Record PowerPoint Presentation with Audio & Video Mac

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Almost 70% of people put a huge effort to make their PowerPoint presentation attractive and useful. Whether you are creating a PowerPoint presentation for your official work or your personal use, record presentation on Mac offers several benefits.

Nowadays, most of the Tech YouTubers upload their presentation on YouTube to share their ideas and knowledge. By doing so, you can reach more people and allow them to gain more ideas within a short time. A simple presentation with eye-catching colors, fonts, and high-quality audio and video facility can leave a greater impact on the users.

But to upload a video on YouTube or any social media, you have to convert your presentation into a video. If you are a mac user, then you may feel confused about where to start record PowerPoint presentation with Audio and Video Mac. Well, in the below sections, we will describe the same thing.

Here you will learn how to record PowerPoint presentations, including audio, video, and animations on Mac. You can perform these things by using different software that is user-friendly and convenient to use. Enlisted are methods of recording PowerPoint presentation on Mac

There may be thousands of ways to record PowerPoint presentation with webcam Mac. But here you will learn about the two most important ways which provide you with 100% satisfaction.

Record PPT on Mac with QuickTime

Most of us use QuickTime player to watch videos but did you ever know that you can make amazing videos with that? Well, most of the answer will be no! The QuickTime software comes free on every Mac computers.

By this software, you can record your screen and also export those recorded videos and share them on social media. It also allows you to record your audios and edit those videos. It includes a lot of editing functions. By customizing those functions, you can make your video more valuable and attractive.

With this, you can record your entire screen as well as a selected part of your screen. The user interface of the QuickTime player is easy and convenient. For this, you don't have to learn any technical course or something. You can perform your required task by following the user guide easily. In the below-discussed points, you will learn about how to record PowerPoint presentation with audio Mac with the help of QuickTime application.

How to Record a PPT with QuickTime on Mac?

  • At first, open QuickTime Player and then choose file> new screen recording from the menu bar. Then a popup window will appear on your screen. 
  • Click the down arrow on the right side of the window and select your microphone to record your voice. Adjust the volume of your audio recorder.
  • Hit the start button to record your screen. You can cut off the recording at the starting part and ending part. So don't worry if you start your recording from any other screen.
  • After this, the note will appear to click to record the full screen or record a part of your screen.
  • Most of the people want to record a video with a full screen or presentation mode. So, if you want to record a full-screen video, then click on start recording your entire screen.
  • But if you want to record a selected portion of the screen, then drag and select an area of the screen you want to record.
  • Now your screen is recorded. Try to record your screen in one take. Try to make shorter slides so that students can understand it easily.
  • On getting done with it, click the ESC button, so you are able to get out of presentation mode. You can also press command-control-Esc.
  • After this, your video will be saved to your folder. You can play this recorded video on your Mac. If you want to edit some parts in a video, then you can visit the edit section.
  • To trim the beginning and end of your video, click on the edit menu and choose trim from the dropdown list. You can click and drag the yellow line to cut trim off the beginning and end of a video.
  • Click the File menu, click save, and give a name to save your video. The video will be saved in QuickTime or .mov format.

quicktime new screen recording

Trim, Share, and Save your Recordings on Mac

When you have stopped recording the video, you will be able to get a video thumbnail, which is appearing on the right side of your system.

  • Click on the thumbnail so you can open the recording. You can click on the trim option for trimming the video and click on the Share button so you can share it.
  • You can move your recording to any other location, for example, documents, trash, or any drive. By doing this, you can change the save location.

quicktime recorded presentation

Change the QuickTime settings on Mac

You can change the settings on your QuickTime application on Mac as per your preferences. Save to You can save your video in any location as per your need, such as desktop, Documents, etc.

  • Timer: Here, you can set the timer when you begin the recording. You can set it in 5 seconds, 10 seconds, etc.
  • Microphone: For recording your voice that too with the screen recording, you can opt for a microphone.
  • Floating thumbnail: You can also enable or disable the option if you feel like showing the thumbnail or not.
  • Remember last selection & show the mouse clicks: You can also set the option to remember the selections that you opted for the previous time. Here you can also enable or disable “Show mouse clicks” option.

