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Undisputedly, the largest video sharing service in the world right now is YouTube, and the internet world sees a video uploaded to YouTube almost every single day. There is certainly a race that goes on among the netizens where they try and create the best content for YouTube. If users are trying to stand out in terms of their content, they will need some level of editing pedigree which a video needs to have. A video that is not edited well can be a major put off and can then enhance the credibility and the viewership for the user.

Some users might have video editing software but there are others who do not have the video editing software however they can edit equally well and create their content in a professional manner. An online free YouTube video editor is present in the form of an intrinsic YouTube editor. This is known as the YouTube Studio. The editor is presently there in Beta and offers a few simple tools for the editing of videos. The tools are simple but can be effective.

A YouTube video creator will vouch for the fact that editing is a major part of content creation and the post-production process, though editing isn't just what appears at the surface but also different techniques and tools which create the best videos possible. Not having proper editing tools, the content which is created runs the risk of being redundant and ignored in the highly competitive world of YouTube. Here we provide some information regarding how the videos can be edited on the intrinsic video editor of the video-sharing service and also provide effective alternatives that can help the user in creating effective videos.

How to Use YouTube Video Editor

The YouTube video editor is a common tool that can be used for editing videos on YouTube. The online video editor free YouTube provides for editing videos works in the following steps.

Step 1: Starting the YouTube editor

youtube channel dashboard

To begin with, the user needs to go to YouTube in any browser they are using however it must be said that the most effective results are achieved in the Google Chrome browser as a few features may not work that well in the other browsers. Users then need to click on an avatar that exists on the screen right and click on the option and choose the YouTube Studio. The user then needs to click the Videos icon which is there on the pane to the left of their screen there is a list of every published video or the videos which are saved as a draft on YouTube. Then the user needs to click on the video which is to be edited and the editor icon is to be clicked after that. This is on the left of the screen.

Step 2: Trim the video's beginning and end.


Then the user has to open the video which is to be edited with the YouTube studio editor. Then the user will have to click on the icon which says Trim and is under the video preview pane. The user will have to drag the blue bars that are there on the left and right edge of the video timeline for determining the ending and starting point of the video. On the bottom of this screen, there will be a bar and there will be a preview icon that is to be clicked. The changes can additionally be made continuously and then the icon which says Edit Trim is to be clicked for the re-entering of the edit mode. The preview pane will then have to be clicked to make a few more changes. Once the changes are done in videos and edits are done, the video needs to be saved by the Save option that is there on the screen at the top. The changes are not allowed to be saved until the Preview button is clicked. The button is on the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: How to cut a section of the middle of a video.

select editing options

The user will have to open the video and then click on the Trim or the Edit Trim option in the Preview video. The user will then have to position the vertical bars in timelines where the edits have to begin. Then there is an icon named Split which would have to be clicked. Once the vertical bars are clicked and dragged across timelines to end the cuts, there exists a dark region which must be visible and determine the places where the video has to be cut. This split can also be fine-tuned by dragging the two bars on the timeline. The preview pane needs to be clicked to implement the change. Once there are changes made to videos, edits will have to be saved and the screen's top has to be saved.

Step 4: How to blur a person or an object in the video

  • The user will have to be opened. This is the video which the user wants to edit in the editor.
  • This timeline has an option to Add Blur and this is needed to be clicked, the user will be opening an old video manager however because the feature particularly is not available in the studio in the beta version.
  • There are options though to edit the text and blur objects too in the video editor for YouTube free online

Alternatives to YouTube Video Editor

The online video editor online free for YouTube videos available in the form of Wondershare DemoCreator can be used as an effective alternative to the intrinsic editor as the YouTube editor doesn't exactly have all the features which other editors have. DemoCreator is the software that is used by professionals as well as other content creators since it provides all the major options which are provided by editors such as splitting, cutting, trimming videos.

Step 1: The new project option which is there on the welcome screen of this software has to be clicked and the editor is then allowed to load. Once access is obtained to this editor, the product will have to be registered by clicking on the register button.

register democreator

Step 2: The user will then have to go to the File menu and look at the Project Settings which is an option that needs to be clicked. The user will then choose the aspect ratio for which the video is to be edited.

Step 3: The corner on the upper left has the import button in the video editor. By clicking on this, the user can select the files which may be needed for importing and navigating to locations where the file has been saved. For importing the image, audios, or videos, the import button has to be clicked.

import media files

Step 4: Import menu has the Instant cutting tool as well which is a tool that can quickly edit all the 4K and larger file vides.

trim videos

Step 5: There are files that can be imported and stored in the tab in the software below the button of import. This makes it easier because it can be difficult to look for the files that have been added to the timelines.

Step 6: The video and audio files are placed then on timelines and the redundant parts can now be removed from files.

Step 7: The footage that is raw contains footage that needs to be trimmed out and is kept mostly as a part of the shooting processor may be as a mistake. The timeline allows these videos to be cut.

Step 8: The unwanted parts can be eliminated in the timeline and there are other functions such as filters and transitions which can be added between clips and using visual effects after which the video can be exported.


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The article features the ways to edit videos using free online YouTube video editor no download by the YouTube Studio version editor and also the editor which can be used in the form of an alternative. YouTube is among the biggest platforms for artists and content creators and even a few other professionals have become the biggest exponent of videos curated particularly for the masses. The difference between good and average content is what makes content perform better than the other. This is where content creators need to take into account the virtues of video editing and focus on making their videos look professional.