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Top 6 Game Recorder for Windows 11

Oliva Eve
2024-06-03 13:58:25 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

With the launch of Windows 11 in 2021, the gaming community has also started looking to gain ground in their specific niche. recording your screen in Windows 11 is an extraordinary way of flaunting the new components you're playing with or posing an inquiry regarding how to accomplish something explicit. Ever since we have got you covered for how you can do precisely that in Windows 10, yet since Windows 11 is here, you may be considering how things work in the most recent Microsoft working framework. Playing and real-time computer game plays has never been simpler, with various large tech organizations like Google and Apple allowing us to catch our interactivity. Presently how about we go through our hand-picked rundown of the best 10 best screen recorders for Windows 11 OS you can attempt today itself, with their famous elements and site joins. The rundown incorporates both free and paid screen recording applications.

So, if you're in search of the best screen recorder for gaming for Windows 11? We've your back! Regardless of whether you're hoping to attempt game recording as another side interest, or need to try an expert game-gushing out, there has never been a superior chance to be a gamer. Regardless of whether you're hoping to record some interactivity, a show, or something different, you can record your screen in the early review of Windows 11. You can utilize worked-in devices or download outsider applications. There might be a few reasons where such application is a lot supportive like making a successful video instructional exercise, making an eLearning course, marketing your business to online clients, making item-related recordings, YouTube recordings, or gaming purposes, and that's just the beginning. To record recordings from webcam and screen this product are much useful. In this article, we will tell you which are the best screen recorders for Windows 11.

What's New on Windows 11?

for some, individuals it'll be worth not moving up to Windows 11 at this time. This is because it's still early days, and there are a few issues that need fixing first. For instance, certain individuals are detailing that Windows 11 is dialing back their web associations. Up until now, it's turned out to be a promising working framework, regardless of whether there are still freedoms for more profound upgrades. Also, assuming you're presently utilizing Windows 10, you'll be glad to realize that you'll be qualified for a free move up to Windows 11, given that your PC or PC meets the severe least framework necessities that Microsoft has instituted for the sake of of its future security.

CPU Ratings

Microsoft knows about the greater part of these issues and is chipping away at fixes. That implies by holding off from introducing Windows 11 for some time, you'll allow Microsoft an opportunity to deliver updates to fix those issues. Then, at that point, when you do at last introduce Windows 11 in a couple of weeks or alternately months, things should run a lot smoother. There are enhancements in all cases in Windows 11, with Microsoft promising that updates will be 40% more modest, and promoting Windows 11 as "the most reliable delivery yet". HDR will likewise be upheld on viable machines, offering further developed lighting and difference for gaming and review media. Direct Storage is additionally here, with the vitally game resources ready to be downloaded and introduced, empowering you to play your games much quicker than previously.

Built-in Recording Ability

The Microsoft Store is at long last seeing an update, with better-curated content, and a superior choice for dealing with your bought shows, like reflecting them to your TV. Gaming will be a lot greater concentration in Windows 11, with the drowsy and disappointing to-utilize Windows 10 Xbox application supplanted by another Game Pass application that empowers you to purchase, oversee and eliminate games, making it simpler for you to get to and download games. There is likewise improved multi-screen support, so when you reconnect an outer screen, Windows 11 recalls the past places of the windows that were on that screen. The taskbar is upgraded for contact just as mouse peripherals and is presently renamed the dock. New performing various tasks highlights are likewise on offer on account of a component called Snap Layouts, which empowers you to organize different windows across the screen, one next to the other, yet in segments, areas and the sky is the limit from there.

A Swift Approach to Gaming Platform

Microsoft's undertaking rendition of the working framework. Notwithstanding what your inclination might be, both have similar least framework prerequisites so you'll have to satisfy those guidelines paying little mind to what adaptation you side with. There are various advantages to Windows 11 Pro, however, generally, security is identified to ensure organizations and associations guard information, with highlights like Windows Information Protection. Probably the greatest change clients will see is that the Start menu has been moved to the focal point of the screen – and it's currently "cloud fueled", so it powerfully changes relying upon the hour of the day, and the substance you're working with.

what's new on Windows 11

Does Windows 11 Suitable for Gaming?

