10 Best 3D Avatar Creators Online for Free

Oliva Eve
Oliva Eve Originally published Mar 22, 23, updated Apr 18, 24

3D avatars have become commonplace, allowing you to safeguard your online identity and enhance the appeal of your video streams and presentations. These avatars are invaluable as profile pictures on Discord, Facebook, and YouTube platforms. Moreover, maintaining a consistent 3D avatar helps you cultivate brand recognition.
However, finding the perfect 3D avatar creator presents its own set of challenges. Consider key factors such as simplicity, anime variety, pricing, avatar quality, etc. This listicle is tailor-made if you're seeking the ideal 3D online character creator. We'll list and discuss up to ten anime creators to help you make an informed choice. Keep reading!

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  1. Top 10 3D Avatar Makers across Any Devices
    1. Media.io 3D Avatar Creator
    2. Wondershare DemoCreator
    3. ReadyPlayer.me
    4. 3davatar.info
    5. Cartoonize.net
    6. Peatix
    7. Avatoon.net
    8. Unionavatars.com
    9. Shavatar.me
    10. Reallusion.com
  2. How to Create a 3D Realistic Avatar from Photo Online?
  3. FAQs about Realistic Avatar Creator

Part 1. Top 10 3D Avatar Makers across Any Devices

Before we list some top avatar creators online, it's vital to learn how these programs work. A 3D avatar creator online is basically a program that can build a cartoon version of yourself. In other words, you'll get a pre-made avatar that mimics all your actions and words on the web camera. In some cases, you may be allowed to customize facial features like hairstyles, color, dress mode, and more.

So, without further dilly-dallying, below are the best online avatar creators to consider:

1. Media.io 3D Avatar Creator

media.io 3d avatar creator

Are you looking for something simple to transform your ordinary photos into a 3D avatar? Media.io 3D Avatar Maker is the perfect fit for you. This tool lets you create a 3D avatar or character from any image or photo. It uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to convert the image into a 3D model of a person's facial and body features. In other words, you can upload a photo of yourself or someone else before customizing your emotions as sad, angry, happy, surprised, and more. You'll also love that Media.io 3D avatar maker is 100% free.

Key Features
  • Set the avatar category as barbie, comic, or Disney.
  • Transform any human photo into an avatar.
  • Customize the facial expressions.
  • Download the avatar in PNG format.

2. Wondershare DemoCreator

Free Download
Free Download

Compared to online products, desktop-based AI avatar creators offer more stable performance and support a wider range of customizable settings. That's why I recommend DemoCreator to you.

DemoCreator is a popular Mac/Win program for recording screens and making avatars, which is perfect for Vtubers on YouTube Live, Discord, Skype, Zoom, Steam, and other video-sharing apps. You can live stream videos easily with a digital representation of yourself. It features tens of pre-customized 2D/3D avatars, meaning you'll likely find what suits your personality. But before recording an avatar, you can customize the background, facial filters, clothing, etc. It also houses an inbuilt editor to retouch your recorded avatar video before sharing.

Key Features
  • Use avatars in live streaming, meetings, and creating presentations.
  • Capturing your motions directly with more than 27 updated virtual avatars.
  • Transforms your webcam into 10+ avatars with real-time movements.
  • Supports multiple 2D/3D character animations.
  • Supports simultaneous recording of your computer screen and webcam, allowing you to adjust their positions anytime.

3. ReadyPlayer.me

readyplayer 3d avatar creator

Here is another realistic avatar creator that lets you create a digital version of yourself without installing anything on your PC. ReadyPlayer.me allows you to create personalized 3D avatars or characters that can be used in various virtual gaming environments, social media, and more. It's user-friendly software with multiple customization tools, including hair, facial features, clothing, and accessories. As expected, ReadyPlayer.me uses advanced AI techniques to create highly realistic and expressive avatars. But note that the platform offers free and premium options, with premium plans allowing additional customization options.

Key Features
  • Set custom body type as male or female.
  • Create an avatar from a webcam video or local photo.
  • Generate full-body avatars.
  • Customize the avatar's hair, color, clothes, etc.

4. 3davatar.info

3davatar 3d avatar creator

This online 3D avatar resource has been available for the past 15+ years. On this website, you'll get a selection of full-body avatars that you can download and use on your messaging apps. You can customize your avatar with new hair, eyes, color, etc. Users can even select the gender as male or female. However, you may need a learning curve to use this free 3D avatar creator effectively.

Key Features
  • Pre-made avatars for both genders.
  • Customize avatar with hair, color, beards, etc.
  • Change the avatar background.

5. Cartoonize.net

cartoonize 3d avatar creator

Cartoonize.net is one of the best online 3D avatar creators you can find. This website will quickly transform your photos into cartoon images. Just upload a photo, and the website will convert it into a carton version of yourself. After that, you can customize the image with artistic effects to make it look more appealing. To make your work easier, the tool uses artificial intelligence and image-processing algorithms to generate cartoon effects. But to remove watermarks and adds, the website offers a premium plan. This plan also provides more features and higher-quality output.

Key Features
  • Absolutely free to use.
  • High-quality 3D avatars.
  • Customize the avatar's gender, color, clothes, hair, etc.
  • Crop, resize and rotate photos.

