Basic Editing Tips

If you want to do some basic editing,, such as crop, cut, rotate, add video opener and ends, you can follow the below guides.

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How to Resize Videos in Wondershare DemoCreator?

Resizing your videos is quite important – especially when sharing it with other platforms. You may want to attach it to an email, share to YouTube, or other social media like Instagram, and Facebook. In such cases, your video should be either compressed or made smaller to fit certain requirements. Dive through this article for three ways to resize your videos using the recommended tool – Wondershare DemoCreator. But first, let’s have a sneak peek of what this tool is made of.

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-16 21:20:53
Top 3 Video Editor with Free Intro or Outro Template

Here we have enlisted the top three of such top-rated tools with video intro templates after-effects which will hold your audience to stay to your videos until the very end outro finishes utterly. Find out more here.

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-17 08:39:08
Top 6 Video Watermark Remover for Desktop/Online/Smartphone

This article will explicitly discuss a range of video watermark remover software that can be utilized by the user according to their requirements.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-17 11:48:29
9 Best Free Video Editing App for Android

In this article we will provide information about the best free video editing app for Android. Read below to know more.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-17 11:52:04
How to Export iMovie to MP4

This step-by-step guide concludes how you can opt for iMovie export MP4 process and do it yourself instantly. It further involves exporting iMovie using QuickTime and Wondershare Democreator as an alternative option to enhance the overall video output quality.

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-09-17 12:08:08
How to Trim a Video/Audio or Image Clip with Wondershare DemoCreator?

The Wondershare DemoCreator is a state-of-the-art platform available for beginners under a low price tag. While providing a compelling guide in using its screen recording feature allows users to annotate their content through its editing features. In this post, you'll find out the video editing features of DemoCreator.

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-09-17 12:53:46
How to Easily Make Ken Burns Effect with DemoCreator?

How to make stunning videos from still images and apply the Ken Burns Effect using DemoCreator. The Pan and Zoom features help produce videos with high resolution for the Audience.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-17 14:17:42
How to record and edit video simultaneously?

Now you can easily record and edit videos at the same time in 2021. You don’t need to have different programs for these tasks. To learn how to, stick together with this article.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-17 14:38:51
How to Edit Videos on Laptop

Do you have videos on your laptop that you would like to edit? Keep reading to find out how to edit videos on Laptop for Windows and Mac.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-18 09:59:28
How to Resize Video File Size & Change Video Dimensions

How to resize video size and change video dimension? There are 4 solutions, resize video by changing the video resolution, cutting the video, change the video format and crop video.

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-09-18 16:01:27
How to Sync Audio and Video Sources in Wondershare DemoCreator?

We'll uncover two methods to help you sync your audios to video sources. The one is using Wondershare DemoCreator, and the other one is using the XLR audio recorder.

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-18 16:33:01
How to Record Audio Sound from YouTube?

In cases where its raw version is not available on the Internet for free, users can record sound from YouTube with the help of different tools. This article will help users discover various methods of capture audio from YouTube video.

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-18 16:33:11
Why Video is Important for Company

Being a digital marketer, you must know the long-tail reasons why businesses need video as the audience is content-hungry. Hence, to make it sound in the domain, you can make a point from this detailed-oriented guide.

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-09-18 16:34:58
15 Most Preferred Creative Video Ideas for Business

This article consists of 15 best and most used creative video ideas for business that you can use to attract the audience. It involves using customized and supportive Facebook cover to using YouTube video ideas for business and more. Check out!

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-09-18 16:35:03
Types of Videos for Businesses

This article talks about what kind of videos are used for marketing purposes. It further consists of how businesses can gain attention and success with the use of various types of videos for businesses such as Testimonials, Vlogs, Product reviews, live streaming, etc.

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-09-18 16:35:42
How to Edit Videos on TikTok

This article talks about certain video editing tips for TikTok. Also, this article involves step-by-step process so you can enhance your videos by trimming, adding music, effects or voice-overs or texts, and more.

