentation. Moreover, you can also use its distinct features like facial filters, camera effects, transitions, and virtual presenters.

Wondershare Democreator also offers whiteboard tools for online teaching that can help you to illustrate complex concepts in a simpler manner. By enabling the whiteboard option on DemoCreator, you can use draw or write using its Pen efficiently. You can also choose the color and thickness of the Pen from the given options. Furthermore, you can use the Pointer during teaching to point out or navigate to a particular thing. To add additional content, you can add text boxes and remove the content on the whiteboard using the provided eraser.

Wondershare DemoCreator
An essential demo-making tool that helps learners, educators, freelancers, and gamers to take idea-sharing to the next level.

To use the virtual whiteboard for online teaching in DemoCreator, you can take help from the following instructions:

Step 1 Gather your Teaching Material

Before proceeding with the tool, you should prepare all your teaching material to deliver the best performance. For this, you can create PPT slides or media files to engage your students during online teaching. Make sure to make your teaching content simpler yet captivating so your students can quickly understand and learn the concepts.

Step 2 Proceed to Demo Project

Now launch DemoCreator on your PC and select "Start a New Demo Project". You will be redirected to a new window instantly. Now click on the “Plus” icon from the left side and choose “Add PowerPoint”. You can also upload the selected media files to this tool.

start a new demo project
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Step 3 Bring Modifications to Recording Settings

Once done with uploading your teaching and presentation material, you can use different options for enhancement. You can instantly add filters to your presentation by proceeding to the Camera. Moreover, you can add or change the background from the Background section. You can add multiple transitions easily to make your recorded presentation look smooth. DemoCreator also allows you to use avatars that will copy your movements in real-time.

adjust the project mode settings
Step 4 Begin Recording or Live Stream

After arranging your presentation or teaching content in the desired way, you can click on the “Demo and Record” button. This will begin the screen recording instantly. Alternatively, you can select the “Live” button to live stream on different platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, YouTube, etc. Also, choose your microphone from the above settings.

start recording or live streaming
Step 5 Conclude the Recording or Live Streaming

While screen recording or live streaming, you can use the whiteboard option given at the center. You can write and draw efficiently through the whiteboard to teach your students in the best possible way. Once done, you can click on the “Stop” button to end the recording or streaming. Afterward, you can either open the recording in its built-in editor or export it instantly.

stop recording or live streaming

Part 2: 15 Online Whiteboard Options for Remote Learning

If you are not interested in using the offline tool, you can discover the online boards for teaching in this section. Let's dig into the details to learn about the online whiteboard tools for remote learning.

1. is an interactive board for online teaching that many teachers prefer for remote learning. You can create whiteboards for every new class instantly without requiring registrations or sign-ins. This platform allows you to assign tasks to students and upload PDF files effectively. You can also easily insert graphs, shapes, text boxes, and multiple measurement tools on the whiteboard. Moreover, you can also save the whiteboards of your students in a PDF format to access them in the future. online teaching board

2. ClickUp

ClickUp is an online whiteboard that helps to visualize complex concepts easily. You can unleash your creativity on this online tool by connecting your ideas to form workflows, mindmaps, and connections. You can draw freehand, write, and insert sticky notes to communicate with the students. It also allows you to add webpage links and images for additional explanation quickly. Thus, this whiteboard allows visual collaboration among various users effectively.

clickup online teaching board

3. Miro

This online board for teaching offers a secure and well-trusted platform to engage students during remote learning. You can explore various built-in whiteboard templates on Miro that are classified according to the different categories. After choosing a preferred template, you can add sticky notes, annotations, comments, and text boxes to explain a particular subject. You can easily connect this whiteboard tool with over 100 integrations and apps to collaborate with your students.

miro online teaching board

4. Educreations

Educreations consists of an efficient virtual board for teaching that can connect you with your students in a secure digital environment. This online tool allows you to easily upload documents and photos from your cloud storage platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Photo Library. Moreover, this online tool is capable of saving your finished videos into your Educreations account directly. Thus, it will allow you to visit your recorded lectures later and share them with other users.

educreations online teaching board

5. Ziteboard

Zitebaord functions as an online whiteboard for math with a clean and powerful user interface. You can collaborate with your students on this whiteboard to draw and demonstrate different subjects in real-time. It consists of a “Shape Recognition” algorithm that can support various shapes such as circles, rectangles, and lines. This tool allows you to begin audio or video chats during teaching sessions. Moreover, you can insert multiple PDF files and images to this online whiteboard easily.