6. Peatix Realistic Full Body Avatar Creator

peatix 3d avatar creator

Peatix Realistic Full Body Avatar Creator is a global event management platform. However, this website also doubles up as a free 3D avatar maker, allowing users to create customized avatars for their Peatix profiles. The tool helps users personalize their Peatix profiles with avatars, making them more engaging and memorable. With the Peatix Avatar Creator, users can customize avatars with hairstyles, outfits, body shapes, and more features to help them create a unique avatar that reflects their personality and interests. Even better, the tool is free to use on the Peatix platform.

Key Features
  • Create avatars with customizable body shapes.
  • 1,000+ pre-built avatar content library.
  • Add external avatar assets to the library.
  • Customize avatars with 3D outfits and skins.

7. Avatoon.net

avatoon 3d avatar creator

Avatoon.net is a website that offers avatar creation services. The website allows users to create personalized avatars, thanks to the numerous customization options, including hairstyles, skin tones, outfits, and accessories. But Avatoon.net is not your usual avatar creator. On this site, you'll choose the type of avatar you want, provide a picture, and the team will do the rest of the donkey work. For example, to improve your online presence with a sketch avatar, simply upload your photo and pay $14.90. Put simply, it's an excellent place to find hand-drawn avatars that look like you.

Key Features
  • High-quality hand-drawn avatars.
  • Quick and easy to order and avatar.
  • Order for sketchy, minimal, or cartoon avatars.
  • Collaborative avatar creation process.

8. Unionavatars.com

unionavatars 3d avatar creator

Unionavatars.com is another excellent website that allows you to generate high-quality avatars from scratch. With this program, you only need to enable webcam access and take a stunning photo of yourself. After that, the program will generate an avatar you can customize with any costume you choose. And yes, this website is free to use. The only drawback is that Unionavatars.com is a resource hog on an average PC.

Key Features
  • 100% free to use.
  • Generate avatars from local or webcam photos.
  • Customize avatar outfits.
  • Download avatars in JPG format.

9. Shavatar.me

shavatar 3d avatar creator

Shavatar.me is an online character creator 3D that takes an entirely different dimension regarding creating your own custom avatars. Before making an avatar, the website will request waist, hips, chest, height, and weight measurements. Once you have provided these details, the website will use AI and deep machine learning to generate a digital replica of yourself. However, the generated avatar doesn't have a face.

Key Features
  • Create avatars by entering the measurements.
  • Super-fast avatar generation process.
  • Personalized avatar size advice.
  • Avatar sizes for 50+ brands.

10. Reallusion.com

reallusion 3d avatar creator

Lastly, you can use Reallusion.com Avatar Creator to generate customized 3D avatars for games, virtual reality environments, and other applications. This free desktop program uses advanced 3D modeling technology to create realistic avatars with many customization options. Reallusion lets you customize your avatar with 3D hair, beard, outfits, accessories, and other features to make it look more like yourself. Moreover, this tool allows users to save their avatars in various formats for use in different applications.

Key Features
  • A dedicated desktop tool for offline creation.
  • Create customizable avatars.
  • Choose from 2,000+ pre-made avatars.
  • Imported characters are compatible with game engines.

Part 2. How to Create a 3D Realistic Avatar from Photo Online?

Up to here, you should already know a program that you'll use to create your 3D avatar. For example, if you want to record or stream videos with avatars, Wondershare DemoCreator should handle most of your needs. You can also use a program like Media.io to transform your photos into an avatar. Let's see how to create a 3D avatar from a photo online for free using Media.io:

Step 1. Use any updated web browser to launch Media.io 3D Avatar Creator.

Step 2. Once on the online program, tap the Add images button to load a local photo of yourself.

Step 3. Media.io will automatically scan your photo and produce a cartoon version of yourself in seconds. Now choose an emoji to add a facial expression to your avatar, then tap Start to process.

choose avatar emotion on media.io 3d avatar creator

Step 4. If satisfied with your avatar, click Download to save it. It's that easy!

Part 3. FAQs about Realistic Avatar Creator

1. What is the best free 3D Avatar Creator?

It depends on your needs. For instance, if you want to record avatar videos, DemoCreator is your best option because it offers a comprehensive solution for recording, editing, and customizing your avatar-based videos. On the other hand, consider options like RealPlayer.me and Unionavatars.com to create 3D avatars from webcam photos.

2. How to make your Facebook avatar easily?

You can easily make a Facebook avatar using the programs listed above. Follow the Media.io steps and download the avatar to use it as your Facebook profile photo.

3. Is it possible to personalize a 3D character in a video?

Yes, you can easily add an avatar to your videos using Wondershare DemoCreator. This is best if you want to add videos on YouTube Gaming, Twitch, Facebook, and more. Below are the quick steps:

Step 1. Launch DemoCreator 3D avatar maker and then launch the Video Presentation tool. Your webcam will launch automatically.

Free Download
Free Download

Step 2. Next, tap the Avatar tab and choose a 3D avatar that fits your personality and character. Then, calibrate the camera layout to capture the best avatar movements.

Step 3. Lastly, tap the REC button to start capturing the video. But before that, you can choose a new video background from multiple free templates. Remember to use the inbuilt editor to retouch the recorded avatar video.


Was this article helpful? We hope so! Choose a 3D avatar creator from the options in this article and start making your avatars today. Before making a choice, consider options like avatar customization, pricing, intuitiveness, and more.

Oliva Eve
Oliva Eve Apr 18, 24
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