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-18 16:36:11
3 Ways to Edit Videos on iPhone

Looking to edit videos on iPhone? Well, it is very simple. How? Read below to know more.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-18 16:36:43
How to Add a Right Music to a Video with Wondershare DemoCreator?

Being a video editor, you must know that a sound quality if compromised a bit lower than the professional level can affect the whole video rating despite how many visuals have been added to that video. In this regard, we have brought you the easiest way to add music with Wondershare DemoCreator. But how to do that? Readout more in this article.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-18 16:37:18
How to Make a Good Explainer Video for Beginners?

Explainer video creation will ideally explain every information regarding the subject. In this post, we'll tell you how to make an explainer video with Wondershare DemoCreator.

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-09-18 16:37:46
[Mac & iPhone & iPad] How to Combine Videos on iMovie

In this article, you can learn a step-by-step guide on how to combine video on iMovie. Also combines two videos side by side and combine audios using iMovie. And the best iMovie alternative Wondershare DemoCreator.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-18 16:37:59
How to Edit a Webcam Video Using Wondershare DemoCreator?

Sharing the screen with family and friends via webcam is a great way to connect with your loved ones who live far away from you. It’s also the best way business owners and her staff could communicate during the pandemic, as social distancing is being practiced in every nation around the world. Meetings could be held anytime, any day and anywhere in as much as your webcam functioning well and you’ve got the Wondershare DemoCreator video editing software at hand. While some people have these two tools at their fingertips, it is imperative to understand how you can use them. This will lead us into the discussion:

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-18 16:38:17
Can You Edit Videos in Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a fantastic image manipulation program. But can you edit videos in Lightroom? Keep reading to find out.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-18 16:38:31
What is the Best Photo to Video Converter for PC?

There are several different tools available for converting images into video clips on PC. This article is written to provide the best photo to video converters available for PC, so you don't waste your time with subpar tools.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-18 16:38:50
Creative Video Resume Ideas

This article consists of some of the most effective and preferred creative video resume ideas. It further involves the use of WonderShare DemoCreator to do the same and steps in detail on how you can use this software to get your video resume done.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-18 16:39:01
How to Record Screen and Audio on Mac with QuickTime

Wondering how to record screen and audio on Mac, in this article you can learn the six detailed steps, get your Soundflower Software, restart your Mac Gadget, follow the essential settings...

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-18 16:39:06
How Do You Optimize Efficiency in The Workplace

This article will introduce you 10 ways to optimize efficiency on your workplace. Let's check them out and see how the methods can help improve working.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-18 16:39:12
[3 solutions] How to Trim TikTok Video

There are a limited time duration on TikTok, so it is necessarily to trim TikTok video. So let’s have a look at how you can trim your video for three different kinds of TikTok videos.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-18 16:44:33
How to Make a Let's Play Video with Facecam

Many gamers on YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms have become famous for their commentary while playing games, recording videos in the form of Let's Play videos that engage and entertain. If you want to make a Let's Play video, there are some steps you can take to get started with the right equipment.

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-09-18 16:44:38
Top 8 Free MP4 Video Editing Software Program

MP4 can be said to be the most widely used video format at present, and almost all video playback devices support this format. So is there any free software you can use when you want to make changes to the content of MP4 videos? In this post, we will introduce 8 free MP4 video editing programs.

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-18 16:44:44
How to Split Video into Frames and Convert Video to Images

If you are facing issues in splitting your videos then you are at the right place. In this article you can learn how to split video into frames with ease.

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-09-18 16:44:49
Top 10 Free Websites to Download Royalty Free Christmas Music

Christmas 2020 is coming soon. How to make a funny Christmas video? The right music is essential! In this post, we'll introduce you to the top royalty-free Christmas music download site!

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-18 16:44:55
Top 8 Explainer Video Maker for Windows/Mac PC

In this article, you can learn 4 Explainer Video Maker for Windows PC. Also there are 4 Recommended Explainer Video Maker for Mac.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-18 16:45:00
Splitting Video Online with Top 10 Efficient Tools

The top 10 online video splitters, clideo, kapwing, online video cutter, apowersoft, beecut and so on. Also there are detailed ways about cut your video after splited.

