Top 8 Online Instagram Video Editor

David Wilson
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

If you've got an e-commerce business on Instagram, then you must be aware of the changes that have been made on the platform over the years. Do you remember the time when the social network was a chronological feed for only photos? Then your videos or ads are not accepted on the platform for reasons best known to its owner. However, the social network has changed as the number of active users is increasing exponentially. Now you can post videos, ads, and stories not your page. This new development led to the development of Instagram video editor software which is used to enhance or improve the quality of video content shared on Instagram.

There is a lot of this app out there, but this article will provide you with the best 8. Our list is among the most outstanding you can find online. They are available in both paid and free trial versions so you can make a choice. Listed below are the top 8 online Instagram video editors in 2020. Check them out and thank us later.

What are the features of the apps that made us choose them ahead of other video editing apps? To answer this question, keep reading:


This is a web-based video editing software created for animation video makers. It lets you create intros, slideshows, ads, real restate video listing, promotional business video, and more in just a few clicks. MotionDen is free to use so you don't need to break your bank before getting the software. All you need is to visit the official website and hit the download button then start creating your videos in no time. There are several ready-made templates on the app which you can incorporate in your clips.



Here is another free online video editor created for both new and old videographers. It's the intuitive user interface is amongst the outstanding features it possesses. Sharing or posting video clips directly on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo are easy and quick to do. The app supports photo to video conversion, the addition of transitions, music, and texts to videos. With Flexclip you can be sure of creating professional videos with the best aspect ratio. Other features of this app include a watermark, split video, voiceover record, video filters, and effects.



Renderforest is a free web-based video editing tool developed for individuals and businesses. It's an all in one video editor for creating intros, animated videos, logos, and promotional business videos. You can also use this app for the development of professional websites. There are more than 500 video templates from various categories that you can choose from to create your videos. With Renderforest video editor, you can create thousands of videos, websites, mockups, and logos effortlessly every year. Internet connection is all you need to access this app.



If you want to create an amazing quality video intro, greeting cards, and logos, Ivipid video maker is here to serve you. It has many ready-made templates from which you can choose your theme to create stunning video clips. You are allowed to customize your videos by just entering your own text, place a picture or clip, then choose file quality and your videos are set. Ivipid video maker lets you collaborate with your team anywhere around the world as your video content is made available in the cloud. With the Ivipid video maker, you can share your video directly on Instagram, Vimeo, or Facebook.



Biteable is a popular web-based video editing app with thousands of ready-made templates available for you to create stunning video clips. With this video editor, you can make informative explainer videos that educate and convince your customers on Instagram or Facebook. This app is cost less and simple to use. In five simple steps, you are ready to create striking explainer videos that drive traffic and generate leads to your Instagram page in no time. Biteable is the best software you need to striking explainer videos for your brand.


Moovly Studio

This is a simple, but yet professional video editing tool. It works perfectly on all web browsers without needing plug-ins or software downloads. With Moovly Studio, video making is fun. The app lets you create animated videos, convert images to videos, zoom in video clips, and add music or texts to clips. This software has a built-in editor that lets you add multiple elements to your videos. Instagram stories are better with Moovly Studio. Collaboration with a team is made easy with as you are allowed the opportunity to communicate with your team without stress.



Crello is an online video editing program created to cater to all your social media needs. It has more than 3,500 designer templates which can be imbibed in your video clips to improve the quality. Growing business with videos is made easy when you have Crello video editor at your disposal. The app lets you increase brand awareness, get more leads, and convert users without breaking your bank. Both professionals and novices are welcomed to use the app as the user interface is simple and easy to navigate around.



This is an automated video editing software with an intuitive user interface. The app allows you to create professional-quality videos in minutes. Creating YouTube intros, promos, ads, animated slideshows, video explainers, and pranks are fast and quick with the Flixpress video editor. This app is available in both paid and free versions. The paid version is affordable for anyone who is on budget. Flixpress is mostly used by individuals in industries like real estate, academic, event management, entertainment, and more. With Flixpress video editor, you can create videos that Pros would be proud of in no time.



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Now you have the best video editing software to choose from. Which do you intend to use for your next Instagram video clip? I implore you to make the right choice with a budget in mind.