How to Make YouTube Video Content

Oliva Eve
2024-04-02 09:16:39 • Filed to: YouTube Creative Ideas

In this article we are going to learn how to create YouTube video content. Everything has a foundation which ultimately determines how long it is going to last. The content you produce for your channel is the basic ingredient for your channel's success. Since more people these days want to learn through videos so your creative content for YouTube video is of prime significance. This is crucial as it will let your visitors decide whether to follow your channel or not. The better the content the more audience it will attract. It will help you grow your online community.

The best thing about YouTube is that its slogan says `Broadcast Yourself’. This indicates that anyone from any part of the world can post videos and make themselves recognizable to the world.  There is a wide variety of videos that exist on YouTube. They include vlogs, short films, unboxing, skits, shopping hauls and the list goes on and on. People may also publish their instructional videos like tutorials and step by step guide videos. They can also upload Do It Yourself (DIY) videos. Due to this huge number of YouTube channels it leads to more competition. This means that you have to search and make such content that is more attention-grabbing. People who know how to make a YouTube video will attract the viewers more.

Here we are mentioning some important points on creating YouTube videos. Then it will catch most people's eyes and be successful for your channel.

1. Create a Video Strategy

How to make a YouTube Video requires you to create a video strategy. This involves to do some research and brainstorming. Take some time deciding what kind of topic should be selected for your video. Try to find a burning issue for which people are looking for information. Herein below are a few tips to help you create a video strategy

  • First and foremost the title of your video should be eye catching and interesting. Keep the title short and informative.
  • Use keywords in the description box and also give a link to your blog. Make sure to use tags in a correct way with a variety of keywords. You should plan according to your video content. For example what people might be searching for while watching your video?
  • Link-building, the number of links that lead a viewer to your video, is also an essential aspect. It is important for keywords rankings in the search.
  • Thumbnail plays a vital role in attracting a large number of audience. It should be engaging, colourful, high quality and striking.

2. Find YouTube Topics

Making a successfully YouTube Video is dependent upon finding the right topic. Right topic at the right time is a key to your success. Your focus should be on the user intent. Keep looking for what people want to see and what they are interested in. For Instance, Coronavirus Pandemic is a hot issue these days for which people are interested.

  • Keyword research is another method to tell what people are searching for. In this way you will know what the people are looking for so you can pick a topic from that.
  • Always define your niche in order to make a creative content for YouTube. Instead of going for random topics stick to your niche. For example if your niche is fashion then you will be making videos on fashion. You will not have to make videos on other areas like politics and weather etc. By defining your niche you will get ideas about your videos, and build a loyal community.
  • Another way to find a topic is to talk about contemporary issues. Controversies happening around and world conditions are also great topics to work on. A great way to learn about this is social media like Facebook, twitter and Instagram. You can see what’s trending and talk to your audience about them.

3. Write a Script

It is highly recommended to write a script for your video. The script can be the outline for the video which you will create. It is an efficient way to follow steps and work in detail. Think of the important aspects that you will add to your video. For instance, how to commence, what to say in the middle and how to conclude. Writing a script will save your time and energy. You can create a template for your script and use it to make your videos. By writing a script you are bringing consistency in your videos. Although the content is different in each video, the basics of your video will be consistent. Your audience will know what types of videos they will be expecting. Following are a few tips to write a script efficiently:

write a script

  • Start with a brief
  • Introduce yourself and/or the topic
  • Segregate the script into several sections
  • Use proper call outs wherever required
  • Be concise

4. Record Videos

Once you have completed the pre-production tasks you are set to go for recording your video. There are several methods to record your videos. They include webcam, your mobile device, cameras or tools like Wondershare DemoCreator.

  • Webcams are the best option when you are recording yourself. It adds a personal touch to your videos. If you are doing a tutorial then webcam is the right option to use. Simply use YouTube webcam capture feature to record a video.
  • Mobile devices and cameras are the most convenient way to record content for YouTube. As you carry them with you so it’s easy to use them whenever required. There is YouTube mobile app that allows you to directly upload your videos to YouTube.
  • There are many professional tools available for creating YouTube content, one such example is Wondershare DemoCreator. This tool has pretty easy methods to edit you videos and make YouTube screen recording. You can cut, clip, and crop your videos effortlessly. It can be used to make tutorials, demo, and documentaries.

5. Edit Your Videos

If your videos are properly edited they will achieve a high number of likes and views. Editing plays a vital role in how to make a successfully YouTube Video. Setting your camera at the right position and angle will make your video appealing from the start. There are many editing tools available, some of them are Nero Video, videostudio, Filmora from Wondershare.

  • During editing make sure to add sound effects.
  • Don't forget to add title and introduction.
  • Adjust the volume of video. Mute all the other sounds if you are doing narrations so it is heard clearly.
  • Adjust the brightness and lighting in your video, do colour correction where needed.
  • In this way your video will be edited and ready to watch!

6. Upload And Share Your Work

If feel confident about it then it's time to upload it on your YouTube channel. The process of uploading video is pretty simple. Thanks to YouTube that you will be able to do it with so much ease. Following are the steps involved in uploading your video:

upload work to youtube

  • Open your YouTube account.
  • Click on the video icon on the top right side of the window.
  • Click ‘Upload Video.’
  • Next, click ‘select files to upload’ and locate your video file saved on your computer. You can also drag it into the window.
  • To have more viewership the video should have an interesting topic, good description and tags.  Now fill out the following sections:
  • Give your video an SEO friendly title. In this way it will be more easily discoverable through search engines.
  • Write a description to enable the people know what your video is about before watching it.
  • Add tags to your video which are an important factor used to discover your video.


In the recent years the increase of Vlogging culture has immensely increased. In addition, the use of videos for educating learners and demand for marketing has also increased. It has led the people all around the globe to feel the need for online presence. YouTube is the best option to let the people know about you. You can increase your acquaintances with your online community with ease. It is beyond any doubt that YouTube videos are one of the most convenient ways to express yourself. It helps you show your concerns on current affairs, educate others and promote your business. You can also opt to be a YouTuber as a part-time/full time job. If you think that your presence needs to be felt by the world you should go for it.