How to Record World of Tanks Gameplay

Alma Elliott
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Hot Games

A new decade has started, and there are thousands of games out there. But how many games let you drive some of the most legendary tanks in history. If you filter games by this category, only a couple comes to our mind. One of them being the ever-so-popular is World of Tanks.

World of tanks is a free-to-play game published by that has been around for almost a decade. It was originally launched in Russia in 2010 and later came to Europe in 2011. It was launched on Xbox in 2014 and also released on Android and iOS by the name of World of Tanks Blitz. Wargaming also has two other games similar to World of Tanks called World of warships and the world of Warplanes. 

World of Tanks is a vehicle combat game and has hundreds of various tanks from different countries. These tanks are typically scout type tanks and are extremely fast. However, because of their great mobility, their guns lack in penetration and alpha damage. In this game, you have both wheeled and light tanks of tracks.

There are a variety of tanks like medium tanks, heavy tanks, tank destroyers, sniper tanks, artillery with high alpha damage, and high penetration. Unlocking a tank requires a certain amount of experience. After searching about that particular vehicle, you can buy it using your credits. You earn credits and experience in every battle, depending on how you perform.

To record your gameplay, there are various methods on how to record a game in world of tanks that we are going to discuss below:

Method 1. Use the Game Settings to Record

If you've had a cracking game and want to show it to your friends or even have a look back at it to see how you performed, you can record it in some easy and simple steps. There are two options available to record the game- ‘Last’ or ‘All’. If you want to record only the last gameplay, you can click on the Last option. And if you want to record every game, click on All option. The best thing about recording all the games is that you don’t miss anything to record, and it automatically saves your every game.

You just have to rename the file to save it. Just the disadvantage here is that your drive fills up very rapidly with a lot of games because every single game, whether good or bad is saved. Here is how to record a game in world of tanks with this method:

Part 1. To record the last played game

Step 1. You need to check that you have the right settings. Go to the settings tab.

Step 2. A page will pop up on the screen. Scroll down on this general page.

Step 3. Enable the battle recording. A dropdown box will pop up with three options- None, last, and All.

Step 4. Click on the ‘last’ option and now get back to the game and play your game.

Step 5. When the game is finished, go to the drive where your World of Tanks is hosted.

Step 6. Click on the folder, and you will find your replays.

Step 7. On the replays, you will find the last battle you recorded.

Step 8. Every time you record your last battle, it will overwrite this file. To save the last recorded video, rename the file. So now, next time you play a game, there will be another last battle played file here.

Part 2: To record All the games

Step 1. Go to the Settings folder.

Step 2. Under general, click on the Enable battle recordings option.

Step 3. Set it to ‘All’ by clicking on apply. Now every game you play will appear in the folder irrespective of whether you save it or not. It will automatically save every game you play.

Step 4. To see how that looks after the game, again go to folder World of Tanks in your device and look into the replays folder. You will get a different sort of description.

Step 5. Now rename the file to save it.

Part 3. To share the game

Step 1. Go to website, which is run by wargaming itself, and log in to the site.

Step 2. After logging in with the appropriate credentials, you will find my links tab on the top to see all the replays you have uploaded.

Step 3. Click on upload replay and choose your file from the replays folder you have on your device.

Step 4. After choosing a file, put a title on the title bar and put a description in the description box if you want.

Step 5. Now click on the upload button and wait for it to get uploaded. You can see your game chart there with your personal score and team score.

Step 6. To share it with someone, go back into my replays and choose the game you want to share.

Step 7. Copy and paste and send the link out by email or whatever mechanism they want to receive it.

Step 8. If you want to let other people see your gameplay, make sure to turn off the only direct view.

Method 2. Record World of Tanks with Game Recorder

The easiest and powerful game recorder available in the market is a software called DemoCreator from the Wondershare. It is free to download and comes with an inbuilt video editor. It is available in both Windows Operating System and Mac Operating System. Using this software, you can record your presentations, video tutorials, and even your gameplay with high-quality screen recordings. You can also add captions, annotations, and do a lot more other changes using the inbuilt video editor.