ziteboard online teaching board

6. Explain Everything

Explain Everything is an online platform that teachers can utilize to provide effective online teaching. Using this online whiteboard, you can record lectures and instructional videos effortlessly. While recording, you can highlight, annotate, and write on the whiteboard easily. Moreover, you can easily collaborate with up to 25 people during the live sessions. Thus, this virtual whiteboard for online teaching offers an open space to collaborate, discuss, learn, and teach flawlessly.

explain everything online teaching board

7. Google Jamboard

Google Jamboard works as digital space and an online whiteboard that helps people to collaborate, host video meetings, and work with Google Drive easily. You can access this digital space from your web browser and work with your students in real-time. It also allows you to add text boxes, circles, images, and sticky notes from its provided options with a single tap. You can also set a new background on this online whiteboard according to your desire. Also, you can share your whiteboard on Google Drive and adjust the privacy settings efficiently.

google jamboard online teaching board

8. Moqups

Moqups is one of the best online whiteboards for teaching that does not need installation. You can navigate to this tool from any web browser. During online meetings with your students, you can instantly add images, annotations, emojis, and sticky notes through the drag-and-drop feature. It's a simple tool that enables you to invite students to brainstorm and complete the given tasks. You can also adjust the permissions from the settings to provide limited access to a particular student.

moqups online teaching board

9. Stormboard

Stormboard offers more than 250 templates that you can discover to begin your teaching lesson. After choosing the desired whiteboard template, you can use the content in various forms, such as images, videos, graphs, text, and other files. By adding the sticky notes from this tool, you can demonstrate your concepts in a compelling manner. You can also connect the ideas and concepts visually together for better comprehension. Also, you can zoom in and out from the navigation panel flawlessly.

stormboard online teaching board

10. Invision

Invision offers more than 100 templates that are designed by companies like American Express, Atlassian, Microsoft, etc. You can organize your students’ work in a single and secure space through this online board. It has also integrated some famous tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, etc. Thus, a modern and efficient online whiteboard increases your productivity during remote learning.

invision online teaching board

11. can act as your personal whiteboard where you can draw freely. You can also invite other people and conduct a real-time collaboration. You can draw shapes such as lines and rectangles with a single tap. Furthermore, you can insert tables and save your whiteboard projects for at least one month. This online board also allows you to upload files in different formats such as PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF, and SVG. online teaching board

12. Whiteboard Fox

Whiteboard Fox is a classic example of an online teaching board with a simple and basic interface. By accessing this online tool, you can draw, erase, undo, and redo with a single tap. Apart from drawing, you can also type content and add the respective images. This platform also lets you take a clear snapshot of your created whiteboard. Moreover, you can also move around your whiteboard easily using your fingers or mouse.

whiteboard fox online teaching board

13. Conceptboard

Conceptboard offers an infinite canvas that allows you to sketch, write, and add content without any restrictions. This online teaching board provides many options, such as pointers with participant names and a template library. You can also adjust the user access and respective permissions from the settings. This online software also functions as a project management tool as you can organize whiteboards and manage or assign tasks by mentioning the particular student.

concept board online teaching board

14. Lucidspark

Lucidspark is an interesting online whiteboard that can help you instantly engage your students. It functions as a virtual platform where the students can participate in a shared workspace. Students can use sticky notes to explain their ideas and use emojis to provide feedback in a fun way. Teachers can set a timer to motivate students to participate at a given time. Thus, this online whiteboard encourages students to express their ideas and logical reasons in a fun manner.

lucidspark online teaching board

15. Limnu

Do you want to solve mathematical problems during online teaching? Limnu is an online whiteboard tool that you can use to draw and write efficiently. Along with group collaboration, you can easily share the whiteboards with other platforms and users. After saving your whiteboards, you can search and organize your multiple whiteboards through its Board Organization feature. Thus, you can draw on this whiteboard with enhanced security and privacy.

limnu online teaching board


This article has highlighted various online virtual boards for teaching that you can find on online platforms. However, we recommend Wondershare DemoCreator as the multifunctional video creator to attain the best results. This desktop tool shows compatibility with all popular virtual platforms and offers advanced editing and recording features. Hence, you can screen record and live stream a teaching lesson through this software flawlessly.

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