How to Loop a Video in Wondershare DemoCreator?

David Wilson
2024-04-18 16:38:45 • Filed to: Basic Editing Tips

One of the most significant advancements of technology is presenting our ideas visually, i.e., through a video. With time people have come up with unique ways to edit and create videos. One of which is loop videos.

Loop videos are the trendiest videos these days and are an excellent attraction for the Millennials and Gen Zs. Such videos put quite an emphasis on the topic that it is portraying by repeating it continuously. In some entertainment video also often appears in this kind of short loop video, very interesting. And this article will explain how to loop a video in the Wondershare DemoCreator program and discuss the unique features.

Part 1: How to Loop a Video in DemoCreator?

Read this article to learn the easiest way to loop a video on Wondershare Democreator, as it is undoubtedly one of the best video editing and screen recording programs.

Step 1: Download Wondershare DemoCreator Program

To use the DemoCreator, you have to install it. For that, go to the official website of Wondershare DemoCreator. Click on the "Free Download" button, and your downloading will start automatically. Double click on the .exe File and follow the instructions side by side to install it. After launching the software, you have to register.

For that, you can either go to the Wondershare account center or click on the top right corner icon of Wondershare DemoCreator to create an account by clicking on the "Create an account" option. Initially, you're offered the free trial version, and you can enjoy all the features in DemoCreator free trial version.

Step 2: Record or Import Video

To record your files, open DemoCreator and go to "New Recording." You can select your desired recording parameter like screen region and frame rate settings in your screen set up, microphone settings in audio set up, webcam and resolution settings in camera set up, and file settings and hotkeys in advance set up.

To record the screen, press F10 or click on the "Start Capturing" option, and it will start recording after 3 seconds. To stop the recording, press the F10 again (your recording will be saved and uploaded in the media library automatically). To pause your recording, click on "Pause Capturing" or press F9. The recorded video will automatically open in the DemoCreator video editor.

There are another two methods available to import your files. First, open DemoCreator, then click on File and select "Import Media Files" or "Import a Media Folder" from the submenu. You can also go to the Media Library Panel and left-click on the Import icon and choose "Import Media Files" or "Import a Media Folder."

Step 3: Edit your Videos

You can see four window operators in the video editing interface, out of which 2 are the media library and timeline. After you have imported or uploaded your media files on the DemoCreator, you can add the media files by either dragging files to your timeline from the media library or right click on the media file and select the "Add to Timeline at Playhead" option. Once your video file is on your timeline, you may start editing it.

Now comes the question, loop your video in DemoCreator, cut a specific part of your video, and copy it. Paste it, and your video will loop. To continuously loop your video, you can copy and paste that specific part of the video as many times as you want to.

Step 4: Save the Result in Any Format

Once you're done with the editing, you can save your loop video in MOV, MP3, or MP4 format. You will be given an option to name your File and keep it in your desired location and desired format. On the same window, you can make changes in the video resolution, framerate, bitrate, audio channel, and audio sample rate, etc. Moreover, you will also have an option to upload the video on "YouTube."


Part 2: Benefits of Wondershare DemoCreator

With its incredible performance, Wondershare DemoCreator has given tough competition to other software. It comes under the Top 50 best software because of the fantastic features that it offers.

Screen Recording

DemoCreator is widely famous for its "Screen Recording" feature, and it is used by a large number of people, including vloggers, teachers, office employees, etc. This software provides you ease and flexibility in recording on-screen activities allowing you to record your voice simultaneously. You have to click on the big red button, which will appear as soon as you open DemoCreator, to start your screen recording or capture your screen. Moreover, it offers you multiple features to customize your screen recorded files, like setting the frame rate, audio, screen size, etc.

Video Editing

DemoCreator is one of the best video editing software. It helps the user create professional and interactive videos without any hassle as everything is available on one platform easily. It offers not just basic video editing but advanced editing features as well. Like audio denoise, playback resolutions, PIP mode, hotkeys, freeze frame, cursor effects, transitions, animations, annotations, audio fade in and fade out, and fast export, etc.

DemoCreator is not just software but a platform where you can unleash your inventiveness and enhance your skills. It is a great tool to turn your ideas into reality and share it with the world. It is also a great video loop software that allows the user to loop video for free as many times as the user wants to.


DemoCreator offers an amicable and easy-to-use graphical interface that a professional and an amateur can use without any trouble and is available for both windows and mac. Users can easily capture their screen and edit their videos simply or professionally. Users can either export their files to their desired location or upload them directly to Youtube. It offers advanced features and effects that too at a meager cost.

DemoCreator is one of the best tools to make tutorials, professional videos, record lectures, presentations, vlogs, gaming videos, etc.

Webcam Feature

DemoCreator allows the user to make their videos using a web camera while capturing the screen and recording the audio, all at the same time. This feature is used primarily for presentations, educational videos, gaming vlogs, etc.

When using a webcam to record your videos, you might need a green screen effect to change or drop your background. This fantastic feature allows you to make professional videos no matter where you are, as it will completely edit your background. The green screen effect is one of the advanced features of DemoCreator. It is a fantastic tool used during the video-making process.

Audio Feature

DemoCreator not only provides video editing features but unique audio enhancing features too. It allows user to record their live voice while capturing the screen with or without turning the webcam on. This fantastic software is built so that it records your voice so that it is perfectly audible to the other person. However, if you don't plan to record your voice, you have an option of "Mute."

It also offers features like "audio fade in and audio fade out" that add and effect of gradually increasing or decreasing the volume of your voice in a video. Another fantastic feature of DemoCreator is "Audio Denoise," which removes all the background noises to make the audio sound clear and easy to listen to.

Real-Time Drawing

"Real-Time Drawing" feature is convenient for those giving live presentations or recording their presentations, making training courses, educational videos or live lectures, etc. This feature is available in the settings, and it further comes with a toolbar with multiple other options. Through this feature, the user can visually explain his point, and it makes the presentation more engaging and exciting to the viewer.

The user is given multiple colors and pens, and he can choose whatever he likes to highlight his point or draw any diagrams, lines or symbols, etc. This feature is mainly used in educational institutions by teachers or in-office meetings or vlogs.


DemoCreator is one of the best software when it comes to screen recording and video editing. Its wide range of features has made its mark in the world of tech and proved its worth. It is worth every penny.

This program has made looping a video on mac or pc very easy for everyone. Just follow a few simple steps, and you'll be able to make your loop videos in no time. That was all from our side, and we hope we have efficiently covered our topic of interest, how to loop a video, in this article.

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