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-18 16:45:05
Split YouTube Video in 4 Easy Steps and Share Directly

Some YouTube videos are too long to share. In this article, you can learn how to split and cut YouTube videos, also how to download YouTube videos that you like.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-18 16:45:29
Top 10 Best Video Editors for Chromebook

Some people are always wondering if there's an easy video editor for Chromebook? Well, this article will review 10 of the most popular video editing software for Chronmebook.

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-18 16:45:34
Top 14 Free Video Editing Software for Linux

Here we have discussed the top 14 tools so you can have plentiful and featureful choices to be made being a Linux user. The best part is that, if you find a feasible and best fit for your choice, you can directly embark on that software platform to carry on with your coveted skill of video editing. So, we recommend you to consider the choices below:

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-18 16:48:38
Top 4 Tutorial Videos Maker Apps for iPhone/Android

The associated platforms and applications vary according to their definitive structures utilities. This article provides an overview of the most impressive tutorial video maker app for IOS or Android smartphones.

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-18 16:48:46
Top 8 Video Editor with Captions or Subtitles Function

Video editing has taken a new toll on the photography industry. Adding captions and subtitles makes your video even highly acceptable by both the locals and foreigners. In this post, you will get the top video editor with captions or subtitles function.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-18 16:49:02
Top 8 Video Editor with Zoom in Effect (How to Use)

In this article, we will be looking at a few video editing software with zoom in feature. This feature allows you to magnify any part of your video quickly and easily. Here is the top 8 video editors with zoom in effect.

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-09-18 16:49:14
Top 5 Video Editor with Pan and Zoom Function for Beginners

Out of numerous video editors with Pan and Zoom effect, if you’re looking for the filtered ones, then we've got you covered here with the top 5 Pan and Zoom software tools. Learn more here.

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-09-18 16:49:24
Top 6 Slow Motion Video Time Stretching Software for Windows 10

For executing the task with no mistakes unturned, a professional video editor is required that effectively induces the speed adjustment in the video that doesn't affect the quality of the video or its details. This article discusses the finest video editors available in the market that ensures the perfect speed adjustment features.

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-09-18 16:49:30
Top 6 GoPro Video Editing Apps for iOS or Android Devices

For that spark of GoPro excitement, you have to enhance your images and videos. Video editing apps come encompassed with useful features that let you easily edit audio tracks, add filters, trim videos, and add other special effects. However, it’s not a walk in the park to pinpoint whether it’s a GoPro hero 7 black video editing that you need or an intuitive app that suits you most. That’s why we have selected the top GoPro editing apps. Peruse through for that appropriate one based on the features.

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-18 16:49:35
Top 11 Tutorial Videos Maker Software for PC

This article considers a variety of tutorial video maker tools for guiding and introducing people to the most appropriate and extensive platforms for creating videos.

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-18 16:49:41
Top 10 Webcam Video Editor for Windows/Mac PC (Online / Desktop)

With all these aesthetic features in mind, I have made a thorough research on the best video editors compatible with macOS and Windows PC. Without taking much of your time, let's take a look at the top 10 webcam video editor for Windows / macOS PC.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-18 16:49:52
Top 7 Video Split Software for Mac or Windows PC

What's the best split-video software? To answer that correctly, we scraped the split-video world, put the best tools into a test, and pull out the top seven in the market today. Therefore, if splitting a video is all you're after, this list should serve you well.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-18 16:49:58
Best Video Masking Software for Gaming Videos

In this article, we have devised a list of the best gaming video editing software for masking effect to enhance your videos creatively.

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-09-18 16:51:18
Top 10 Best Video Editor for Beginners on Windows 10

With the popularity of video transmission, more and more ordinary people join in video creation. So for novice editors, are there any video tools suitable for them? In this post, we will introduce 10 kinds of video editing software suitable for video beginners!