Wondershare DemoCreator application lets you record, edit, and save videos instantly. If you are wondering how to record your games and are just a beginner, you can follow the following steps to record your gameplay and share it with your family and friends. Here is how to record world of tanks battles using this method:

Step 1. Download the software and Set it up

  • Head over to Google Chrome and then opt to search for the software that is Wondershare DemoCreator. Once you find it, go ahead and opt to press the button that says “free download”. Once you do that, it will get started to be downloaded on itself.
  • Now, move ahead and double click-open the file that you just downloaded, and then you will require installing the software with the use of some steps. Also, the entire process can take time to get done with the entire installation properly. So wait until it gets done.
  • Once done with the installation, opt for pressing the button that says start over in order for the screen recorder to be launched.
  • Now opt for pressing the button ‘Quick Capture’ that will help start with your game recordings.

run democreator

Step 2. Opt to Record the Game

  • If you look at the bottom, there a control window will be found to you. Well, this window is there so that before you get started with the recording part, you can opt for pre-settings if needed.
  • On looking at the top, a record button will be seen, and a timer will be seen showing you the recorded timings.
  • Just below this, you will see the video resolution that shows the size of your device’s screen.
  • Opt for using the handles that are in white so you can change the size of your recording. Moreover, this way, you will be able to record portions (of your particular choice) of the screen.
  • Now, opt for clicking the fit option, so you can change it to the size that is the default.
  • Look for the option that says “screen capture” that you can find right around the settings. After this, look for ‘game’ option that you can find right around the ‘screen’ tab.
  • Now, opt for the installed game and then go ahead and opt for your required frame rates.
  • With the use of “audio settings”, you may opt for setting a microphone up, so you can put voice-overs and make the recordings better.
  • Below the advanced section, you can opt for choosing save location, and then, after this, you may opt for GPU settings as per need. Also, you may opt for video encoding settings and then for the screen recorder, go ahead for setting up custom hotkeys.
  • All these will be one time setting to do, and once done, you may opt for Capture and then opt for clicking on Record.
  • Remember, you need to press the F10 key to stop recording.

customize recording

Extra Tips: Worlds of Tanks Tricks and Hacks

If you are new to World of Tanks, you can follow some of these tips and tricks to strengthen your gameplay. Rest, you will become experienced only when you play the game many times.

How to choose a tank?

Choose a tank based on the terrain. There are different types of maps, like open maps, city maps, and hybrid maps. In an open map, you have to travel from one position to another. So for this, you will need a tank that is faster and lighter. On a city map, you don't need to travel that much. So a heavy tank with more armor will do the task. If you are a newbie, the British and American tanks will be a good option.

Think about your next move

You must think about your next move as you don't want to be confused in the middle of the field. Patience is required at every step of the game.

Basics of shooting

You must know where to aim. This is the most basic and important aspect of the gameplay. Your shots will be more precise if your weapon has a smaller reticle. Regardless of what sort of ammunition you use or how enormous the gauge of your weapon is, you will run into essentially more serious issues if you shoot the thickest piece of the shield. Normally tanks with more alpha damage have a more drawn out reload time, while vehicles with a little league stretch between shots can't take out large quantities of hit focuses with one round.

Don't be the lone tanker

If you play with your team, your game will be much better. Don't be that player who just plays along and gets stuck in the middle that no one can support you. Whether you are a pro player or a newbie, play along with your team.

Notice what your opponent is doing

Your game can take a whole turn if you know your opponent's plans. You must notice their movements and actions to be one step ahead of them. For instance, your enemy chooses a heavy tank in an open map, try to move from one position to another frequently. Therefore, at a slow speed, they will have to think about changing their game plan.


Recording a game is not that difficult. Many professional gamers record their gameplay to upload it on social media to teach the gaming skills to the newbies. For this, Wondershare DemoCreator is the best free software where you can record your gaming skills and merge it with the audio. You can edit the game recording using the inbuilt software editor.

For instance, you can add voice-overs, captions, and do a lot of other stuff on this software. So now, enjoy recording your gameplay with the above-mentioned steps and share it with your friends and family.