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What Equipment Would You Prepare Before Game Video Recording?

David Wilson
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Game Recording Tools

Gamer and YouTuber; at the same time can bring you a successful career with your talent and skill set in this niche. With gaming video tools, a qualitative voice, and an experienced gaming skill, you can skyrocket your YouTube channel audience in a shocking number. Above all, if you want to be a top-rated game commentator, it is only possible with gaming video equipment that works as a gear to raise you to a whole new level.

Home gamer is a talent you must exaggerate to demonstrate your knowledge and skillset while on YouTube at the same time. On the other hand, if you just want to limit yourself by just being a gamer then you can skip this whole article but if you want to make use of your skills and talent, you're at a perfectly right place because here we will provide you not only information of game video recording equipment home but also with the useful advice which will surely help you build a gaming experience empire.

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Top 7 Necessary pieces of equipment for Game Video Making

Fortunately, we have saved your research trouble while covering the important bullet points of what gaming video needs to make it a perfect platform for your career. If you are a game YouTuber, here's the kicker for you as we have enlisted the top 7 necessary tools you would need to make your gaming video content an attractive hub for the audience out there. Learn more here...

1. Access to the game and gaming platform

While being in this niche, the first and foremost step is taken that will skyrocket your content is access to the game you would like to include in your streaming and video content. The gaming platform must have all the services you want to include in your audio narration with a proper video demonstration to the feature.

You can outrank the content with this game recording at-home tool.

2. Video recorder

Recording from a face cam has never been this much easy. That's why it is being included in the top equipment list which can directly hit your audience number up to the extent. You should go for a 4k video recorder as YouTube will automatically detect full HD content and automatically bias the audience.

A high-quality video recorder is the best source of spreading your demonstrations to a huge number of audiences.

3. Screen capture software

You need to have capturing software installed on your desktop to make your video plausible, so you need not worry about the screen recording and focus only on audio narration and face gestures. If you want to capture a console-biased video, then high-quality software is what you would need to make it more viable.

The software you must choose should be able to capture the required screen which you want to include in your videos.

4. Audio recording/microphone

Audio narration in gamer YouTube content is an important factor as the viewers tend to understand your audio better than your gaming talent. You need to expend more on your audio recording device as clear and attractive audio will help you achieve your target.

To make your voice more controllable, microphone quality has a direct hit to that. So more expensive the mic, the better the audio narration.

5. Lighting

When it comes to the user attraction, lighting condition has a big plus. Poor lighting may lead towards a creepy content which is an unprofessional way. So, when you are recording your content, facing the light condition is a must. Otherwise, you need to spend more on your lighting budget as well.

While being unable to face the lighting, the source is not a problem as artificial lighting sources are available to take away all your blemishes.

6. Video editing software

To give your recorded videos a professional touch, a video editing software that tends to make sure your eye-catchy content is an important piece of equipment. While the internet is filled with such software but you need to be very wise while selecting the best one as your video output has a direct impact on which software you will use to edit them.


7. Green screen

The green screen is an important factor when you want to make your video content a perfect match for your desired background and hidden circumstances. You will need to make your video more intuitive with a green screen. Last but not least, this equipment will surely skyrocket the views on your videos as the public audience tends to enjoy more than green screen content when compared with the other ones.

The above-enlisted pieces of equipment can turn out to be the best tools if you want to make your career the brightest one. Game YouTuber always have this motivation of spending more on the types of equipment as it's a win-win situation after being investing a fine amount on the professionalism of equipment respectively. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner in this field, you just need to enhance this above-listed equipment in your home studio and start from scratch.

Wondershare DemoCreator: Make a splendid game video with one easy tool

While keeping in mind the above equipment, you may be wondering if you can find a magic box that would have all these types of equipment pre-installed. Here we go with a kicker as Wondershare DemoCreator is surely the one. From the video capturing to the video editing, this software from Wondershare is a hub of all the necessary and important factors you will need to make your content according to your desires.

Many gamers like you want to put their face on the corner screen of their gameplay videos, now the audience prefer such kind of overlays videos as it involves the direct influence of impressions during game video making. Besides, it can also be useful while attending online lectures and meetings or interviewing clients to witness their facial expressions. Keeping in mind all these useful measures, we have enlisted the complete guide you should opt for while creating Wondershare DemoCreator gaming video content.

Best Features:

  • Wondershare DemoCreator has some best video editing tools embedded within the software. For beginners as well as for a professional in this industry.
  • With its Screen Recorder feature, you can record your gaming screen as well as your face overlay in a handy way.
  • The audio recording has also been made easy with Wondershare DemoCreator built-in tools that are easy to use as well.
  • You can also edit your green screen recording with this software as it has numerous effects libraries included.
  • Includes tons of built-in stickers, overlays, and styles in its library which you have access to.

Apart from these best features, Wondershare DemoCreatoris compatible with cheap systems, its video editor has plenty of built-in objects to be used in the video files. Designed specifically for the videos, this software comes up with a simplified interface to take your videos to the next level.


Although, this article has all you need while being a game YouTuber, here's the kicker as you need to configure all the better options available and select the best among them. To be able to do so, here's the deal as you need to choose the one wisely.DemoCreator while being an all-in-one screen recording software will surely be going to help you on an affordable budget. So if you are going to spend a fine amount, why not you should go for one which has all of them embedded already?

You can download this masterpiece from here:

Now as we have provided you with the best option you should opt for while making the most from your home-based studio. The ball is in your court now, start from the equipment list above and make content from your gaming skillset which can gather a huge number of viewers who will enjoy watching your content as you have all that you need to be a successful game YouTuber.