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-18 16:51:27
Top 10 Best Online Voice Over Recorders

This article aims to introduce you 10 best online voiceover recorder to help your capture your audio files without download any applications.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-18 16:53:07
The Best Way to Crop a Video in 3 Steps

How to crop a video? In this article, you can learn the 3 easy steps about cropping a video and the related editing features after cropped.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-18 17:13:31
Detailed Steps about FFmpeg Trim/Cut Video

Perhaps you want to scale it down to only the important parts or you want to make it shorter. The notable point is that you need to accurately cut your video without losing its quality content. You can achieve this via various video compression modes. This article walks you through how to cut videos with FFmpeg.

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-18 17:17:19
How To Edit Videos on iPad

Eager to know how to edit videos on iPad? Well, this is the right place for you.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-18 17:19:04
How to Trim/Cut A Video on Android

Are you struggling with how to cut a video on Android? Or if you’re searching for a handy solution to how to trim video on an Android phone, here’s all you need under the sun. Learn more here.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-18 17:20:45
Video Dubbing Guide: How to Dub a Video for Beginners?

There are many cases that we want to debut a video for different usages. Here are the detailed guide for you to debut any videos on your computer.

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-18 17:20:51
How to add Animated Subscribe Button in YouTube Video

If you want to increase your YouTube audience, you need to learn how to put a subscribe button in a YouTube video because that's what makes it easy for viewers. So, to do so, learn with us!

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-22 10:33:06
How to Make Video Intro or Outro in Wondershare DemoCreator?

Generally, how to make video intro free is an uprising query nowadays with the drastic increase in video views over YouTube as a study reveals 5 Billion videos are being watched every single day.

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-22 10:40:05
2 Ways to Edit Videos on Windows

This article covers the 2 most-suggested ways to edit videos on Windows. It consists of a quick but a brief step-by-step guide to using them both in the best manner for great video creation, editing, and overall performance.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-22 11:31:56
How to Trim/Cut Video in VLC

How to trim video in VLC? Often remains the hot topic while dealing with the VLC application meanwhile if you want to learn the trim video with VLC easily, then refer to this article to find out more.

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-22 11:32:37
How to Resize Video in iMovie - 3 Simple Steps

The steps to resize video in iMovie. First, launch iMovie and import files. Second, from the resulting window, visit the ‘Video’ part and opt for the ‘Size…’ button to resize your video. Third, Customize settings and export file.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-22 11:33:09
How to Create Engaging Video Content from Still Images?

Wondering how to create engaging video content from still images? Here’s the intuitive solution for you with the best and handy guidelines and tips so you can create videos from images more effectively and rapidly than ever! Follow the lead.

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-09-22 13:42:10
How to Crop and Download YouTube Videos in 5 Steps

How do I download and crop a YouTube video? Can you trim someone else's YouTube video? You can find the answers in this article. There are 5 detailed steps about crop YouTube in this article.

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-22 13:42:30
How to Create a PIP Video with Wondershare DemoCreator?

This article intends to create certain boundaries among different video editors with the PIP feature that would allow the users to select the best PIP video editor with impeccable features

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-22 13:42:55
How to Blur an Image or Screenshot Video in Video Editor?

All the thanks to this modern era which enables us to blur image text in the video that means all you need is a tool to perform this action. In this regard, we’ve shortlisted a classical approach out of the pile of such software tools with an effective solution to how to fuzzy video. Stay tuned to learn more about the tips and tricks.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-22 13:43:39
How to Make a Halloween Makeup Tutorial Video

You would agree that searching for Halloween makeup ideas is no joke. However, if you have your set goal in mind, it's kind of becomes manageable. We'll walk you through easy steps to have that final ghost look.

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-09-22 13:46:04
Free Video Resizers for Windows and Online

In this article, you'll learn top 15 free video resizers. Free video resizers for Windows, free video resizers online and video resizers for Android and iPhone.

