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In the fast-moving digitalized world, every word you speak and hear is valid both in your personal and professional life. Missing a single piece of information may lead to heavy losses. To avoid such a mishap, a Speech Recorder can be used. It is like your assistant who is always committed to recording whatever you say. Speech Recorder is an app for smartphones or a browser-based tool that enables recording the voice as an audio file that can be shared with others as we share any other file online or offline. 

Part1 Why will you need a virtual speech Recorder

Let us see some situations where one can never deny the ultimate usefulness of a speech recorder and the advantages of using it. 

1. Speech Recorder in Professional life:

For any business or profession, fulfilling the requirements exactly as per the requirements specified in the major aim that one would have. To achieve this, a thorough knowledge of the requirements specified is necessary. Some key factors may be discussed in a business meeting, taking care of the numbers and figures, valuable suggestions obtained in the discussion, important timelines, and all the dos and don'ts. It is not possible to take note of everything without omitting minute details. If one tries to take note of the Infos with a pen and paper while writing one point, one would miss the next points discussed and will not be able to participate fully. it would be better if recorded with a speech recorder. With this facility, one can playback the contents to ensure all the major and minor things necessary to complete the task as specified and improve the outcome of the job done, thereby ensuring perfection. The recorded content or the extracted details of the recordings can be shared with the team, enabling complete communication. It would be even proof if any dispute arises regarding the requirements specified.

● When taking an interview with somebody, the exact words used by the person giving the interview is especially important. The stress and pass, and beyond the words, the emotions that are blended with the words are major factors. To present the content with the same emotions will not be possible unless the recording is done. Playing back and verifying the recordings, would help in getting a deep understanding of the facts. 

● A speech recorder will be of immense help, for someone preparing for any speech to be delivered in a meeting, or someone heading for a job interview. Practicing by recording one’s voice and confirming the sentences' pronunciation and diction will help make corrections and build confidence.

● For a creative writer, when one gets the idea of the content, the flow of words can be interrupted while searching for a pen and paper. Aided with the speech recorder, one can tap all the thoughts and get the entire fruit of the creativity in the form of words recorded. Adding translations through voice-over can be easily done using a virtual speech recorder.

2. Speech Recorder in Education:

● Recording the lectures, offline or online, would be an immense help for the students. It is human nature that concentrating on a topic continuously for more than 10 minutes is difficult. Even while watching an interesting movie, often people get distracted from the storyline. In a session of an hour or more, often the students getting distracted from the topic explained by the teacher is a common phenomenon. When lectures are recorded, it makes it easy for the students to understand those missed points. For slow learners, the recordings will be such that the teacher instructs the students as many times as required by just playing back the recordings. Some students may find it difficult to read books, nevertheless, they would be good listeners. For them, listening to recorded lectures will be the best way for preparing for their exams. 

● While learning languages, knowing the exact pronunciations is a key factor for learning a language properly. In the process of learning foreign languages, many people easily get qualified in a written exam, but in a situation to speak the language, more inhibitions would be experienced. To overcome the hurdles, Speech recorders can be used. Hearing the native speakers' accents and recording their pronunciations will help to master the language. The learner can also record his/her pronunciations and get corrected for the mistakes.

Speech Recorder in personal life:

Recording some cherishable moments will always be a pleasant experience. Like cute babbling of your child, birthday songs are sung, etc. When you are unable to spend some time with the family, you can pass on the messages through speech recordings and thereby minimize the “missing you'' feeling. 

Part2 5 Best Virtual Speech Recorder:

The following are the top five speech recorders of 2023. Let us see the salient features of these tools along with their pros and cons of them. 

1. DemoCreator:

DemoCreator is software created by “Wondershare.” This software allows the user to record the screen and record the voice and the camera. It is more than a speech recorder. One can even play a video while recording the audio. The software is user-friendly. All we need along with the software to make a recording are an external microphone, a script, and a quiet place.

First, download the software. It provides a free trial. Get the script that you want to record as an audio file. Figuring out the exact content will make half the work done. No need for any special arrangements. Just ensure that there will be no disturbance while doing the recording. If you want to record only the audio using the “DemoCreator,” then open the DemoCreator in the system.

DemoCreator has a built-in audio recorder. Connecting an external microphone will give the desired results. No matter, even a low-cost microphone can be used. Disable the screen recording. Get the system mic turned off. By clicking the voice recording icon, you can very well record the audio. After recording, it can be reviewed. If there is a mess, no problem. Using this software, editing the recorded voice like adjusting the volume, cutting the unwanted portion, eliminating the background noise and even the speed of the audio can also be changed.

If you want to add screen presentations along with the voice, then clicking the screen recording icon will make it done. Even for a pre-recorded video, a voice can be added using the DemoCreator video editor. By importing the videos and placing them in the timeline, voice recording can be done by just tapping the voice recorder icon. On completing, an audio track will be shown on the timeline, and that can be adjusted if needed. Adding voice for PowerPoint presentations also can be done effectively using this software. 



● A voice from the computer and the microphone can be recorded at the same time. 

● Sound volumes can be adjusted at the time and after the recording of the audio.

● Audio and video of a file can be separated.

● Allows the virtual camera of the system to function while recording. 

● Most suited for educational purposes, as explanatory videos or slides can be added. 

● Comfortable and user-friendly editing facility.


● It is not free software. Only a free trial is available. 

● If you opt for a quarterly plan $19 will be charged ($6.3 per month billed every 3 months). If you opt for an annual plan $46 will be charged ($3.83 per month billed annually).

