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ShareX Review and Alternatives

David Wilson
2024-04-18 16:35:28 • Filed to: Screen Recorder Software Reviews

If you are looking for reliable and efficient screen capture, productivity, and file-sharing tool, ShareX is an excellent tool to choose from.

As the name implies, ShareX got one major focus and that is to allow you to quickly and efficiently share images and screenshots with others by providing you the essential tools to be able to take instant screenshots and also to upload your photos to image host easily and conveniently. This exclusive program actually resides in your personal computer as background processes and can be operated with some easy hotkeys and if you require speed OR, you can use the dashboard in handling all the images you take.

ShareX features

  • Multiple Capturing Modes. This does not only do full screen captures but also captures currently chosen windows, free-drawn capture shapes, one particular monitor in multi-monitor set up, and more.
  • Automated Capture-This feature allows users to take some screenshots at regular intervals. This is a useful feature especially if you need time lapse on activities.
  • Screen Recorder-If you are in need of reliable and functional screen-recorded videos is an ideal pick. Users can easily choose a spot of the screen and then have it recorded outputting video files or animated GIFs.
  • Other features-Other impressive features include multiple upload options and methods allowing users to upload screenshots recently taken and upload directly from clipboard, file or upload directly from the files right-click menu on Windows Explorer and last but not the least feature are the multiple upload services where images are actually uploaded to Puush’s servers. ShareX guarantees that you will not be stuck to using one particular image host.


The Best of ShareX

ShareX got plenty of amazing features such as multiple upload options, a screen recorder, different capturing modes, and more but the best thing about this program is that it is a good screen capture tool. This is indeed a great screen capture tool which you can use to easily employ to quickly and efficiently share files. You can even use this for your blog. The ultimately powerful part about ShareX is capturing images and making quick annotations and then use these for your blog

ShareX is an exclusive open-source program noted for the amazing things it can do. At its very core, this makes file sharing a lot easier. This got out of the box reliable support for numerous image hosts, sharing hosts, and many more. Another good thing about ShareX is that it makes it easier for you to play with images.

Users can also capture application/screens windows on varieties of shapes with no shortcut keys. This program internally utilizes the Greenshot image editor in order to annotate screenshots and then obfuscate, blur or crop them in parts. Once you’re done with annotations, ShareX can upload your images automatically into your most favorite image host or to Google Drive. Everything tends to be configurable and this is also one of the best parts about ShareX.

Best Alternative of ShareX

Just in case ShareX is unavailable, there are the best alternatives to this program. These include the following:


Snagit is proven to be a powerful screen capture tool offering more than standards built-in options with majority versions of the Windows while at the same time, allowing a better deal of editing and customization after you have snapped you exclusive images. This is a perfect tool for individuals who compile tutorials regularly or create software or website reviews.

Snagit is easy to use and powerful screen capture software, but not free to use, cannot edit the recorded video after recording. This is indeed one of the best alternatives to ShareX especially when it comes to functioning as screen capture and recorder. With Snagit, you can effectively enhance your images with notable effects.

Snagit also offers ideal ways on how to create and then edit screenshots or even record videos to showcase complex processes, provide comprehensive feedback, and share imperative information with individuals who needed it the most. This is more than just a snipping tool. With Snagit, you can edit and customize every screenshot with reliable and expert quality markup tools. You can trim parts of your recordings or you can convert videos into an animate GIF.



Another best alternative for ShareX is Filmora. This makes video editing simpler and allows users to create amazing videos. One of the best things about Filmora is that it has a wide range of more powerful editing tools that users can use and take advantage of. Also, the recording feature is free for any users. Filmora introduces two new ways of editing through action cam tools and instant cutter. Moreover, the delightfully intuitive and amazing designs of Filmora make it easy for individuals to create great videos.

Wondershare DemoCreator

The last recommended alternative for ShareX is Wondershare DemoCreator. The DemoCreator is a new screen recording and video editing tool from Wondershare, which is pretty easy to use but powerful.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use, drag and drop interface
  • Record voice-over, webcam, pc screen
  • No limit to screen recording time
  • Powerful editing features for education videos with numerous motion element templates for annotation and even effects collection specially designed for educational video

So if you are looking for the best alternatives of ShareX, Snagit, Filmore, and Wondershare DemoCreator are ideal choices you can take.