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-09-22 13:46:10
How to Resize Videos Using FFmpeg

FFmpeg is a free command-line tool whose static role is to convert both video and audio file formats. Here are the detailed steps about how to resize vieo with FFmpeg.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-22 13:46:31
Combine Videos on Android - Top 10 Android Video Mergers

Are you looking for the solutions on how to combine videos on Android? You need some Apps to achieve that. In this article, you can get the top 10 great video merger Apps for Android.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-22 13:47:18
How to Combine Videos on iPhone/iPad with iMovie

Here you will learn about some of the easiest and most efficient ways to combine videos on iPhone even if you have quite a little or absolutely no exposure in the field of post-production.

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-09-22 13:47:35
Combining Videos in 6 Complicated Solutions

In this article, you can find 6 complicated solutions about combine videos. The laptop solution, give 2 tools for you to combine videos on window and Mac. The Mobile solutions, you can combine videos on your Android or iPhone. The online solution, you can combine videos online.

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-09-22 13:47:40
How to Make a GIF from a Video in Minutes?

Have you ever wondered how to create beautiful GIFs from the videos that you have? Have you ever tried making one of those? We have the right solution for your confusion! Every social media platform is different, and varieties of GIFs can create a sufficient amount of impact based upon the posts. You can easily convert your favorite videos and resize them easily to fit into your preferred platform. Let’s explore the possibilities of making a wonderful GIF out of your favorite video.

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-22 13:48:33
How to Edit Videos in Photoshop

Photoshop can be useful for a number of different tasks, one of them being video editing. Keep reading to learn how to edit video in Photoshop.

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-09-22 13:48:43
The Comprehensive Guide on How to Merge Videos in Windows 10/8/7

Many tools will let you combine video clips, but it will be a long process if you don't know how to use them. This article will learn some easy and fast ways to combine and merge video in Windows 10, mobile app, Windows Media Player, and some free online options to save time.

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-22 13:48:59
How to Record the Perfect Live Streaming Video for Beginners?

This article condenses the deep knowledge of how recording live streaming video could impact on your ratings. So, if you have a little or no practical experience, this is the perfect guide for you to follow if you have a professional will of record live streaming video free. Find out more here.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-22 13:49:03
How to Remove Watermark from Video or Photo?

This article presents different methods using video watermark remover through Wondershare DemoCreator that would help you sustain the visual appeal of the video that you have designed to display in the social media groups or elsewhere.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-22 13:49:20
How to Remove Sound from Video Online?

Video editing is a common venture that is being considered by many individuals while posting something memorable, intuitive, or funny onto a social media platform or different video platforms for masses to see and comment over it. Considering such video editing features, there are many simple tasks that people consider performing over their videos to make them look more attractive and watchable. These features can be performed with different online video editors available for free. Considering one such task, which is to remove sound from video online, there are many different video editors that are available online for executing this undertaking for free. However, in the environment that we survive in, we shall find loads of applications available online for covering this problem. The task that is left for different users is to short-list the best option that is available in the market for them.

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-22 13:49:31
How to Speed Up/Slow Down Clip in Wondershare DemoCreator

This article will discuss the video time stretch feature of Wondershare DemoCreator and help users get ahold of this feature after its detailed overview.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-22 13:49:43
How to Cut/Trim Video on Mac

To trim video on Mac, you need to read this article entirely, as we have mentioned three tools to trim videos. But you will have an option to choose which one better suits your requirements and the best one.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-22 13:49:48
How to Trim Video on Instagram Directly in 3 Simple Steps

The following sections explain how you can trim video for Instagram from within the software itself, and by using a couple of other third-party tools that can make your trimming and other editing tasks much easier.

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-22 13:50:00
How to Make a Slideshow Video with Wondershare DemoCreator?

With numerous options for personalization, Wondershare DemoCreator Slideshow videos are both fun and professional-looking which demonstrates your purpose. In this article, we will provide you simplified step on how to make slideshow video with Wondershare DemoCreator.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-22 13:50:06
How to Resize QuickTime MOV Files in Wondershare DemoCreator?

With the help of Wondershare DemoCreator, you can resize your QuickTime MOV files without losing their quality. Once you’ve download it, check out the instructions below to learn about the step by step guide required to resize QuickTime MOV files.

