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Top 15 Free Internal Audio Recorder for PC/Mac/Android

Alma Elliott
2024-04-18 16:34:38 • Filed to: Audio Recording

To make your videos crisp and effective, you should pay more attention to the audio quality. Many devices arrive with the inbuilt audio recorder. However, suppose your device doesn't have the inbuilt recorder. In that case, you need not worry since multiple internal audio apps and software can achieve your goal when you are looking to record an internal video, whether a sales training video or an employee training video, it's important to remember that the audio quality will be just as important as the visual content. Recording internal audio can be done in many different ways, but one of the most effective methods involves using a tool called DemoCreator. We will discuss more in the coming parts.

Why will you need to record internal audio?

Internal audio recording is necessary to make your voice heard clearly. If you wonder why it is needed, here are a few excellent use cases of internal audio recorders.

For Podcasts

Podcasts have become one of the most exciting areas in content marketing. These days, you can go as niche or mainstream as your imagination will allow. Whether it's creating a podcast for your line of work or passion, recording audio that supports your business goals and objectives, making an educational offering, or just because it sounds like fun – creating a podcast is an excellent way to help grow your business (and yourself). What's more important than staying true to who you are and what value you bring?

However, you must have an internal audio system to make your podcasts more straightforward, and everybody hears what you are saying. If your system doesn't have an inbuilt recorder, you can use internal audio recorders and make your podcasts more effective.

For Presenter

For conference presenters, Internal audio recorders make your presentation compelling and clear. If a significant number of audience members cannot hear or understand you when delivering a presentation, then it is almost impossible for them to learn anything from it. An internal audio recorder helps keep your speech clear and understandable so that attendees can stay focused on its content. No matter how loud or soft your voice is, an internal audio recorder picks up every word effortlessly without any background noise.

 You don't have to worry about remembering your presentation notes as an internal audio recorder comes with a built-in memory card. An internal audio recorder also comes with various recording modes, which are optimized for different speaking styles, from conference speeches and seminars to training sessions and lectures. You can record your entire presentation in one go or create multiple recordings so that you can quickly switch between them if you run into any problems. This helps ensure that nothing is missed even if there are technical issues during your speech or if a participant asks a question that requires extra clarification. Internal recorders are not just suitable for delivering presentations but can also be used during meetings as well.

Demo Video

Most people find watching an app video in action helpful, so create a short (1–2 minute) demo video. If your software has a direct competitor, make a video that shows how it's better or different. Keep in mind that most customers already imagine how they'd use your product. By showing them in an ad, they're seeing those expectations confirmed by someone else--which is more powerful than you are telling them what they should think. To make better demo videos, you must have an internal audio recorder. Using the internal audio recorder, you can make your voice crystal clear.

The advantages of recording using internal audio recorders

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to recording audio. You can connect external devices to your computers, such as microphones, mixers, or even standalone recorders. Still, many people overlook the inbuilt tools (software and apps, too) that come with their computers. If you have a Mac or PC and you're looking for an easy way to start recording audio, you should consider using the internal sound recorder. Let us look at the advantages of internal audio recorders.

Easy to use

Using an internal voice recorder instead of a separate microphone/recorder is extremely simple. Plugin your microphone, open up your laptop's software (e.g., DemoCreator), and press record. There's no need to find a good position for your microphone or to run cables across your room so that you can get started with more projects than ever before. After all, if you wait until everything is perfect to begin a project, it will likely never get off the ground. With an internal voice recorder, there are fewer barriers to entry than ever before – which makes sense when looking at why most people avoid marketing their businesses in don't start small if there aren't any benefits right off the bat!


Internal sound cards are an inexpensive and easy way to capture your voice. They aren't easy to use, but it's hard to beat a built-in mic if you don't need a lot of control over your recordings. It may be necessary to spend some time with a noise-canceling headset; many internal mics pick up even more ambient noise than larger microphones do. External mics also have their own perks: they tend to come in higher-quality packages, for example, or offer multiple pickup patterns for greater versatility. You can also plug them into preamps or mixer boards that make editing and processing your recordings more accessible.


Not only are these microphones easier on your wallet, but they also save you time and effort. Rather than having to set up an external microphone each time you want to start a podcast, you turn on your computer, plug in a USB microphone, and go. It's hard to beat that kind of convenience when it comes to getting started. Another significant advantage of selecting an internal microphone is its compact and discreetness. Most USB microphones weigh less than one pound—making them perfect for vloggers who want to travel light or podcasters who need to get set up quickly before diving into their topic. In addition, some mobile devices even have their own built-in mics; if yours doesn't, most smartphones allow you to add one via an external adapter.


