• 1. Record game and export video in high resolution.
  • 2. Record your computer screen, microphone, and webcam simultaneously.
  • 3. Edit videos with thousands of resources and templates, record and edit in one stop.

Top 8 Best HD Game Recorders

Oliva Eve
2024-04-18 16:35:05 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

Gaming is considered one of the biggest entertainment medium in the recent times. Do you feel that even you are a gaming master then why can’t you share a game tutorial? Of course, you can with the help of HD game recorder.

What is HD game recorder? It is a simple program that assists you in recording the games in High Definition quality directly from your PC screen very easily. There is both paid and free HD game recorder software. Among plenty of screen recorders, we have picked up top 8 best HD game recorders according to editing and realtime recording features for you.

Part 1: HD game recorders with editing tools


In order to share a breathtakingly wonderful gaming experience, DemoCreator is one of the best names for HD game recorder that comes to the forefront. It is not only easy and convenient but also the most reliable tool for recording your gameplay. DemoCreator is definitely the most user friendly HD game recorder that has a free download option. There are no complexities in this software compared to many of its counterparts and comes with a package of features. Some of them are-

  • Simple interface for beginners to use
  • Green screen recording mode can be selected
  • Simultaneous screen and audio recording options
  • Full editing suite to enhance your gameplay
  • 4k screen resolution available
  • 15 to 120 fps frame rate to record fast paced games perfectly
  • Add circles and arrows to your video to explain your gaming tutorial

2.LoiLo Game Recorder

Another power packed HD game recorder is the LoiLo Game Recorder. It offers free solution to the gameplay capture. LoiLo Game Recorder is light weight software that lets you record the footage from PC games in your system. It also allows you to record live commentaries to describe the on-going clip. It gives a good fight to the paid alternatives. Some of its features include-

  • Minimal loss of performance
  • No limitation free game recording
  • Quick YouTube platform sharing


3.GoPlay Editor

A high performance gameplay video editing and screen recording product, GoPlay Editor can record any 3D games on your PC. You can also save it as 1080p-60fps video. The best part is the GoPlay Editor’s video editing feature in multi-track view. Some of the other features of GoPlay Editor are-

  • Free gameplay video screen capture
  • Advanced video editing software
  • 4K-60FPS HD video quality
  • Support all 3D/OpenGL and mobile games

goplay hd game recorder

Part 2: HD game recorders with realtime capture features


The Action HD game recorder offers a 30 days free trial period. It comes with a remote access feature that helps you to control your PC. Action recorder has a 10 minutes time-shift mode. It uses your GPU to fast-track the recordings and put less force on your CPU. Some of the features of Action recorder are-

  • Output files format AVI 2.0 or MP4
  • Time-Shift mode to help you record game
  • GPU to accelerate recordings
  • Quickly and accurately remote access

action hd game recorder


D3DGear is an easy and simple HD game recorder without any hassles of setting it up. The recorded videos can be compressed through the built in compressions system. The less storage space in the drive during a recording does not hamper the gameplay video recording process as the videos are compressed real time. This HD game recorder automatically identifies games and connects with them. You just need to press one hotkey to resume recording. The features of this software are-

  • One button process to finish recording
  • Real-time video compression
  • GPU to accelerate recordings
  • Hardware acceleration to avoid pressure on CPU

D3DGear hd game recorder


Fraps HD game recorder is a benchmarking product that shows the total frames per second on one end of the screen while the gameplay is on to check the smooth working of the software. It can record videos and games using added information from DirectX or OpenGL graphic technology. It displays all performance statistics and also measures the average rate of video recording performance. You may save these separate files for future reference. The limited features of this software are-

  • Benchmark tool to ease you recording
  • High quality video with customizable frames

frap hd game recorder


Bandicam is a great HD game recorder that captures Direct X or OpenGL technology using gameplays. You may adjust the size of the window according to your requirement. This software is ideal for the beginners. Some of its features include-

  • Video compression to export small file size
  • Support recording HDMI devices
  • More than 24 hours recording time
  • Record gameplay videos at 4k Ultra HD resolution



Loaded with ultimate features, the Dxtory recorder is a super HD game recorder with a very simple interface and easy to understand settings. The strong audio settings in Dxtory let you record two sounds at the same time. Although the watermarks cannot be removed from the video, this software is worth trying with its fully featured free version. The features of Dxtory HD game recorder are –

  • Records original pixel data without losing quality on video
  • Records two or more audio sources
  • User has the liberty to choose the favourite video codec
  • Strong editing and customization options



If you are a thorough gamer and wish to share your knowledge with others through your own YouTube channel and social media sites, then the above 8 best HD game recorder can be your ideal choice without any doubt. All of the above programs are either free or free for a certain period for you to choose and decide if you should go ahead and purchase the same. All of the top 8 best HD game recorder are good but DemoCreator is definitely one of the best amongst the lot. DemoCreator is a reliable gameplay recorder with a range of features to enhance your video and offer a professional touch to it.