Top 22 Best Free Websites to Download Royalty-free Music

Oliva Eve
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Free & Online Tools

Video marketing considers attractive music track an essential move to grab the audience's attention. The royalty-free music video has the aspect through which viewers think more of your video content and you can easily gather an attentive audience to your videos. There is numerous very famous video content creator who prefers royalty-free music which streaming platforms like YouTube allows them to use in your content.

This technology century has monetizing video content the basic source where people are earning on daily basis. But even a huge production channel may get collapse due to royalty-free music video check. However, some sources just allow you to use theirs by just giving them a credit but still royalty-free music for videos is a concerning factor in the video marketing industry.

This article aims to provide you a stunning soundtrack source where you can get royalty-free music to download and include in your video content.

Wondershare Filmstocks

Wondershare Filmstocks is probably the best store available online which not only provides royalty-free music for videos but also a variety of stock footages with HD quality, copyright-free licensed music, and compelling After Effects animation effects. You can get a variety of free stock files from the hub of media files with modern eye-catchy effects.

Link: Wondershare Filmstocks

Best Feature:

  • The stand-out feature of Wondershare Filmstocks is it comes up with a complete guide on how to download and consume your selected royalty-free music


SoundCloud is a very famous and newest platform of royalty-free music collection. It Offers cloud feature which requires you to create an account before using its services. SoundCloud also enables you to download your favorite royalty-free track from their database cloud server with which you can access it from any part of the world with the better quality ensured.

Best Feature:

  • It also allows live commenting on the tracks in which users can listen and share the voice memos in real-time.


Bensound is a user-friendly online platform to try your favorite royalty-free music for personal as well as for corporate use. With the categories of music tracks mentioned clearly, Bensound provides you a direct download link in order to ease your research for royalty-free music track for your videos.

Link: Bensound

Best Feature:

  • You can try their soundtracks for free if you are using them for personal use, while for corporate purpose, you can buy them accordingly

Epidemic Sound

Established in 2009, Epidemic Sound is a pro-level royalty-free library platform available online for seekers. It is one of the best places to get royalty-free music tracks with a huge library of music of every genre. Epidemic Sound provides the sole reason for video content creator to use their platform as it has production companies associated.

Link: Epidemic Sound

Best Feature:

  • With a 30-day free trial, you can enjoy their music services for free of cost and then buy any on-demand music of your choice


Covering all genres of music, TeknoAxe is a pool of music with more than a thousand of its kinds available in mp3 format. Provided with the FAQ section on their website, TeknoAxe has the new music of new genres every week added to their stock.

Link: TeknoAxe

Best Feature:

  • It provides you a link to the audio track directly associated with the website or YouTube channel of the owner where you can easily get the access or license without any further research

Josh Woodward

With the meta tag Songs for the people who like the things, Josh Woodward is a platform where you can easily get several albums music track to be included in your videos to transform them to the next level. Josh himself is the owner of every music track available on this site where you can also filter the tracks by length and tempo.

Link: Josh Woodward

Best Feature:

  • All the tracks available here are free to use with the sole promotion of giving him the credit of your music track.

With a decent layout of the website, enables redirects you to the tracks page specifically developed for that track. While you can easily download the mp3 format of that soundtrack to use for listening purposes globally.


Best Feature:

  • They have compressed mp3 downloader for each track and allow you to use their tracks with a credit term, while you can also visit it's utterly royalty-free music collection within the website.

Wave Video is a cloud-based royalty-free music library where you can easily find your favorite music to be included in your corporate videos online. They also offer a video editing service with royalty-free music stock to select your on-demand music for video with their hundreds of sound templates available.

Link: Wave Video

Best Feature:

  • You can sign up for free with them and see their guide on how to include royalty-free music to your videos with their online editing platform.


An all-in-one platform, Icons8 with a search to find the facility is an online platform that also offers offline services to use their music stock library. This platform includes thousands of royalty-free soundtracks as well as many more to use for your videos with absolutely licensed form.

Link: Icons8

Best Feature:

  • Enriched with thousands of many more stock items for your videos with a free to use license availability to several stock items including royalty-free music tracks.

YouTube audio library

YouTube, the biggest streaming online platform also provides you with some astonishing and compelling royalty-free music. A wide variety of audio files are available in its Audio Library where you can find some attractive music content that can be royalty-free as well. Just check the selected music copyright status before using it actually.

Best Feature:

  • Available right from the world's biggest music streaming platform, you can easily track your favorite royalty-free music from this channel owned by YouTube.

Facebook sound collection

Facebook, being the fast-growing social media platform along with several other features, now offers a huge collection of music tracks which enables you to choose the one with its owner to be able to use it within your videos so you can have the right of that specific track.

Link: Facebook sound collection

Best Feature:

  • You can use this platform with a Facebook account and can download royalty-free music with the owner's contact information for licensing purposes.

Purple Planet

A local platform from the UK, Purple Planet is a cool interface online platform where you can find numerous royalty-free music tracks for your videos. Despite its locality, this platform has high-quality music tracks which can also cost you well on buying their license.

Link: Purple Planet

Best Feature:

  • All the music tracks from this platform are owned by the website owners only, hence you can easily get their license to use online while contacting the website support.


