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Katsukity Nintendo 3DS Capture Card Review

Alma Elliott
2024-04-18 16:34:52 • Filed to: Screen Recorder Software Reviews

Katsukity Nintendo 3DS Capture Card Review

Note: Katsukity has shut its doors completely but did not give any closure reason. Once the stock lives on by means of Merki, 3DS capture cards will officially be off the market.

So, if you need 3DS capture card alternatives, check this complete guide on Capture Card >>

The 3ds capture card from Katsukity is a way that you can record gameplay footage to share with others or play back yourself. It’s been a common problem in the past to find a way to record game footage from mobile devices such as the 3DS. When you purchase the 3DS capture card you will also receive a document which gives you a special url which gives you the drivers you need. There are lots of features including:

  • Screen separation
  • Inline audio recording
  • 3D mode for replay on VR headsets and 3D televisions
  • Screen size adjustment
  • Fits in any model of 3DS
  • NFC reader built-in for Amiibo

The drivers have to be installed before you are able to use the product, but as they are unsigned you will first need to disable the signature checks on anything above windows 8.

The Katsukity 3DS capture card is slim and thanks to the new upgrade for the 3DS you don’t have to remove the IR port. You must be careful with the micro usb port as it is fragile so can be easily broken if too much force is used.

You can see the unboxing video of the card:

To see the actual footage recorded:

If you have decided you want to expand on the content you record to make it original then the Katsukity 3DS capture card is definitely worthwhile looking into.


The competitor 3DS capture card is the loopy so if you are deciding which to get out of the two read on.

Both companies will happily fit the new 3DS capture card to your device. Katsukity ships from Japan which can make it a longer process than ordering a Loopy card which comes from Germany or USA which means that depending on where you are in the world you may be able to get your 3DS card faster if time is of the essence.

The after sales support is poor with Katsukity with their replies being few and far between, whereas the service you get from Loopy is a lot faster, which is important should you need further help. If problems with the Loopy do arise then you can use the moderated forum for quick response or get in touch for repairs and receive a fast reply from them.

The USB port on the Loopy is a bit more robust so is likely to last longer, which of course means you will benefit from the longevity. On the downside it only fits into the original 3DS so unless you want to go out and purchase a new handset the Katsukity has more flexibility working on more device versions.

The Katsukity is a great 3DS card but both offer a similar experience in video quality. The Loopy does fare higher due to being easier to use and the customer service after sale. You can find out more about both by watching the video below:

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