Some major things which you should remember during this task

  • All the recorded videos recorded by QuickTime automatically saved by the name “Screen Recording date at”.
  • You can open all the recorded videos with QuickTime Player, iMovie, and other applications. Because apps like DVD player doesn’t support the videos. 
  • By following the above steps, you can easily complete your task with QuickTime, but there are some limitations to this. We will talk about an alternative to QuickTime player, which is far better than this.

Use an Easy Mac Screen Recorder

You can record a presentation on your Mac, with the help of an easy Mac screen recorder. By this, you can get rid of all the issues which arise on the QuickTime player. But before that, let’s discuss the limitations of QuickTime.

Limitations of QuickTime player on Mac

  • When you compare QuickTime with other screen recording applications, then it has less additional features.
  • If you want to add some videos and audios on your recording, then you have to install some extra codes manually.
  • It doesn't support any playback system, especially for AVI & FLV files.
  • To run this software smoothly, a user has to install the Bloatware application. This application takes so much space in your system and also causes some problems for other software.
  • The recorded files by QuickTime player is very large, so it takes a lot of time to download a file.

Other than these, you may feel some other issues while working on it. But which one is the best alternative of QuickTime, which doesn't have the above-discussed limitations on it?

Well, have you ever heard about Wondershare DemoCreator? Yes! Wondershare DemoCreator is the best alternative to QuickTime application. To learn how it is best compared to QuickTime or how to record presentation on Mac, let's continue this topic.

WonderShare DemoCreator is a one-stop destination for those people who are beginners. It is a blessing for all those people who want to start their career in content creation and video editing. Most of the professional YouTubers use this application for recording and video editing. With this, you can easily create and upload the tutorials, product demos, gaming tutorials, and many more.


With this, you will get an easy video editing experience. Anyone can use this application like a pro by following the guidelines. This is the best screen recording application you will ever feel about. With Wondershare demo creator, you can create a video with a professional look. It includes various functions such as easy to navigate interface or user-friendly interface.

With this, you can record all the activities of your Mac. Here you can also record PowerPoint presentations with an audio mac. After recording and editing your videos, you can easily upload them on Youtube. If you are a beginner, then it took a few minutes to create a demo. By taking a couple of seconds, you can record, edit, and share the videos with everyone.

Presentation Recording with DemoCreator

  • To record your PPT on Mac with DemoCreator first, you should launch the software. You can start the process by simply clicking on the "New Recording" button.
  • After this again, a small window will pop up on your screen. In this step, you can adjust the size of your screen. You can choose the full screen as well as you also choose a part of the screen.
  • You can also customize the microphone, webcam, and your system Mic option. By this, you can record a video directly from the in-built camera.
  • After selecting the recording area, start capturing the screen. Use F10 to start your recording. To pause your recording, press F9. By pressing the same key, you can resume it also.
  • When you stop the recording, then it will take you directly to the edit window. By the use of the editor, you can edit your recorded video easily.

democreator record presentation mac

By following the above options, you can easily create, record, save, edit, and upload any of your videos through Mac. By this, you can enhance your video quality. There are plenty of features that will force you to use this software.

With this, you can also take screenshots while recording your videos. You can give your voice over and amazing transitions with that. In the below section, some more amazing features of WonderShare DemoCreator are discussed, which may help you in the future.

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The Bottom Line

If you are a tech expert, then you need various recording and editing software daily. The above-discussed software will help you to perform better. If you are a Mac user, then the above-discussed points will be for you. You can use the Wondershare DemoCreator application on your Mac free of cost and record your presentation.

By reading the above points, you can understand how Wondershare demo creator is helpful for you and how you can record ppt with the help of this tool. If you also want to try such tools, then grab this opportunity today by downloading and installing this application on your Mac.