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-22 13:52:10
Top 10 Online Video Resizers

How to resize video online, here are the top 10 online video resizers. The online video resizer lets you change video resolution, change the scale and so on.

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-22 13:52:20
How to Make Split Screen Video

How to make a split screen video? There are so many split screen videos editors. In this article, you can get how to make split screen on Windows, Mac and online.

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-22 13:52:38
Best Way to Split Recorded MP4 Videos on Mac

Splitting recorded videos usually gets important to manage their transmission over a platform. This article provides you a proficient guide on using a split video editor for Mac.

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-22 13:52:51
Trimming video in PowerPoint in 3 Easy Steps

While Microsoft PowerPoint is majorly used to prepare presentations and basic animated explainers, you can easily learn how to cut video in PowerPoint with the tools available within the app itself.

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-22 13:54:05
Top 10 Video Merger Apps to Merge Videos

Here is our ultimate list of some of the best video mergers with their most significant features. Keep reading to find the video merger app that best fits your needs.

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-22 13:54:38
How to Use a Magnifier to Make Things on the Screen Video Easier to See

As we dive into 2021, you can learn how to use the magnifier to make things on the screen video easier to see. To do that, stick with us!

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-22 13:54:43
Trim MP4 Video Online & Desktop

In this article, we've listed out online and desktop MP4 video trimmers. There will be some differences in the product's operation interface, steps, and prominent functional characteristics. You can read about every tool with crucial features below:

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-22 13:54:53
5 Tips to Quickly Keep Your Video Sync with Audio

In this post, you can get 5 useful tips about sync video with audio in a video. It will help you to uniformly interlock and match your video and sound.

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-22 13:57:18
How to Zoom in Video on Windows/Mac PC?

Though the keys are different on both Win and Mac devices, in just a few steps, you can master them and use when next you need to zoom in or out video clips. Take the following steps listed below to make use of the native zoom function on your operating system. What's more, know the detailed steps about zoom in video on Wondershare DemoCreator!

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-22 13:58:04
How to Split Video for YouTube and Instagram?

This post aims to show you how to split videos for YouTube and Instagram with an easy-to-use video editor.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-22 13:59:06
How to Rotate Video Clip from Landscape to Portrait

Due to the aspect ratio of 4:3 or 16:9, most videos are therefore horizontally captured. To correct this, you need to employ rotation tools.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-22 13:59:26
How to use the Pan and Zoom Effect in DemoCreator

Have you ever wondered how certain parts of a video or a photograph gets focused and brought out most enticingly? Then that is due to the pan and zoom effect. Learn the concepts below.

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-22 13:59:47
Merging Videos with Wondershare DemoCreator in 3 Easy Steps

Have you ever thought of combining a video? In this article, you can learn how to merge video with Wondershare DemoCreator and how to combine multiple videos into one.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-22 13:59:53
How to Pan and Zoom in Video or Photo?

Tired of using the same conventional and boring effects in your videos? Worry not, we've brought solutions of how to Pan and Zoom in video with the handy approach so you can learn faster.

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-22 14:00:04
How to Make a Christmas Video in Wondershare DemoCreator?

Christmas is around the bend and I figure you should send your family members, companions, or exceptional ones some kind of Christmas welcome. In this post, you can learn how to make a Christmas video in Wondershare DemoCreator!

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-09-22 14:00:59
How to Make a Thanksgiving Day Video in Wondershare DemoCreator

In this article, you can get a detailed guide about how to make a Thanksgiving Day video in Wondershare DemoCreator!

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-09-22 14:01:10
How to Loop a Video in Wondershare DemoCreator?

This article will explain how to loop a video in the Wondershare DemoCreator program and discuss the unique features.

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-22 14:01:36
How to Join MP4 Video Files on Mac OS?

Users find it creative to join two different videos for developing exquisite content for their viewers. This article provides you a guide on how to use a join video editor for Mac.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-22 14:01:41
How to Split a Video on iPhone Like a Pro

In this article, we will go over various apps that will help you understand how to split a video on an iPhone, complete with step-by-step instructions.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-22 14:02:04
How to Rotate Video Clips on Computer?

