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Top 30 Most Addictive Games [Popular/Free/Mobile/PS4]

Alma Elliott
2024-04-10 19:38:21 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

Everyone has probably played or seen some crazy games, sucha as Minecraft, or Candy Crush, today we'll introduce some addictive games to get more fun. Here is our top 30 list in no particular order, then a brief intro below with more details.

Part 1. Popular Game

1. Minecraft

It is an adventurous multiplatform type sandbox game where players explore world as per their thoughts. It helps to boost imagination power of an individual so that he/she can develop potentially offensive structures with Minecraft building blocks. So many skeletons, endermen, creepers and zombies use to come out after sunset and players need to protect their structures with strong defenses. With time you will be able to learn the techniques to combine materials to create strongest substances that can lead to intricate structures. Minecraft is really a platform that inspires gamers to be creative and boosts their knowledge with time.

2. Slither.io

Slither.io is an arcade style gaming platform where players need to perform in competition to other online gamers. Major target is to help your snake to grow into much bigger size everyday by eating various light pallets. If your snake touches any other snake in the field then it will be soon exploded into so many tiny particles that become food for other snakes. Players are able to recognize others by their game usernames and top scores are also displayed to boost the spirit of competition among all. The scores can be also shared on social media platforms directly from game home screen.

3. Happy wheels


Here is a bloody arcade game that is not recommended for kids so parents need to keep an eye on what their child is playing. Gamers on this platform keep on riding vehicles, segways and bicycles etc and they have to ride against dangerous obstacles. An accident can lead to bloody chunks on screen where sometimes limbs of the person come out vividly or body may get blown into pieces. Sometimes characters are even forced to keep on playing when they are brutally injured. You can sometime find them dragging their leg behind on game platform. Game levels can be shared among friends.

4. League of Legends


League of Legends is a popular teen rated gaming platform that deals with a fantasy war world. Kids need to develop their teams with some strangers and then they fight against other teams over certain arena type combat. The major goal of every challenge is to kill opponents. The characters are specially designed minions that are derived as per computer commands but it definitely causes lots of violence and blood on gaming platform. However, the size of characters in this game use to be pretty small so blood effect is nearly avoidable. Kids can enjoy various tournaments online.

5. Fallout 4

It is a violent gaming platform where characters play with various nuclear explosives, grenades, swords and guns etc. Game adds more focus on bloody bodies and their exploded pieces instead of hiding them. The story revolves around a character that is in search of his/her missing son and player’s reactions on platform develop all the situations time to time. The gamer can play it like a selfless hero for the residents of wasteland or he/she can turn into a murderer thief who just considers his own benefit on priority. Gamers are able to work on so many challenging concepts over this platform that can be inspired from technological, political or societal stories.

Part 2. Free Games

1. Dirty Bomb

Dirty Bomb is well known downloadable game where players work in teams and they have to act like shooters. The major objective is to kill the enemies that belong to opposite teams. The game platform allow players to select their favorite cards by paying real money so that gaming experience can enhanced with upgradation of augment and weapons. It consists of a voice chat platform where players are able to write about the inappropriate content of this game. It is best for those who are hard core shooter fans and want to face challenges at every next step.

2. Brawlhalla


It is a 2D fighting game where you will find so many great heroes trying to prove who is best among all. Players need to work hard to make their hero best and he must be saved from weapons and deadly bombs. Every hero is allowed to pick one or two weapons at a time as per his own style and then fights are organized to declare winner as powerful worrier. It consists of 17 different characters in all where each one of them is well known for certain specific signature move. You can enjoy challenging tournaments over Brawlhalla platform.

3. Trove


Trove is a class based free gaming platform that leads to too much fun for players. It is having a simplistic storyline where dark forces use to overrun the peaceful groups. Players need to work upon structure creations, they have to collect various items, mine blocks and earn loot to boost their powers. It is something like Mine craft platform where gamers need to work upon collection of resources for structuring furniture or buildings etc. There is lots of adventure hidden at every next step and you will find so many things to learn with each challenge ahead.

4. Unturned


It is a Minecraft inspired advanced art style game that uses the concept of DayZ survival. The focus is on stamina and hunger for DayZ’s blood. Minecraft theme is used for development of colorful and chunky landscape that is scattered with so many military bases, golf courses and towns. You have to find best weapon for your survival and need to develop a strong base with the help of raw materials. It can be enjoyed as a single player type game.

5. Paladins

Paladins is one of the most popular team based shooter type game where players are free to choose their heroes to meet game objectives. With the help of an extensive card system, players can improve abilities of their characters. Teams need to focus on group objectives to meet big challenges so that opposing team can be beaten easily. Game aesthetic is really cool and impressive where strategic approach always wins. The way you rank your heroes for battles will decide your powers and the win ahead.