To this query, the short answer is true, windows 11 is an incredible working framework for gamers, it gives loads of provisions and functionalities for the gamers. Not at all like some past Windows dispatches, Windows 11 is useful for gaming. It doesn't acquaint any significant changes with the record framework or APIs, so any games that work on Windows 10 should chip away at the new form. As far as we can tell with Windows 11, the two present-day and retro games are comparably viable, and any mods or fixes that chipped away at the past form of the OS will chip away at the enhanced one also. A portion of the fundamental provisions that existed inside this working framework are-Auto HDR, Direct Storage, running android applications, GUI creation, 64 pieces framework upholds, and so on

Auto HDR is likewise accessible in Windows 11 and converts any SDR game that utilizes DirectX 11 to HDR. This improvement takes into account a more extensive scope of brilliance and colors and should assist with giving somewhat more punch to more seasoned games. In this way, in our experience, Windows 11 is useful for gaming. Be that as it may, given its likenesses to Windows 10, hope to deal with similar issues here as you did in the earlier OS

How to Record Game on Windows 11 PC

Here is a detailed guide about how to record games with DemoCreator game recorder on Windows 11 devices:

Step 1: Install and Launch DemoCreator

To kickstart with this software, you need to install this software on your Windows 11, if it isn't installed already. To assist you, here is the link where you can download it easily for your PC:

After the installation will be done, now launch the software from the Applications of Windows.

Step 2: Open the Recorder Window

Now to advance with the recording, you need to select the Game Recording button from the launching window which will take you to the recorder of DemoCreator as follows:

start game recording

Step 3: Customize Game Recording Options

In the next step, you need to set up the audio and video settings from the recorder window. You can customize the screen which you want to include in your recording as well as the audio source, either you want to include the Microphone recording or the System sound recording from the straightforward buttons available to you in the recorder window as follows:

game recorder mode

After you've set up the screen and audio, now hit the record button which will start recording.

Step 4: Edit Output Recordings

As soon as you've hit the stop recording button, it will open up the video editor of DemoCreator which has the recorded media file. Now to edit the file, you can drag it to the timeline and do audio as well as video editing to your recorded media file.

edit game video

If you want to skip the editing process and export it directly to your Windows 11 files, you can use the FastExport option by doing right-clicking on the media file and selecting the Fast Export option.

Step 5: Save/Share Recordings

In the final step, you can perform the exporting and sharing option from the video editor of Wondershare DemoCreator with a few clicks. To advance with that, hit the Export button at the top-right corner of the screen and customize the exporting options including output format and the output directory.

export game video

Top 6 Game Recorders for Windows 11

Game recording software has become very normal these days. It permits the Players to stream, catch features or bring crowds through extensive walkthroughs of their cherished games. Practically all gamers love to record the games to share their gaming experience. There are many Games Recording software For Recording your Gameplay accessible for Windows. These are essential video recording software that let you record games without any problem. In this section, we will write down the 6 Best Game Recording Software for Windows 11 so far.

Open Broadcaster Studio Streamlabs:

Streamlabs is one freer and more open asset utilized for streaming and recording. It is created from OBS Studio yet dispose of the confounded stuff in OBS, so it has a preferred client experience over OBS Studio and further developed usefulness.

obs game recorder

When you began the Streamlabs OBS, it will consequently pre-arrange all settings as far as your framework and set you up to stream and record games straightforwardly. You would then be able to connect to your Streamlabs record and import extra devices to improve the client experience.


  • Continuously free
  • Very simple to utilize
  • It records elite execution constant game recordings for catching and blending.
  • It upholds every one of the streaming stages like Twitch, Hitbox, YouTube Live, and Facebook Live.


