democreator 3d metahuman
Get a taste of the Metaverse with Metahuman

Virtual Avatars Transform Learning Experiences!

Start webcam recording with DemoCreator virtual human technology. Create a virtual avatar that talks, and mimics your facial expressions in real time.
The virtual presenter is currently only available on Windows
DemoCreator virtual human

Turn Yourself Into A Cartoon
Virtual Human Easily

DemoCreator metahuman tracks your jaw, eyes, ears, and
pupils with machine learning. Move your head, and your
avatar will make too. Talk into your mic, and the avatar will
lip-sync in real-time or even mimic recorded audio.

Virtual Presenters Are Widely
Used In Various Scenarios

DemoCreator is built-in with 16 virtual human selections,
easily turning you into a metahuman with motion capture.
You can use it for online teaching, presentation, gaming,
and any other situation you want.

Available on Windows version now

Show What
You Want

Create and share videos with DemoCreator
virtual human for better training, tutorials,
lessons, onboardings, and everyday

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Business Introduction

Best tool for virtual expo, deliver dull financial reports in engaging, presenter-led videos, which are easier to digest, and deliver a premium customer experience.


Lecturer Training

Instantly convert text-based or audio-based training content to lecturer-led video, to deliver more immersive and effective learning and training experiences.


Game Commentary

You can record the game screen and upload your gameplay video to YouTube directly and express gamers' real feelings and expressions via DemoCreator virtual humans. Make your game video more attractive!


Knowledge Sharing

Showing yourself in front of a camera makes students feel more authentic and makes distance learning more effective. But showing yourself with virtual humans will be more attractive.

3 Steps to Craft
An Expressive Digital Humans Video

Create fully produced videos from scratch in minutes with no production skill
in DemoCreator.

DemoCreator 2d virtual human

Enjoy Creativity AI Presenter Recording

and Video Editing Experience in DemoCreator!

With the DemoCreator screen video-making tool, you can create a video featuring AI virtual
presenters with accurate mouth shapes, facial expressions, and movements.

Why DemoCreator Virtual Presenters

Create and share presenter videos with DemoCreator virtual human for better training, tutorials,
lessons, onboardings, and everyday communication.

2D Virtual Human

Unique Media

Access a wide selection of media assets or built-in avatars including original video effects maybe you won't find anywhere else.

3d Virtual Human

Motion Capture

Videos featuring AI avatar with accurate mouth shapes, a bunch of facial expressions and movements can be produced instantly using DemoCreator's AI-based technologies.

3d Virtual Human

Various Avatars Available

DemoCreator supports various kinds of built-in avatars such as 3D photorealistic figures, 2D cartoon virtual people.


No Skills Required

Make studio-quality videos in minutes and 100% royalty-free, with no coding or production skills required.

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