15 Most Preferred Creative Video Ideas for Business

Alma Elliott
2024-04-02 09:17:52 • Filed to: Marketing Strategy

As we are moving towards a more digital world, the techniques to promote our businesses also need to change. The best way to create a pleasing appeal is to create a video and try to portray your product or/and services. When you get to promote the business, there is a whole range of platforms where you will need to post it to attract the audience. If you are looking to know some video ideas for business, you have landed at the right place.

Just knowing that creating a video will make your business touch sky heights is not enough. You will have to go through the details on the micro-level, and each platform will require you to create a different type of video to portray the service you are offering. We are going to provide you with a few tips that you will need to implement while creating the video for your business and to post it on social media handles.

1. Creating Facebook Cover

When it comes to Facebook, there are quite a few options where it supports videos. There is a place where not everyone knows to post video, its Facebook cover. It's the area where everyone generally posts photos. The algorithm of these apps is changing every day, and it now prefers videos to texts and pictures.

2. Videos for LinkedIn

If you are on LinkedIn, it's not a secret; it loves to have videos on it. As it's a place where the firms and their executives remain active and keep searching for potential clients. In research, it's found out that around 59% of the employers likes to watch videos. You can choose from any template that is present online, which is curated by compiling some best video ideas for business.

3. Social Media Videos

For almost all the social media apps, the algorithm has drastically changed. It is now more focused towards the video content and kind of sidelined the pictures and texts. The content that you are making for these apps should be capable of stopping the viewers to scroll through and makes you able to grab their attention.

4. Sponsored Instagram ads

If you have amazing video skills, the ads can be the perfect place for you to show-off. Facebook allows you to post a short video on both of its Facebook, as well as the Instagram app. There are quite a few templates that you can grab and create an eye-catching content that's specially designed for such ads. Videos are also the best option for short-term promotion, introducing a new product, etc.

5. YouTube Trueview ads

Well, who doesn't know the potential of a YouTube ad? There are quite a few places where you will be able to place the ad. The Trueview ones are quite important ones, and it will appear while streaming and also on the Discovery section of YouTube. Make sure the poster/thumbnail image is clickbait-y.

After social media, it's time to switch to the video advertisements all over the channels. There could be a lot of video ideas for business, and you will need to implement them quite cleverly to make sure everything falls in place. Let's go through some ideas for video ads.

6. Video ads on TV

If you are actually stepped out to grow your business, you will need to have proper funding. By going through multiple research articles, it is concluded that it's 83-85% of business owner's belief that having video ads will do wonders, and it's indeed true. Having a video ad will allow you to explore your creativity.

7. Explain the Idea

When it comes to shifting to the video content for your ads, you will need to widen your perspective and try a range of different formats for better results. There will be a section of your audience who will not familiar with your idea, and for them, you will need to create an explainer kind of video.

8. Explain the Service/Product

These videos will be helpful when you have a new launch scheduled ahead. These product explainer videos will allow your audience to be able to easily connect with your product. You can get some inspiration from the YouTube video ideas for business where you will have to have some concept behind this filmmaking.

9. YouTube Intro Videos

To have significant growth, among all factors, there is one thing that's quite important. It's having a YouTube channel. You will also need to have consistent postings on this channel. The videos that you are filming should be professional, and the intro should be made short and to-the-point. There is a lot of scope to show your creative side.

10. Concept Explainer Videos

If you are going to have a startup, there are very high chances that you have already finalized the concept. The text will never be able to convey the message or showcase the concept that you are trying to show. There are various templates online that you can use to give your thought a film in literally a matter of minutes.

11. Posting Twitter ads

For the businesses out there having some kind of direct approach, i.e., B2C marketing, Twitter is quite an amazing platform to establish the connection. In a study, it was concluded that the video tweet is capable of having 3x more engagements when compared to the text ads.

12. Video Updates for Internal Communication

As an employer, you will need to make announcements, updates, etc. from time to time. A video message/announcement will have a much larger impact, and the employees will also be able to connect more easily. These videos can be related to anything, e.g., financial update, blooper compilation, etc.

13. Making a Sales Pitch

A lot of us gets pretty nervous when it comes to making a presentation while selling a product/service. It can be eliminated to a very good extent by having some videos ready in the presentation. There are various templates to use when it comes to adding an attractive video to your presentation.

14. Familiarizing New Employees

You will need to have an onboarding session whenever you hire new employees, and in these times of Covid, nothing will work better than having an amazing video. A speech from HR will not be able to do the wonders what a video can do. It will be able to convey the message in a much easier way.

15. Video for General Updates

If you are taking your inspiration from the Facebook video ideas for business, you will know the importance of having some short and simple videos to help you with. As a businessperson, you will need to make some announcements related to a new office, pay hikes, employees promotion, etc. These short videos will help you the best.


Just creating videos to promote your business or to make it reach to a wider audience is not sufficient. You must ensure you are putting out engaging and relevant content in the form of videos. What you present or sell or communicate via your business-related video must be relevant to the user you are trying to reach, and these given ideas are sure to help you.