Internal Audio Recording Is Great for Efficient Recording: Internal audio recording can be used for most types of video shooting, and therefore you don't need additional equipment. There are, in fact, many other benefits to an audio recording from a camera's built-in mic. For example, it won't pick up any outside noise like wind or traffic since it is integrated directly into your camera. It can also cut down on weight during travel; when you already have one device (your DSLR) with you, there's no need to carry another—for example, if your camera doesn't have XLR inputs. In short, internal audio makes things convenient and efficient – precisely what filmmakers want!


Recording through an internal mic is versatile, and there's no need to connect anything to your computer while you're doing it. This makes it ideal for on-the-go projects—like podcasting, making field recordings, and so on. For convenience's sake, you can also schedule all your recordings through a DAW like Audacity or DemoCreator and not have to worry about messing with cables or plugging in external devices at all. Some sound designers even set up their home studios using exclusively internal microphones; if sound quality is paramount to your recording process, consider going full-internal!

Screen Recorder with Internal Audio for PC/Mac:

If you're like most of us, you spend quite a bit of time in front of your computer every day, whether it's for work or play. However, one thing that can make this experience much less enjoyable and efficient than it could be is not having the right tools at your disposal to allow you to get everything done smoothly and efficiently.

DemoCreator [Windows/Mac]

DemoCreator is a desktop screen recorder software application. It records your computer screen and audio of your microphone, as well as anything that appears on your desktop, including applications, buttons, folders, and files. It can be used to demonstrate software or create a video tutorial. DemoCreator features high-quality recording at up to 10X average speed (120FPS). For example, if you have a 50-second video, you can record it in just 5 seconds. With Screen Video Capture, you can record anything on your computer screen with sound. For example, if you want to show someone how to complete some steps in a software application, it is easier than explaining by phone or email because they actually see what you do.

It is not only limited to internal audio recordings. You can also edit the videos. There are customization options to add titles, text, and animation. You can also do the green screen effects using DemoCreator. The features include adding annotations, cropping videos, taking snapshots, sticker effects, caption efforts, cursor effects, etc. It is an all-in-one solution for video sharing & screen recording. DemoCreator has gained popularity quickly due to its numerous features and most importantly, it brings attractive things with every update and improvement. It works well on both Windows and Mac operating systems. 



  • The user interface is straightforward.
  • It contains a numerous range of features. Hence, you can edit effortlessly after the recording is done.
  • You can record a specific portion of the display using a magnifier.


  • Even after the recording is over, the mic stays on.


This versatile screen-recording app lets you record everything on your screen while also capturing your computer's sound. Since video can make a tedious topic more interesting, you can use it to teach viewers about a new tool or walk them through complex instructions. If you need something onscreen, Movavi will capture it for you. There's no reason not to give it a try with an unlimited trial. It has been in the market since 2004. Using this, you can add animated transitions & titles. It allows you to share your videos online and export them to widespread formats. It suits you most if you are an expert or amateur video editor. You can record audio and edit the videos for YouTube, video ads, demo videos, everyday use, travel blogging, etc.


  • It is very intuitive; even if you don't have experience with video editing, you can easily use this.
  • It comes with training videos to reduce the learning curve.
  • The app allows you to record 4K videos and process them quickly.


  • If you render heavy video files, the software becomes slow.


Thanks to its built-in audio, you can start recording and have a voice-over track as well. You'll be able to share your gameplay easily on your social networks! Record or live stream everything without other tools or additional apps. Screen Recorder DemoAir is a straightforward tool that lets you record videos from your screen in high-quality HD (1920x1080p) up to 30 frames per second. It works perfectly with any game on PC and Mac. What makes it different from most other screen recorders? Thanks to its built-in audio, you can start recording and have a voice-over track as well. No more complicated software! It integrates with Asana, Trello, Google Classroom, Slack, and GitHub. Hence using this, online education becomes powerful. It lets the users share unlimited video messages and provides HD quality video resolutions. It arrives with a focus mouse, so your drawing tools work effectively. 


Add To Chrome
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  • Great screen recording controls. 
  • User friendly interface. 
  • Integrated into Trello, Asana, Google Classroom, GitHub, and Slack. 


  • Limited features for editing videos. 

