10 Top Demo Video Templates Website

A product demonstration video shows your product in action, demonstrating how it works. Demo videos are an effective approach to demonstrating the value of your product to potential buyers.

If you’re wondering whether making product demo videos is suitable for your brand’s marketing strategy, consider that 88% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

So if you, as a business owner or a marketer working for a business, do not use video as a marketing strategy, you are losing a lot of potential audiences, which can easily be driven to conversion by letting them see your demo video.

But do you need to outsource the video to a creative agency? Or do you need a freelance video editor who can get your task done? What if your budget is too small to approach any of the two? Or what if you are a startup struggling with sales and have almost no budget to outsource the video task?

Can you also craft a demo video to increase your brand awareness and boost your sales with no budget for the video? The Answer is yes, outsourcing the video is optional and for those companies who can afford the freelance and creative agencies.

For those with almost zero budget for a demo video, we will let you learn how you can make a demo video on your own. Here another question arises: to create a demo video, should I be familiar with video editing tools and softwares?

The Answer is if you are familiar, then it’s a plus point. Still, if you are not, there is no need to worry about it as we will make you able to craft a demo video without learning any software or tool and without any prior experience in video editing.

This is where Video Templates come into use. The pre-designed video templates offered by various websites and online video editing tools are there to assist those who have no prior experience with video editing and are not familiar with video editing tools.

Using these templates, you can craft an appealing and engaging demo video that will speak volumes for your brand, increase brand awareness and drive the audience towards sales.

Best 10 Demo Video Templates Websites

In this section of the article, we will explore multiple websites online which offer customizable pre-designed templates using which you can get a demo video for your brand.

You have to pick a suitable template that aligns with the product and niche you are going to demonstrate; once the template is selected, you have to customize it and give it your brand look and feel; let’s dive right in;


demo video templates webiste

Envato is the most popular platform for selling digital assets created by creative people. Their marketplace, studio, and courses are used by millions of people across the world to buy files and to hire freelancers.

Envato Market, a collection of themed elements; Envato Studio, a freelance marketplace; Envato Tuts+, an educational library; Envato Sites, a website builder; and Envato Elements, a creative asset subscription.

Envato Elements is a design subscription service that provides a wide range of design materials. Graphics, typefaces, stock pictures, stock movies, product mock-ups, and other materials.

You can find pre-designed video templates created by designers for your demo video. Its library has thousands of elements ranging from openers, titles, and logo stings to video displays, product promotion, etc.

Best Features:

● Envato's platform has been praised for its user-friendly interface.

● You are no longer limited to stock photos found on Google with Envato. Instead, you can have as many photographs, tutorials, graphics, typefaces, and templates as you want.

● You may discuss what you want and how you want the project to turn out using the in-app messaging function, establish deadlines for your freelancers, and exchange crucial information such as briefs, project files, and documents, among other things.

● Envato has a vibrant and helpful community. If you have any difficulties utilizing the site, you are invited to contact other Envato Tuts+ users for assistance.


demo video templates webiste

TechSmith Corporation is a software firm that creates and licenses screenshotting screencasting and video editing products for Windows and macOS to corporations, educational institutions, government organizations, and small businesses.

The firm is well-known because of its expertise in knowledge sharing in the workplace, software training, customer onboarding, and instructive videos.

TechSmith's main products include Snagit and Camtasia, which are industry leaders that millions of users have used all over the world to create billions of photos and videos. TechSmith products are popular because of their easy-to-use interface, and anyone without any prior experience in video editing can make videos on TechSmith.

TechSmith is committed to provide professional training resources and unsurpassed customer service, and its software optimizes the development of excellent material with minimal effort.

TechSmith is the finest choice for efficient and effective image and video creation in business and academic environments, especially for first-time makers. Using TechSmith Camtasia you can begin with a pre-designed template and with some customization and modifications you can craft a compelling demo video.

Best Features:

● Over 75 additional transitions have been added to make videos more engaging and polished.

● With TechSmith Audiate, you can quickly transfer audio narration back and forth for extensive editing and quality improvement.

● It is now possible to design your elements with such easily changeable attributes in this new version, which is especially significant for branding and teamwork.

● Camtasia's most popular features are the large selection of media clips and objects that can be added to generated movies and readily changed in their attributes.

● Drag and drop it across the clip whose audio you want to highlight, and it will automatically increase the level.

● In the editor, you can get a visual representation of your audio volume levels.

● With the new Motion Blur effect, you can instantly make effects and movement feel smoother.


demo video templates webiste

WeVideo is a cloud-based collaborative video creation tool that is robust and superficial. It is the video backbone for many third-party media solutions, with 30 million accounts created to date.