Rotating a video clip is one of the easiest tasks to accomplish when you have the right video editing software at your fingertip.

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-22 14:02:10
How to Remove Sound from Video with Wondershare DemoCreator?

Out of many aspects of editing a video, this article discusses different mechanisms that can be adopted for removing audio perfectly from within a video with the help of a video editor.

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-22 14:02:26
How to Join or Merge MP4 Video Clips?

Nowadays, many people may want to combine different video clips into one for a vlog, tutorial or personal sharing. Here we are showing how to join mp4 files into one.

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-22 14:02:41
Cutting Video with After Effects in Three Easy Steps

After Effect is quite a flexible tool even though some people are hesitant to perceive it as a video editing tool. That’s the turning point for me wanting to know how to cut videos in After Effects. But it also fits well as professional video editing software. Beginners may crack their heads here! But worry less. This Do It Yourself article offers help at bay.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-22 14:02:53
How to Cut video in iMovie [iPhone/iPad/Mac]

iMovie is a great video editing tool. In this article, you can learn how to cut video in iMovie iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-22 14:02:58
How to Reduce or Compress Video File Sizes Easily?

This article is going to foreshow ways to make your video smaller and some best video compressor tools.

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How to Cut/Trim Video on Windows & iPhone & Android

How to cut and trim video? The most comprehensive guide is here! You can get how to cut or trim video on Windows, how other trim a video on iPhone, Android. Also, how to cut out parts of a video using the online tool is included.

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How to Combine Videos on Mac Using QuickTime and VLC

Wondering how to combine videos on Mac in easy steps? In this article, you can learn how to combine videos in 3 easy steps using DemoCreator. Also, there are ways for you about combine videos through the QuickTime and VLC.

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How to Combine Multiple Videos Into One In 3 Steps

There are 3 practical tools to merge videos together and combine multiple videos into one. Wondershare DemoCreator, iMovie, Windows Movie Maker.

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How to Create Online Courses or Training Videos for Beginners?

This article looks forward to providing you with a guideline on how to create online courses with the help of Wondershare DemoCreator.

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How to Edit OBS Recorded Videos?

OBS Studio has been one impeccable option for an open-source freeware software that allows you to create high-resolution screen videos. However, there has no video editing function in OBS. In this post, we'll show you how to edit OBS recorded videos.

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Top 10 iPhone Video Editors

This article comprises of the 10 of the best and most-referred iPhone video editors, along with their features, that one can use to edit their video. These will make the videos look better, enhance the quality, and generate user engagement.

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-23 16:03:13
How to Combine Video and Audio on Windows/Mac

If you get the problem in how to combine videos and audio, there are some tools for you to do that. In this article, you can know how to combine video and audio on Windows and Mac. Also, there are 5 online tools for you to choose.

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-26 17:56:08
Easy Way to Edit Zoom Recordings

Got some Zoom recordings and find a way to edit without much professional skills? This article will introduce you can easy zoom recording editor to help ease your work.

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How to Set Up Chroma Key OBS?

Chroma keying was considered a daunting task before the evolution of computing systems. But with today’s updated technology, this job is made easy. This post will introduce you to what chroma key is, and how it is used for live streaming.

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-27 16:38:24
YouTube Video Script Writing Tips: How to Make a Good Video Script

A strong and well-written video script will not only engage quality viewers but also motivates viewers to share the masterpiece to others. If you are in need of how to write a YouTube script that has an engaging power, you are in the right place because here we have covered the subject for you.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-28 09:39:30
How to Split Video into Parts

How to split video into several parts? Splitting vidoe is one of a basic video editing features. Depending on what you want, you can make your video splitting be more easy in this solution...

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How to Take a Video Snapshot with iPhone or Android Devices?

This article provides a series of different methods that can be adopted to take video snapshot on both Android and iPhone.

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How to Resize Video in Premiere Pro

There are 2 ways to resize video in Premiere Pro. First is scale to frame size, another is set to frame size.

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