Easy Way to Make YouTube Intro Videos

Alma Elliott
2024-04-02 09:16:39 • Filed to: YouTube Creative Ideas

For a content creator, it’s quite difficult to keep his/her audience engaged. The creators on YouTube or any other streaming platform that offers them to create content for their viewers, make use of multiple aspects like intro, outro, annotations, graphics, animation, etc.

The most important aspect of a video is its intro as it will be the first thing that your audience sees and will also makes the first impression. There are various software applications available online where you are able to create impressive videos.

Now, this can also be done without any professional editing skills. So, how to make YouTube intro videos? Well, as a creator, you must try to keep the intro short and simple so that it can translate the genre of your channel.

You should also use high-quality animation along with the track that goes with the theme. Also, it will leave a memorable impact and the viewer will remember it. Also, try to avoid the most common of the templates that are available and are generally used by every other person. Here is a quick guide on how to create a intro for YouTube videos:

How to Make YouTube Intro Videos Free

Now, coming to the actual implementation, the very basic thing that you need to understand is that no matter how little or big your audience/viewership is, you must never compromise with the video quality.

A creator should focus on to make intro video for YouTube channel so that it can last with the viewers once they see it. When it comes to intros for your channel, you must always try to keep it as short and straightforward as possible.

Not only it will give your video a professional and high-quality look, but it will also add your channel theme into your videos. The viewer should not need to go back to your channel to find out what's it about, the intro/outro clips should be able to deliver it smoothly. We all know how fast the YouTube audience is growing and the business houses are also getting to know about the potential, that's the reason you are seeing so many “influencers” these days.

Wondershare DemoCreator: Creators' first choice

When it comes to executing the idea of the intro that you had in mind, you will be needed to pick the right kind of software application. We recommend using the best-in-class Wondershare DemoCreator.

It's a free software where you will get a number of tools that will help you in giving your intro the best look. When you will step out in the market, searching for one, there will be a range of options that you will see. However, it will be quite difficult to choose one that’s as versatile as the Wondershare one.

democreator interface

The all-in-one approach that’s been taken by the developers here will allow creators to have just one place to do everything they want with their YouTube intro.

Here, we are going to discuss the complete how to make a custom intro for YouTube videos process that you have pictured in your mind. We are going to jot down the steps and features you will get here, to implement them in creating an intro will totally be dependent on your creativity and how you can make your intro look unique even when created on the same application using the same tools.

How to Record using DemoCreator?

The application will allow you to record the screen in FHD settings. It will give you the flexibility of recording the animation for your intro. The application also supports a number of formats in which you can export these recordings.

The process is quite simple and easy, we are going to jot down the steps in detail. 

  1. When you launch the DemoCreator application, there will be a dialog box prompting you to choose Capture or Video Editor. As we are going to discuss the recording here, you will need to click on the Red dot that says Capture. 
  2. You will then again be greeted by another dialog box where you will need to select the recording configuration.
  3. Once everything is set, it's time to record. Hit the Record button and it will start capturing on the count of 3, 2, 1. Here are the shortcuts you can use to easily operate the application:
  4. As soon as the DemoCreator will stop recording, it will take you to the in-built editor where you will be able to create a YouTube video with professional look. 

Some Additional Features

Apart from these features, Wondershare DemoCreator has also some other features to offer. These features will help you with the intro in one way or another. 

  1. The application will allow you to take the screenshot right from the editing interface. These screenshots will help you with creating the right and intuitive thumbnail for your video. 
  2. Another feature that a majority of creators use to give their intro videos a personal touch is to add a dramatic voiceover. The application will allow you to add a professional mic for better audio. 
  3. When you are using multiple clips, you will need to have smooth and quick transitions so they can add a professional and eye-pleasing appeal to your video. 
  4. The cropping and splitting will allow you to add pictures, videos, animations between a single file by splitting it into as many parts as you want. It will also give you the ability to explore your creativity. 

What makes a good intro video? – Factors for the checklist

A minimalistic intro will fetch your video to a whole other level and it will also help you in keeping your audience engaged. You should never try to put everything in the intro; it will take away the professional quality. Focus on emphasizing your brand and introduce the video topic in seconds. It can be done by keeping the following points in mind. 

Reflect your brand: When you ask yourself the question “Why am I creating an intro?,” you will be able to find the answer on your own. The primary purpose behind it is to give your video a medium to link it with your brand. It will not only impact the viewer in terms of a professional video but will also leave a memorable impression for your channel/brand.

Having the right intro where you are able to showcase your brand in a couple of seconds will give you the ability to enhance your video quality drastically. The intro that you are creating should remain the same for all your videos; otherwise, it will give quite a negative message in terms of professionalism. 

Creative: For the intro to be most effective, you will need to free your brain horses to find something as creative as possible. There are a number of channels being created every day and if you are unable to bring the uniqueness to yours, it will become quite difficult for you to grow. When you will unleash your creative side, you will unquestionably be able to produce unique content that will not match anyone else’s idea.

There are various online and offline applications you can choose from to create an intro. These applications will give you a number of templates to work on and you will be able to tweak/design them according to you. 

Keep it short: No one has time these days to sit and watch your 1 or 2 minutes of the intro. The viewers will skip the intro as soon as it passes the time frame of more than 15-20 seconds. It’s the limit you should keep in mind while creating an intro. By keeping it short and simple, you will be able to focus on the things that are necessary to mention, i.e., your brand and topic.

You can also give a touch to add what your brand is about and it can be easily done by adding your tagline. If you are finding it hard to bring less than 15 seconds, you can search for the short intro templates and get some ideas of your own from there. 


We have tried to include each and every aspect that one might need when it comes to creating a perfect intro for your video. Apart from choosing the right colors and theme, the most important aspect is music; I am reiterating it because it can be a turning point for a viewer to skip your video.

Wondershare DemoCreator, as one of the best YouTube screen recorders, will allow you to tweak everything including the sound levels. For an intro, you should use stickers, animations, png files, to bring the viewer attention to the genre your brand/channel is about. Also, don’t keep changing the intro every now and then as it will have a direct negative impact on your brand. It’s time to wrap up and we wish you happy filming and creating!