WeVideo is accessible from any computer or device, whether at school, home, work, or on the go. With safe cloud content storage, users can quickly capture, edit, view, and share videos.

You can create daily videos for Your Brand’s Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok to keep your audience engaged and give them the experience and feel that they are part of your brand via its videos. Premium stock video templates add a professional touch.

You can indefinitely use over 1 million commercially licensed video clips, photos, and music. Without paying for stock each time you publish, you may create once and use it anywhere, forever.

With Wevideo, you can create distinctive promotional videos that help your company succeed. Make an impression with ultra-high-resolution for the most excellent viewing experience on any display.

Best Features:

● Offers a friendly user interface and it is pretty simple to use.

● A large number of categorized templates can be used for nearly any purpose.

● An extensive collection of licensed videos, images, music, and sound effects.

● Creating green screen videos has never been so simple.

● There is no need to download anything; log in, create, and share/export.

● Ability to create groups and manage them fully.

● Small file size and high-quality exports.

Synthesia Video Templates

demo video templates webiste

Synthesia is an AI video maker that lets you make professional videos from the text in over 50 languages without actors, cameras, or microphones. It's ideal for small businesses in need of additional content but unable to engage specialists and individuals who want to create videos for personal use.

It can generate relevant and compelling films by analyzing the content of your blog posts, news articles, and websites. Sign up, choose your AI avatar from over 40 options or make your own, type or paste your script, and download your AI films after a few minutes. Synthesia also allows you to translate your videos directly.

With Synthesia, you can craft a fantastic Demo video; You don't need a studio, actors, video recording, or audio equipment to generate a high-quality video using this AI video generator.

Best Features:

● The Synthesia video creator has an extensive API for creating exciting and impactful videos within the app.

● The Synthesia AI video generation tool turns plain text into a professional video in minutes. It can produce a high-quality video that lasts up to 30 minutes.

● Multi-clip technology allows users to merge many Synthesia videos into a single video without the usage of third-party software.

● It simply takes approximately five minutes to create a unique avatar.

● When making the video, you can choose from the 40 languages available, voice, and accent.

● Synthesia lets you upload and sync your own recorded audio segments with your video.

● Synthesia features its playlists where you may add any song as background music to your video.


demo video templates webiste

Visme is a visual content creation, editing, sharing, and storage platform. It is a web-based data visualization application that assists people and teams in transforming data into compelling presentations and infographics.

Visme is based on the concept of a brand. It provides capabilities for saving color palettes, photos, videos, and other assets for your brand or corporation. It'll be simple to ensure you're using the most up-to-date branding.

Visme comes with many templates and access to many stock images, making it easy for non-designers to utilize and obtain great results. It offers a variety of fonts, free pictures, and icons to let you personalize your content.

To Craft a thrilling Demo video, you can customize video templates by adding audio or recording voice, text, music, and your brand logo within the editor. Users can also add third-party content, select solid or gradient color backgrounds, and upload photographs as backdrops.

Best Features:

● Visme offers an easy to use interface.

● Visme offers a variety of tools and templates that may be used to generate branded content.

● Visme's vast template collection, with hundreds of unique styles dispersed across all content, is one of its most striking features.

● Visme also has an extensive library of ready-to-use graphics that you may use in your content.

● There are practically thousands of icons to pick from when creating papers using Visme.

● You may create truly interactive presentations with it.

● The Presenter studio tool allows you to record yourself presenting a Visme presentation and distribute it to your audience.

● Visme's photo collection, as outstanding as its other assets are, may be the best feature, allowing you to search from a library of millions of stock photos.


demo video templates webiste

Dribbble is a social networking and self-promotion site for digital designers and creatives. It is a design portfolio website and an employment and recruiting site.

It is a leading source of design inspiration and a platform for creative work, and the home of the world's top designers. It serves as a forum for graphic designers, web designers, illustrators, photographers, prototypes, animation, and other creative fields to promote themselves and network.

It's a major creative community platform that connects employers with designers and creative professionals worldwide. Employers and creative professionals can use the online community to post job openings, showcase their designs and projects, and build their brands.

Best Features:

● Easy to use.

● Famous shots, recent shoots, and shots from people you follow are all available.

● You can quickly access your profile and see your favorites and bucket collection.

● To find inspirational designs, use keywords or tags.

● Easily upload your design.

● Browse and curate incredible design work in less time.

● Examine the most recent job openings.

● You can have a closer look at every accessible shot with 3D touch.

● You may share your Dribbble from design tools with the Share extension.