DogMazic is a huge stock of royalty-free music tracks with numerous quality soundtracks filtered by specifications like Artists, label, and tag as well. You can also get some latest releases brand new music tracks that might concern you for your video masterpiece.

Link: DogMazic

Best Feature:

  • You can directly contact the owners by joining their chatroom via the internal link of the website and get the license of your selected soundtrack easily.


iMesh is a hub of music tracks with about 15 million songs and music tracks with the royalty-free tag included in their online platform. You can also use their mp3 player on site with which, you can listen to your selected song without downloading it for personal or corporate use.

Link: iMesh

Best Feature:

  • iMesh platform also provides you ways to download listen and also share the music track with your colleagues.


Jamendo is a high-quality royalty-free music stock platform where you can easily get your exclusive tracks. This platform has its own music artists and songwriters which has a stunning piece of music tracks available in their stock.

Best Feature:

  • You can easily get in touch with independent artists to customize your music file with an affordable cost and royalty-free license.


NoiseTrade is a platform with a vast search facility to find your wanted soundtrack in order to use it accordingly in your videos. You can also upload your music if you have any to this platform and get featured easily. With the music tracks, NoiseTrade also has a Books section where you can find numerous books.

Link: NoiseTrade

Best Feature:

  • You can select your music genre with the stack of numerous music types available at a single drop-down of this Music section.

Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive, FMA is a platform specially designed for beginners to use their royalty-free music files in their online videos. They have CC licensing conditions which enable you to use their tracks at a free of cost service.

Link: Free Music Archive

Best Feature:

  • Along with the free of cost tracks, it also provides a Safe, Royalty-Free Music section where you can get high-quality music at an affordable price.

Media College

Designed specifically for students, Media College is a free online platform that provides you with a number of free royalty-free music tracks that you can use in your videos to be used globally. You can get more of royalty-free music from this platform if you are a student.

Link: Media College

Best Feature:

  • Media College has absolutely free of cost royalty-free music tracks, but you can check their terms and conditions in order to avoid any future dilemma


With more than a million soundtracks, specifically royalty-free soundtracks, Audiojungle is a platform where you can discover numerous audio tracks containing some high-quality and featured royalty free music files that can outnumber your views to your video content online.

Link: Audiojungle

Best Feature:

  • With a huge number of stocks, you can browse several categories and listen to the music online right from this platform.

Free Play Music

Designed specifically for YouTube royalty-free music, Free Play Music is comprising of over 50 thousand music tracks having licensed terms attached specifically for you to use them accordingly in your YouTube and other platform video contents.

Link: Free Play Music

Best Feature:

  • With their easy-to-use interface, you can listen, save, and edit the quality-track with a one-click enable features online. You can also see the license terms of your selected track directly.

Brainy Betty

Brainy Betty is a presentation specific royalty-free music provider with a huge stock of templates specifically for Microsoft PowerPoint slideshows background music. They have numerous background music tracks you can use for your video slideshows as well as for corporate purposes.

Link: Brainy Betty

Best Feature:

  • Also offers several tutorials of slideshow making techniques in order to include royalty-free music to your video slideshows in an intuitive way.


With a huge collection of royalty-free music for your slideshow videos, TemplatesWise provides you numerous templates for your slideshows as well. They have quality royalty-free music tracks in their background music loop section available at their home page.

Link: TemplatesWise

Best Feature:

  • You can enjoy several music tracks online with a royalty-free music check right from your free account with them

What needs to consider before using a track for background video downloading?

There is a variety of music available for you to download and use in your video to be uploaded online. But there are few factors you should consider before doing so because a copyright claim to the owner of that background music can cost you more than you consider. To help you in this regard, we have stated some key points to note before using a track for background music to your video. Consider the following keynotes:

Creative Common Licenses

Creative common licenses is an online platform comprises of music professional who willingly shares their content with some of them claiming the right while others make it free to use by anyone in order to feature them in credits. This platform is a must if you need to check out if someone has claimed over your background music to avoid any future clash on your famous video content.

Stock Audio

Stock Audio is also an online platform that makes it easier for you to buy the license for your background music track. Depending on the quality and owner's choice, your background music can cost you a well amount if you haven't considered the royalty-free music track licensing before using it actually.

You can also sign a legal agreement contract in order to avoid any future dilemma concerning your background music.


There are online platforms that allow you to use their background music content for your videos to be uploaded online. But there comes a licensing agreement to every music track where you have to pay the owner for using their owned track for your videos. This pay-per-use term genuinely associated with the cost of the required duration of the other's owned music to your video content.

Public Domain

According to this key point, it is an international signatory that states that after 50 or70 years of the creator's death, their work is free to use by anyone without anyone to claim for it. All the classical composers of early ages i-e before the 1950s are included in this category which clearly allows you to use their tracks within your royalty-free music videos.


In this above article, we have clearly explained a wide variety of royalty-free online resources that you handily have access to now. Whether it is a slideshow, corporate content, or personal channel content for YouTube, we have covered every best source of royalty-free background music for you.

However, it would be mandatory for you to consider the viable source as per the four factors explained after the top platforms. These factors have their own importance if you have a huge fan following on your online video content.