If you want to learn more about free games, you can check our guide on Best Free Game Websites You Must Check Out in 2024

Part 3. Android Games

1. Fast like a Fox

This game is developed with so many unique features that can add fun to your playing hours. The story is derived from a unknown time where some valuable stuff of fox tribe gets stolen and this task was initiated from some evil forces. Now players need to catch those thieves and solve the mystery about why they have taken away your valuable things. Your character in this game will be of a fox and it keeps on running in search of targets. You simply need to touch your device screen to initiate jumps or to make it run faster. It consists of so many fancy features with 3D graphics.

2. Trumpy Wall


Trumpywall is definitely a funny yet wonderful game where players need to build a huge wall under definite budget. It is important to be fast and vigilant enough so that work can be completed on time. Slow builders will definitely loose the control. There are 32 real life characters presented on Trumpywall platform where the list includes big names such as Barack obama, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, George Washington, Vladimir Putin and many more. You will find it interactive and simple to play.

3. Quicky Charge Extreme!


As the name suggests- you need to charge batteries. Quicker you charge more powerful you will stay in this game. But note that these batteries must hold good charge otherwise you will not be able to cross the level ahead. It is rated as a funny yet addicting game where 400 levels are to be crossed. Android users will definitely love to spend time on this game where you have to apply minimal strategy, all that matters is fun.

4. Square it

Here is one of the highly rated stress buster games that can make your playing hours full of joy. It is designed with impressive combinations of colors and sound where things appear quite relaxing. The idea behind game play is simple yet genius. You have to fill the area with many squares, note that there should not be any empty space left. It will help your mind to develop strategies with time like in puzzle games. You will find the task challenging but still it never causes any stress on gamers’ mind.

5. Missiles


Here you need to control a well established plane with joystick movements. The objective is to collect maximum stars but by staying safe from missiles. New plans will get automatically unlocked as you progress in game. There are so many fast and normal modes and players can use shields to boost their powers. You have to be very sharp in decision making as there are lots of missiles around that can hit you anytime.

Part 4. iPhone Games

1. Hungry Shark World

Players in this game need to control shark and it can be done by killing people as well as various sea creatures. Note that shark must stay in motion all the time and it has to keep on eating. The biggest target of this shark use to be tourist humans. Whenever human beings are attacked by this shark, game produces scream or crunching sounds. Although you can play this game for free but then you have to face so many advertisements. The paid version is free from ads. Hungry Shark World is a big source of entertainment for iPhone users.

2. Geometry Dash Meltdown


It’s a music themed interactive action platform. Players need to navigate a square shaped structured in a very complicated environment that is full of obstacles. For some people this platform may appear too frustrating because just a single mistake can immediately bring you back to initial level and you have to start all over again. Even the easiest level can lead to huge complexities but thanks to the developers that there is nothing related to violence. Kids can definitely enjoy this game for hours.

3. Crab War

It is well known as a clicker game. Here you simply need to click on device screen to move forward to meet your target. You have to stay safe from enemies on the way and it is possible to earn gold by killing them. Players need to deal with damage so wisely and progress depends upon level performance. If you want to improve your damage per second abilities then you must try to unlock the queen. Abilities work like effective power-ups; you can plan things in cool way to progress ahead efficiently.

4. Bottle Flip 2016

It is developed to fulfill the bottle flipping craze of kids and teenagers. Players love to challenge each others for bottle flipping skills and it serves like best pastime for iPhone users. The leader boards are available inside game platform that helps players to rate themselves in comparison to other players. Bottle Flip 2k10 provides just a flat and simple platform to all gamers; you will not be able to choose type of bottles, backgrounds or surfaces. It’s all about simple challenges.

5. PAC-MAN 256 - Endless Arcade Maze

Pac Man 256 is a simple arcade type game that suits to kids as it does not contain any concept related to bloody wars, violence or unacceptable language. It just features a sweet pill popping type binge eater, whenever it is juiced up it starts eating blue ghosts on the way. It is rated as a funny but addictive iPhone game where you have to kill so many ghosts around. Some of these will try to block your path or irritate you by just running in your way. These cartoons can engage you in long hour play.

Part 5. PS4 Games

1. Metal Gear Solid V

This gaming series is well known for complex storyline and adventurous gameplay. It is designed with top notch art work, impressive cinematography and advanced voice adjustments. This game serves players with a serious tone of combat where so many extraordinary characters keep on playing different roles. You will be able to pick lots of advanced armors to play and player’s potential will be tested at every next challenge. You need to boost your abilities with experienced moves but for beginners it can appear something like a nightmare. Game follows pretty serious track at different situations and it also contains some head scratching movements along with collection of weird jokes.

2. Grand Theft Auto V

Here is an action game with lots of violence, alcohol abuse, nudity and extremely coarse language. In simple words it is not meant for kids. Players over this platform perform like brutal criminals that are being followed by police officials as well as gangsters. Women are represents just like a sexual object whereas players keep on drinking alcohol or consume marijuana. Not even a single character of this game can work like a role model. This game is targeted for adult audience and holds minimal educational value.

