Best 5 Game Recorder for PC

Alma Elliott
2023-08-25 21:06:27 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

The world of the internet has made so many new things possible, and as of now, most of its potential lies with the significant growth of new generation software. Lately, there has been considerable growth in the world of video games, and this has attracted many new gamers and streamers who are interested in making content out of the next big thing. However, streaming video games and making gaming content is not as easy as it sounds as it requires skill and a game recorder for PC.

So, if you are new to video game streaming and wish to make some fabulous gameplay for your audience, this blog is specifically vital for you. In this segment, you will be brought to light with some of the best techniques and methods to record quality gameplay to engage more audience and members in your streams. Thus, you are recommended to follow the associated steps as thoroughly as possible.

1. Game Recorder for PC Windows 10/8

If you are new to the field of recording video games to make quality content, you must have heard of the OBS software by now. It is one of the most popular and free game recorders for PC, which streamers have used for a long time. Not only does it provide a great ambiance to record high-quality games for PCs, but it is equally beneficial for those who commit to living gameplays.

Here are the steps in which you can record PC games using the OBS software:

Download the application file for the OBS software from the internet and install it on your PC.

Now, open the software and click on the + sign in the middle of the screen to start a game recording. Choose 'Game Capture' in this case.

obs new capture

The various segments related to 'Game Capture' will appear on the screen, and you are required to choose the options you need in your video.

Choose the option "Capture any full-screen application" in the end.

record games with obs

Now open a game on full screen, and OBS will automatically start recording the gameplay.

2. Game Recording Software for Windows 7

There is numerous PC game recording software in the market, but a lot of the potential and usage rely upon the device and OS you are using. Thus, it is essential to know the best recording software as per the PC you use regularly. For instance, the FBX software is the best choice for a Windows 7 PC. This is why, if you currently own a PC that the Windows 7 OS backs, you should most undoubtedly rely upon the FBX software.

Here are the steps in which you can record PC games using the FBX software:

Download the resource files for the FBX software and install them on your PC.

fbx settings

Open the application and select "New Recordings" in the dashboard.

Now, check the settings and all the aspects you need in your recording and enable them in the application. This includes the camera, microphone, and other components that you require in your video.

record game with fbx

Now, click on the red button to start the recording, and once you are finished, click the same red button to end the video.

3. Game Recorder for PC without Lag

If you do not own a high-end PC that is capable of multi-tasking with maximum potential, then you might end up having an abysmal gaming experience while recording. You will be lagging super hard while recording PC games, which will not be good on your end.

It would help if you remembered that your audience does not deserve poor gameplay with mediocre frame rates. However, ShareX is one such recording software that enables streamers and gamers to record high-quality gameplay while they are enjoying the game, and there are no concerns for lags and frame drops whatsoever.

Here are the steps to record PC games using ShareX:

Download the ShareX application and install it on your PC.

Now, open the application and start with a new recording.

open sharex

This will result in opening a new window that is determined for moderations and preference settings.

Choose the settings as per your needs and make sure to grant permissions to the camera, microphone, and any other external component that impacts your gameplay.

record game with sharex

Now, start recording by pressing the record button. Finally, press the same button to end the recording as well.

4. Free Game Recorder for PC

If you are a console gamer or prefer to enjoy your time with gaming consoles now and then, you can use them to create commendable gameplay and montages. The best aspect of a gaming console is that you do not compromise on the quality of videos, nor do you lag while recording a game that you are playing. Thus, it imposes an excellent advantage for any gamer to record gameplays with their consoles. The Xbox game bar is an outstanding choice for this reason, and it complements the game style of a player since it is highly customizable.

Here are the steps to record games with the Xbox game bar software:

Go to the Start menu on your PC and search for 'gaming.'

Now, ensure that you turn on the feature "Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game bar".

open game bar

You can set up your shortcut keys in this segment and make sure to use the same combinations to impact your recordings.

Now, start a game that you want to video about and hit the combination of keys you had set to start the recording.

record games with xbox game bar

Once you are done, you can hit the combination of keys you had set to stop the recording, and the video will be saved in your PC's memory.

5. Best Game Recording Software for Computer

Most of the time, streamers and gamers undergo massive stress concerning the quality of gameplay they are recording. This is because the default quality of game recorders does not match the expectation. So, you would most probably end up recording videos that are not very high quality and clear. If this is something that you cannot compromise upon, you are highly suggested to try out Wondershare DemoCreator.

The Wondershare DemoCreator is the best PC game recording software that is immensely effective and does not leave behind any grainy impressions upon the output. So, you can be sure to have high-quality videos that are very well-defined and have equally complimenting audio channels, which makes up for great and commendable content for your cause.

Here are the steps in which you can record PC games with Wondershare DemoCreator:

Download the resource files for Wondershare DemoCreator and install them on your PC.

Open the application and choose the option "New Recordings" from the mentioned alternatives.

run democreator

Now, check the settings and all the aspects you need in your recording and enable them in the application. This includes the camera, microphone, and other components that you require in your video.

democreator settings

Now, click on the red button to start the recording, and once you are finished, click the same red button to end the video.

start recording pc screen

Related FAQs

Q1. Will your PC lag while recording games?

Ans. If you own a low-end PC that cannot provide a smooth experience while recording gameplay, you should most certainly software that is compatible with your device. Although you might not get the best quality video for games, you will certainly not lag or lose frames while playing the game.

Q2. Are PC game recorders free of cost?

Ans. Most of the game recording software and applications are free of cost, and some of those are pretty robust and provide a great recording experience. However, you can also invest in a game recording software that charges a fee, as it may give several perks. Although it may depend upon the usage and kind of PC you own, if you find software that complements your gaming setup and can afford its price, you recommend investing in it.

Q3. Is recording games while streaming possible?

Ans. Recording while streaming is a pervasive task, but most of the game screen recorder PC used today can undoubtedly achieve this feat. However, if your gaming setup, and specifically the gaming PC, is not capable of pulling this off, then you are recommended to do either of these tasks at one time. Nonetheless, if you own a high-end gaming PC capable of achieving this feat, you can stream while recording.

Q4. Can you record your voice while game recording?

Ans. Yes, in most of the PC game recording software, this setting is available. However, you might need to turn it on so that the software can access your microphone"s channels and record your voice. Additionally, you are required to permit the recording software to record audio. This would make for great gaming videos as you can include funny commentaries and live reactions for your audience to cherish.

In this segment, we have tried to shed light upon some of the best PC game recording software currently dominating the multimedia scene. With the help of the mentioned tools and software, you can be sure to produce high-quality gaming videos and attain the highest clarity available for your setup. This is primarily to help those gamers and streamers who are new in this field and looking for high-quality game recorders on a budget. So, it is hoped that you can make the best case for yourself with the software mentioned in this blog.