Audacity [Windows/Mac]

Audacity is a free audio editor that's simple to use but offers many options for editing, mixing, and manipulating your sounds. You can record your own voice or any other audio by connecting an external microphone to your computer—or you can import music from CDs and other digital sources. Best of all, Audacity is open source—so you can share it with others or check out what's under its hood. If there's interest in having audio clips embedded in our articles, then using Audacity could be an option. However, sound editing and recording like we do currently will continue to rely on Adobe Audition unless it becomes a possibility at some point in the future (it certainly looks promising).


  • Free to use.
  • Open source and large community support for continuous improvement.
  • Program size is small and lightweight.


  • There is a limitation to its mixing capabilities.

Free Sound Recorder [Windows/Mac]

Free Sound Recorder is a complete audio recording solution that allows you to record audio from any device with a sound card and microphone. You can use it to record Skype calls, online lectures, meetings, music, or any other application or game where sound is played back via your computer. With its built-in player, you can Playback and re-record your session until you are delighted! Its user-friendly interface makes it easy even for novice users. Thanks to its self-explanatory wizard that will guide you throughout the setup process of Free Sound Recorder without any problems, you won't have to face difficulties when setting up Free Sound Recorder. Even though Free Sound Recorder is free of charge, it's a great alternative to expensive commercial software such as Adobe Audition or Sony Acid Pro.


  • Preset quality is excellent for high-quality recordings.
  • You can record streaming broadcasts, Skype, conferences, etc.
  • A great tool to enhance audio files and recordings.


  • It contains ads.

AudFree Audio Capture [Mac]

AudFree is a standalone audio recorder (with an internal sound card) that allows you to capture anything you hear on your Mac, even music, Skype calls, streaming videos, Webinars, and podcasts. It doesn't require any complicated configuration—simply click record and capture everything your computer hears. Once you're done recording, AudFree will automatically split it into multiple tracks based on time markers. With no external plug-ins or software required and an interface designed specifically for recording audio from webcams or built-in microphones, AudFree is an ideal solution if you're looking to quickly start recording anything heard on your computer without issues.


  • One of the reliable software.
  • Great value for money.
  • Very efficient as an audio capture tool.


  • You can get similar tools for free.

QuickTime Player [Mac]

This is a solid all-around video player, primarily if you use a Mac. It plays QuickTime files, MP4s, and HD videos, making it easy to record your computer screen. This software is an extensible multimedia platform that Mac produces. It is also an excellent tool for viewing movies because it uses the latest streaming technologies to access tonnes of instant content on the internet. It is also suitable for the small interface. It captures everything on the screen with excellent audio capturing capabilities.


  • Various annotations are available.
  • It captures everything on your screen.
  • With a click, you can upload to the storage.


  • Limited editing and recording functions.

Free Internal Sound Recorder for Android

There are many audio recorders on the Google Play Store, but today I'm going to show you one that can record everything inside your phone, including your microphone and all other sounds around you. It also has a built-in equalizer to edit the audio files later on. First, let's learn how to get this recorder on your Android device!

Mobizen Screen Recorder

Mobizen allows you to record video and take screenshots of your device's screen. It comes with a wide variety of features, including annotations and voice narration. On top of that, it is entirely free! If you are looking for a way to record your phone's screen, then Mobizen Screen Recorder is exactly what you need. This application is easily one of our favorites. With over 10 million downloads, we can't be wrong about its popularity. Whether you need to stream an online tutorial or give step-by-step instructions on how to complete a level in your favorite game, Mobizen will get the job done.

Most importantly, though, it will do so without stealing any personal information from your phone—Mobizen doesn't require any root permissions either! You don't have to worry about unwanted ads or paying money for in-app purchases either. Just download Mobizen and use it however you like—there really isn't anything else quite like it.


  • The app is free.
  • It allows recording only internal sounds.
  • Easy to record long videos without bothering about the storage.


  • There are a lot of ads.

AZ Screen Recorder

The problem with recording video on a smartphone is that you rarely capture accurately what you want. AZ Screen Recorder, however, gives you more control than your standard screen-capture application by letting you select specific areas of your screen and record just that part of your device's display. It also allows you to easily add voice-over—including sound from both your microphone and computer—and then upload or share it in several different ways. This way, not only can others hear your thoughts on a subject, but they can actually see them too. And better yet, there are a few hoops to jump through; AZ Screen Recorder is easy to use, free (for primary purposes), and works well. Get started with either an audio or video recording today!