● View the most popular designs from the users you follow.


demo video templates webiste

Animoto is a free and robust video creator that allows you to create and share videos on the internet. It works with practically any device because it is cloud-based and browser-based.

The online video creation software is designed to help NGOs and businesses in eCommerce, photography, education, real estate. Businesses can create and share customizable video content using a centralized platform that includes a music library, templates, fonts, and more.

The software offers quality features using which you can create a perfect Demo Video for a product and share them across corporate websites, blogs, and social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

You can use Animoto to add brand logos, watermarks, captions, or background colors to videos and change their runtime and aspect ratio to meet your needs. You can use the drag-and-drop interface to crop, upload, and rearrange media files and the search function to filter and get tracks based on genres or moods.

Best Features:

● Animoto's key advantages are its ease of use.

● It has compatibility with many devices.

● It has a fantastic Color customization font library.

● You can select music from its extensive library, where 3000 licensed songs are available.

● Animoto offers a variety of customizable templates.

● The user can choose from various themes, modification choices, styles, and commercially licensed tunes to create eye-catching videos.


demo video templates webiste

Canva is a visual design application that streamlines the digital design process.

With a simple drag-and-drop interface that even beginners can use, Canva allows image editing and project-based learning.

It has a wide range of potential applications in the classroom, from group brainstorming to individual project creation. Canva is a free visual design app that lets you make invites, business cards, videos, brochures, and Zoom backgrounds.

You can even use a drag-and-drop interface to upload your photographs and add them to Canva's layouts. It's like having a free, basic version of Photoshop that doesn't require advanced photo editing skills.

Canva has thousands of free, professionally designed templates that can be altered with a few clicks, thanks to its drag and drop interface. Upload your photographs to Canva, drag and drop them into the desired template, then save the file to your computer.

From their vast video template gallery, you can pick the most suitable template, and with little customization and editing, you can make demo videos, marketing videos, company culture videos, and much more.

Best Features:

● Canva does not require any prior experience or that you be a graphic designer.

● It has a simple user interface.

● You can create appealing graphic designs with Canva's database of free stock pictures, icons, and fonts. You may also upload and use your photos in your design.

● You can work with others or form your design team.

● It is an entirely free platform. You do not need to invest in pricey software to produce a professional design.

● Canva can help you create everything from attractive social media posts to infographics and resumes. You can also start from scratch with your creations.

● Canva's drag and drop feature makes it simple to use.

● Canva features a library of over 50,000 templates from which to choose, tweak, and personalize according to your requirements.


demo video templates webiste

Moovly is a cloud-based software platform for digital media and content development.

It is a complete video solution that allows businesses of all sizes and educational institutions to create tutorials or promotional videos using a drag-and-drop interface and a combination of uploaded pictures, videos, text, and voice, as well as customizable templates and a library of stock images, visuals, and audios.

Moovly makes it simple for anyone to make videos in any style they want without needing to be an expert: animated videos, whiteboard videos or any combination of video content.

Moovly is also a highly configurable and secure web platform that can be used as a corporate video tool for businesses, complete with brand libraries, unique colors, fonts, and themes. Using its dedicated features crafting a Demo video is no more a problem.

Best Features:

● Animations and transitions

● Collaboration and workflow

● Customizable Video Templates

● Compatible with Android

● Green screen removal with chroma keying

● Automated Video creation

● Captioning

● User and group management

● Webcam capture

● Screen capture


PosterMyWall is a simple and robust application that allows you to make your marketing graphics and films without a graphic professional. It allows users to install custom fonts and download image and video templates from the system's built-in library.

You can promote your business with great social media graphics, high-quality movies, posters, emails, digital signage content, and more with PosterMyWall.

Anyone can design like an expert on PosterMyWall thanks to its welcoming user interface, 170,000+ ready-made design templates, easy team collaboration, convenient tools like the one-click resize and remove backdrop function, and simple publishing and sharing options.

Best Features:

● Easy to use interface

● Publishing Automation

● Collaboration Software

● Personalized Fonts

● Content Scheduling Content Library

● Post-Scheduling Multi-Screen Support

● Customizable Logos

● Customizable video Templates

● Media Library with Drag & Drop Editor

● Multi-Account Administration

● Remote Display Control


Demo videos are a great way to show your product to potential and current customers. Demo films may show someone unfamiliar with your product how it works and provide them with the information they need to make a purchasing decision.

After reading the above article, not making a Demo video because of a low budget can not be an excuse, as we have provided you ten best Video templates, websites, and applications using which you can also create an incredible Demo video without investing any money, the websites mentioned above have very easy to use interface so anyone without any prior experience in video editing and making can also create a Demo video.