3 . Bloodborne


Bloodborne- as the name indicates it’s all about bloody wars and violence. Players spend time to control monster hunter and they have to use variety of bladed weapons or guns to kill various creatures on the way. You will find dark red sprays on screen with every hit and screams of pain are raised time and again. There is no doubt to say that every next step on this game is challenging enough and players will get rewards based on their accomplishment. Various online features are added to this platform and it may appear easier to play even for beginners. There is nothing related to smoking, drinking but it also does not contain any positive character.

4 . Titanfall 2

It is a first person type shooter game. As you are going to use so many weapons to kill enemies so definitely it leads to violence on screen. There are so many varieties of realistic weapons that players can use against robots, humans and titan. When you start fighting against human opponents then you will find lots of blood on screen and bodies will get exploded into little chunks. Players need to improve their powers to beat challenges in coming levels. Players can stay connected to other gamers online and matches are played to show off powers to each other.

5 . The Witcher 3

Witcher game is a perfect combination of action and interactive storyline. Players need to play the role of a witcher, a specially trainer worrier who is practicing his skills since childhood. The in game character is able to earn its living by killing various dreadful monsters. It is essential to protect people from such brutal killers and player need to use his power effectively to beat all challenges. The storyline is developed with so many twists and turns where you will find so many tricks to accomplish targets. Game animation is wonderful and players will find lots of choice in role playing at all levels.

Part 6. Xbox One Games

1 . Forza Horizon 3


It is an open world type street racing game and can serve you with adventure if you are looking for something that is inspired from realistic things. It appears arcade like platform where players will love to spend lots of time for meeting targets. Game continuously keeps on encouraging players to boost their abilities. There are so many car crashes but still drivers will not get hurt and hence you will not find blood on screen. Background music is really impressive with attractive animation.

2 . Overwatch

Overwatch is a popular multi player game where players need to work in teams and they act like shooters. Two teams containing six players at all are often developed and then they start brutal fights against each other. This game is availing 13 plus rating because you have to pair up in teams with strangers and kids cannot do that easily. Characters of this game will hold variety of weapons that can range between melees to handguns. Violence is definitely a big part of this game but you will find very rare bloody scenes here. As matches are played online so you may find offensive language usage.

3 . Final Fantasy XV


This game reflects a sequence of fights between new age technology and ancient techniques. The major struggle is to protect a young king and you may have to use so many odd ways to meet your objectives. Although the concept is unique with effective action and innovative game play but it also demands your imagination to grow hard at every next step. There are so many powerful characters inside gaming world and they play like powerful teams. You will undergo so many attacks on the way and need to develop strong strategies to save your team and your own powers.

4 . Gears of War 4

So many surprises and enjoyable stuff- it completes the awesomeness of Gears of War 4 game. This game follows a serious but interesting storyline where three friends enter inside a forest and they are trying to find their family members or friends. These characters are having rich personality and hold powerful armors to deal with problems on the way. A long war is initiated for the sake of humanity and you will find interesting motivation in every character. Animations are really impressive with great sound effects; they make storyline more interesting

5 . Hitman


Hitman allows players to work on high profile type targets with powerful hits. You will have to wonder in different locations over globe. This game provides complete freedom for situation creation to users and the story moves forward accordingly. You have to attack enemies hard to survive and so many in game accessories will assist you on the way. The hitman series is popular among youngsters and they love to spend hours on this platform. Episodes are rated to be interactive enough and every next stage contains adventure. You will have to use variety of weapons in different situations and things may become hilarious sometime. You will definitely find this game challenging and interesting one where animation plays an important role.

Part7. How to Record and Edit Your Gameplay or Live Streaming Video*

As a newbie to being a YouTuber professional in the game or live streaming, you may need a screen recorder to help you record your highlight performance while recording games with high resolution.

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1. Record Gameplay with Game Mode

DemoCreator supports the recording of many popular games like Roblox, Fortnite, League of Legends, Minecraft, Among Us, Call of Duty, Sid Meier's Civilization, and Team Fortress 2, but far more than these.


2. Add Copyright Logo to Your Video

If you're monetizing your videos, you need to be really careful about copyright. DemoCreator allows you to add your customized logo as your intellectual property.


3. Create Intro and Outro

With DemoCreator, you can create a short intro and outro with the game's video media packs. There are many resources like Tech intro pack, game intro pack and pixel block pack, gaming pack, candy dream pack, fancy game pack, heroes packs, knights and magic pack, sailor pack, video game pack, battle royale pack, and the best racer pack in the game media resource for you to select. Add the titles and the text can be altered. You can add your slogan to your video.


4. Add Stickers

Sometimes you will need to add stickers to make your videos fun and attract more subscribers. Then you can consider adding stickers to your video. DemoCreator provides tons of video stickers for life, education, game, gifs and emojis. Life style like rabbit animation, aquatic plants, social media, and Christmas topics, education styles like globe, pencil, cap, greencheck, piechart, hand paint, game topic like boom, ouch, ooops, deal, bang, omg, gifs for social media lead like following, hashtag and more.


5. Export Directly to YouTube

You can export the video to MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, MKV, TS, WEBM, GIF, MP3, and M4A formats, and set the video encoder, resolution, frame rate, and bit rate for video and audio.


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