2. VirtualSpeech:

VirtualSpeech is an online voice recorder that enables us to record voices using microphones. The recorded audio can be played back and heard online. If you want to share it with someone, you must download the recorded audio which will be available in OGG format. No need to download any software or any other tool. When searching online for VirtualSpeech you will find only an icon showing “start recording.” By tapping the icon, the recording is done.

virtual speech recorder

No login or sign-up procedures to get the recording done.

Recordings will be available only to you and will not be recorded online. so, more privacy is available.

Can listen to the voice online without using any tool or software.

The first recording is free.


It charges $5 as a single-time payment after the first use.

Recordings are available only in OGG format.

3. Online Voice Recorder:

Online Voice Recorder is a product of 123APPS. This is another virtual speech recording tool available online. Just by clicking a red-colored icon on the screen, a recording can be done. You can see a sound wave display. While recording, the Pause option is available. Once the recording is completed by pressing the save icon, it can be downloaded in mp3 format. Volume level alterations and other preferred adjustments can be done through Adobe Flash player tools. Editing the recordings like trimming the audio, pitch alterations, and Equalizing the audio can be done. The Voice joiner tool is also available. It is available in two versions. One is a free version, in which the per day limit for the number of files is ten and the maximum size of the file is not more than 700MB. There will be ads in the free version 46 tools are included in it. The paid version has some advantages. There is no number limit for a per-day file. The maximum file size shall be up to 4 GB, and paid version also includes forty-six tools. The speed of the paid version will be faster than the free version. But the free version’s speed is also good. The premium package, i.e., The paid version costs $ 5 per month. But if a yearly premium has opted then a 20% discount can be availed. 


It automatically removes the silent parts of the recording.

A free version is available and effectively works.

Trimming option for the recordings.

Directly can be used in the browser.

Privacy is maintained, and nothing is stored online on any servers.


The recorded mp3 file cannot be shared online. Only downloaded files can be shared as other files.

The per-day limits for the number of files and the maximum file size are counted in the free version

4. Vocaroo:

Vocaroo is the virtual online voice recorder that facilitates recording voice. On this site also there is no need to sign up or login procedures. Just by browsing Vocaroo.com, one can see the interface. It is quite simple. Just has a Click to record icon and volume control. By using a microphone, the recordings can be done. Once completed, press the click to stop icon. When stopped, it would provide you with a playback option, which can be used to check the recording. If it is not satisfied, using the retry option you can record the voice again. Once done, the file can be saved by tapping the save button, the file would be stored in its storage place. Vocaroo gives some sharing options. The link for the recorded voice can be shared with anyone or it can be embedded in a blog. Quick share options like sharing on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and so on are available. These options are available even if they have been downloaded in the mp3 format or OGG format or WAV or FLAC format. The unique feature of Vocaroo is that it provides QR code options. By just clicking on the QRcode option the voice recording is converted as a QR code and anyone with the QRcode reader app can listen to the recorder's voice. 

virtual speech recorder

No need to sign up or log in.

No fee or cost.

QR code facility.

Gives an embedding option that can be used in web development tools.

Windows and Mac compatible.


To use this tool, an Adobe flash player must be installed.

5. SpeechText:

This voice recorder helps to record voice using a microphone. The recorded audio can be stored in the system. It provides an extension to the browser, which allows recording sounds from the currently used tab within the browser. It considers the General Data Protection Regulations. So, privacy is maintained, and the recorded content will not be available anywhere on the internet. The artificial technology used in the Speech Text provides the facility of converting the recorder audio or video transcribed and allows to get the subtitles. By browsing SpeechText, the interface will be displayed. One must first sign into the account. By using machine learning technology and artificial intelligence, when an audio or video file is uploaded, select the language in which the transcription is to be done, and the industrial domain to which the content is related like Finance, Healthcare, Legal, Education, and so on, as the case may be. Then select the audio type whether it is a lecture, podcast, Meeting record, and so on as per the type. Exporting the file can be done as per the choice of the user. The transcribed document is completely done with all punctuation marks like commas, full stops, etc. It can be downloaded in the form of a Txt file or a pdf or Docx. etc. There are several editing tools available to make corrections if required.

The pricing scheme of SpeechText has four distinct categories. The starter pack is with a billing amount of $10 for a maximum of 180 transcription minutes and with a 30MB maximum file size. The personal pack charges $19 for a 60 MB maximum file size and 380 Transcription minutes. While the standard scheme charges $49, for 990 transcription minutes, the business scheme charges up to $99 for 2000 transcriptions with a 1GB Maximum file size. 


Provides the transcription facility.

A free trial is available.

Provides more FAQs to understand the functioning.


It is costly but worth it.


There are many virtual speech recorders available online. Selecting the best virtual speech recorder is not a difficult one. The actual need and some other factors like the device in which the recordings are done such as an android or an apple os or in a windows pc etc., and the file format in which the recorded file are the deciding factors in selecting a speech recorder. If any editing is required in the recordings, then the chosen app or software must be capable of doing that. The interface must be friendly. Cost is another factor in deciding which tool can be used. There are some free voice recording tools available online. But when you pay for a service, it would be worth it. To confirm this, one can go through the reviews given by the public on using these tools. Every speech recording tool is designed to meet the needs of the user. The recording tools can be used for various purposes like narrating stories to kids, practicing new languages, getting better performance in a meeting, or getting clear quotes from the business. One can uplift professional and personal life using these modern tools. 

Related FAQs

1. What is closed captioning?

As explained earlier, closed captions in a video can be enabled or disabled as required, and can even be formatted for improved visibility or to match the theme of the video. Closed captions for a video are saved in an independent file, typically with the *.srt extension.

2. How to deal with the auto-caption process failure?

While making auto-captioning, you can try to stop the transaction process if the program fails to recognize it. Then launch and sign in to the software again and check your transaction time.