  • Incessant accident issues
  • Accessible just on Windows

Radeon ReLive - Nice Shot for AMD Users

Radeon ReLive or AMD ReLive as called before, is comparable to Nvidia Shadowplay and contrasts from the last option in the GPU it seized on. Like Nvidia, Radeon Relive exploits the AMD card in your apparatus and recoveries the CPU for other use.

game recorder

The elements it has are likewise similar to that of Nvidia, yet its exhibition misses the mark in certain regards. When recording interactivity at 4K 60fps, clients will quite often gripe about ReLive's dropping casings. Yet, it flaunts another component which is to upscale your video quality with the goal that you can get a 4K video regardless of whether you are recording a 1080P material.


  • Free to use the game recorder
  • Effective as well as very simple to utilize


  • Works just with specific AMD GPUs
  • Restricted components

Nvidia Shadowplay - Optimal Gaming Screen Recorder

In case you are utilizing Nvidia GPU, it is exceptionally recommended that you attempt the Nvidia Shadowplay which is specially made for Nvidia clients to work ongoing interaction streaming and recording.

game recorder

The most outstanding aspect of ShadowPlay is that it utilizes the GPU to deal with the video encoding, so it will not gobble up your framework assets, all things considered, it guarantees your smooth gaming experience. The product can record high-goal recordings up to 4K at 60 casings each second so it can catch the subtleties all the more unmistakably.


  • Free and simple to utilize
  • Top-notch recording


  • Works just with specific Nvidia GPUs

Gecata – Best Screen Recorder for Gaming

Gecata is planned by Movavi and is refreshing with cutting edge including constantly. It is a stunning game recording application planned particularly for recording interactivity in HD. This screen recorder for games has a very less complex interface and that is the reason it's not difficult to utilize as well.

game recorder

It is outfitted with heaps of provisions that make it stand apart from the horde of best game recorders accessible on the web. The product offers its clients to record interactivity up to 60 edges each second (fps). Likewise, it additionally permits you to change the recording setting as indicated by your style and need. Besides, it can likewise record recordings in various configurations. By and large, the product is a decent choice for experts to record games.


  • It permits you to record unique pixel information and acquires the greatest by the lossless video source.
  • You can modify screen captures with edge, scaling, and cutting choices and save them in different arrangements.


  • It leaves an observable slack when you save accounts during ongoing interaction.

Bandicam - All-Around Gameplay Recorder

Bandicam is no odder to us for it has since a long time ago settled its standing as an expert recorder for PC. It has three modes - Screen Recording mode, Game Recording mode, and Device Recording mode. Under the gaming mode, it can straightforwardly record the objective utilizing the DirectX/OpenGL/Vulkan illustrations innovations, and FPS is shown on the left corner while in-game. Other than game recording, its Screen Recording mode is additionally amazing in catching different exercises in a resizable window, such as recording real-time recordings.

bandicam game recorder

The most astonishing piece of Bandicam is its inherent pressure highlight that produces video in a little size while protecting the quality. Bandicam is a straightforward program that makes it workable for you to record different 2D/3D games and HD recordings on your PC. This product isn't just one of the most incredible game, video, Webcam, and screen recording devices yet additionally the best application to record iTunes, YouTube, Video visiting Skype, and PowerPoint with practically no hardships. The various sound stream recording capacity additionally permits you to record game sound and amplifier at the same time.


  • Simple to utilize
  • Different sound stream recording capacity
  • It permits you to add a mouse click impact and movement while recording.


  • It doesn't uphold Live streaming.
  • It leaves a watermark at the highest point of the video on the preliminary rendition.


So that is it with the Windows 11 recorders that are being launched or on their way to launching. But one toolkit from above is an inevitable one, and that's undoubtedly the DemoCreator platforms updated specifically with Gaming community expectations. All the above-examined applications are very acceptable. In any case, there are a few elements that we want to Lookout while Choosing a Good Game Recording Software. A decent game recording application should uphold up to 60 fps. In this way, having a less complex UI is better. Then, at that point, comes the video configuration, cost, and other such factors. Thus, by remembering this load of referenced elements, select the best appropriate choice for you assuming you need to share your gaming encounters with others.