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Top Alternatives to FRAPS for Mac

David Wilson
2024-05-23 11:49:42 • Filed to: Creative Recording Tips

Whether you're a casual gamer, pro-competitor or blogger there are going to be moments on your MAC you'll want to record. This could be for your own personal viewing or to put together a professional show reel – with the rise of video sharing sites such as YouTube the software to record your best gaming moments or step-by-step tutorials is becoming more mainstream. For PC users there's almost no contest in recording software as the industry-leading Fraps continues to set the standard, but if you're using a MAC you won't be able to access this software. Luckily there are a number of alternatives that are just as good.

Top Alternatives to FRAPS for Mac

1. Wondershare DemoCreator for Mac

Wondershare DemoCreator stands out among screen capture software due to its pure simplicity and functionality – it's incredibly easy for everyone to use and has a number of notable features. With 120 fps recording, your gaming moments will be captured in all their glory, while the dual device and picture-in-picture effects allow you to add a second window to your recording, which is perfect for comparison or tutorial videos. The highlight of this awesome package is the built-in video editing suite which most of the competition lacks. This will allow you to make a number of professional tweaks to your videos, such as adding background music, cuts, annotations, and a range of other effects. If you're planning on displaying your videos to anyone but yourself Wondershare DemoCreator comes highly recommended.

2. QuickTime Player

Often considered the go-to software for MAC screen recording, the advantage of QuickTime Player is that it's free and relatively simple to use, making it ideal for recording quick personal clips. Unfortunately, the videos are not as easy to edit in QuickTime, so for anything other than basic videos you'll want to consider downloading additional video editing software. Despite its flaws, it's hard to beat QuickTime Player in terms of pure simplicity, so if you're not looking for anything too complicated give it a chance.

3. Monosnap

Monosnap is another basic application that comes packed with a range of features. It's ideally suited for the casual or family gamer instead of the pros, but the simplicity means you shouldn't ignore it. Monosnap can upload your videos for you, giving you a URL to share which is perfect if you're not using a video site. It's also great for capturing quick screenshots of your playthroughs. The editing software is a little on the basic side, but for ease of use, it's hard to beat. The only real negative is that the maximum FPS is 60, so your videos will lack the resolution of premium packages.

4. OBS Studio

OBS Studio can feel a little opaque to new users. The UI isn't the friendliest and it doesn't come with a lot of guidance on where to start – you may find your first few videos are a matter of trial and error. Despite this, OBS Studio shines as live streaming mix desk that will allow you to create stunning videos from multiple sources – just not with ease. If you'd like to do more with your screen captures then this is a solid option.

5. Jing

Jing may well be the simplest of all the screen capture software out there. Taking a different approach to capturing UIs, Jing uses a sun-shaped icon with three spires – one lets you capture, one looks at your capture history and one brings up a limited options menu. It's really that simple. Lacking any editing software, you'll need an additional package if you want to manipulate your videos. Jing is designed to be used by those who wish to quickly share their videos with friends via email or chat programs. It may not be the best for professionals, but if you're just looking to quickly share your footage then this could be the program for you.

6. Movavi Screen Capture

Movavi Screen Capture is an excellent piece of software that includes the whole package; screen captures from a range of sources and a comprehensive editing suite. Starting with the best features first, the editing tools are up there with the pros and can easily give most solo editing software a run for its money. You can also export your videos in 11 different formats and optimise them for over 150 devices. Despite this, there's no way to export your video directly to social video sites like YouTube or Vimeo, so this will require a separate upload.

7. Snagit

Snagit works much like the simpler capture software like QuickTime Player and Jing, but with a few of the improvements, you'd expect when paying for software. It stores all your captured videos in one place, allowing you to access them quickly, and also has limited editing capabilities, though you won't be able to add in titles or annotations. It's a quick and simple program while being worth the money comes with fewer features than the equivalent paid programs.

8. Screen Grabber Pro Mac

Our final alternative to Fraps is Screen Grabber Pro, another all-in-one offering that despite its simplicity gives you a couple of options for recording your screen. There's all the standard features you'd expect and an editing suite that remains functional, if not the best. Like a few of the previous programs it also has the option of immediately uploading your videos onto social media sites, making it another possibility for social media gurus.