When using AZ Screen Recorder, please take note of these:

Some devices have limited functionality while running under emulation (generally rooted devices). If you experience problems, please disable rooting support under Preferences > Advanced before attempting further recordings. That setting may be re-enabled afterward if desired. You may also encounter issues related to changing your emulated location in other applications – if so, please refer back here and enable location services within preferences before proceeding. Please keep an eye out for updates that should resolve any remaining issues with device support and add additional features!


  • Allows recording audio and screen simultaneously.
  • Doesn't require root access.
  • No watermark and time limit.


  • No automatic saving option or recovery.

ADV Screen Recorder

This app allows you to capture all activities on your phone's screen and is similar to an advanced version of a built-in utility. It provides customizable recording settings so that you can select your preferred video quality, output format, audio quality, and frame rate. You can also view a preview of what you're recording as it happens. The only downside is that you have to root your device to use it—but at least it's free!

 If you're not interested in rooting your device, an app called Playback is an alternative. This free app has a lot of great features. It comes with various resolution and frame rate settings, and it allows you to lock your video recordings so that they can't be deleted or tampered with. The only drawback is that there are limited audio controls—but overall, it's a solid screen recorder.


  • There are a lot of editing tools.
  • You can use either a front or back camera during recording.
  • Easy to set banner and text with customization options.


  • It contains ads.

Screen Recorder

If you want to create screencasts on your phone or Playback audio or video that was recorded in another app, you'll need a screen recorder. Screen Recorder has basic functionality and does exactly what it's supposed to do. It's also free, though it could use some additional features—like better transitions between recordings. Other apps have more features (and are sometimes even free), but they're huge files and can be challenging to install. Screen Recorder is one of the only apps that work correctly on lower android versions and is exceptionally lightweight.


  • You can get a day and night theme.
  • Comes with essential editing tools.
  • It supports several languages.


  • It doesn't come with a floating control button.

Free Internal Sound Recorder for Android

You may want to record the audio coming out of your Android device at some point. Maybe you want to keep track of your kid's first steps or record an interview with a source without having to carry around extra equipment. The internal sound recorder on Android phones can do just that. Here's a list of top free internal sound recorders for android.

Voice Memos

Voice Memos will do just that if you're looking to record something from your device—from a meeting to an interview. The app also has some editing tools and more, but it's not a full-fledged audio editor. Voice Memos is part of Apple's iOS operating system, so it could be worth downloading if you use both Google's Android and Apple's iOS. If you are only using one or neither of these platforms, other (similar) apps out, there might serve your needs better. Keep in mind that no matter what tool you use on any platform, recording someone without their consent is illegal in some states and countries.


  • User-friendly.
  • Free to use for iWatch and iPhone.


  • No option to share files.


For simple recording, you can use an app that supports AudioShare. Simply plug in your earbuds and start your recording. Once you're done, plug in your earbuds to your computer to transfer and save files there; never mind keeping them on your phone. Make sure not to turn down your speaker when using a microphone, as it will pick up the background noise. You can make your music files fade out, fade in and trim. Once the recording is done, you can export files to all applications that are AudioShare compatible. If you are one of those who work with large numbers of audio files, you will love this app for sure. You can opt to select various sample rates bit and play the recording at different playback qualities.


  • Using this app, file management becomes more straightforward.
  • Offer excellent voice recording capabilities.


  • You must have experience in using the app.

Awesome Voice Recorder

With Awesome Voice Recorder, you can easily record your own voice on your device, even with music playing. This handy app comes with a timer and takes only 5 MB of storage space - so don't wait and install it right now! Excellent Voice Recorder uses a Material Design interface, so users will enjoy using it. The basic idea is really simple: You just click a big round button and record a message that you can then share via email or SMS. To edit your recording, you need to open Awesome Voice Recorder's settings screen with many other extra options available, like a built-in player and some nice-looking widgets. While testing in its free version, we were very pleased by Awesome Voice Recorder's ability to keep our recordings safe from intruders thanks to fingerprint protection that ensures only you have access to them! To sum up, if there's something like an Amazing Video Maker in the Android Apps market – it must surely be Awesome Voice Recorder because every movie needs audio tracks too. Enjoy creating home movies with audio tracks! Download Now!!


  • It contains versatile voice recordings tools.
  • File management is easier and faster.


  • There is a minimal number of audio file formats.

Voice Recorder and Audio Editor

This app is available for free, but some features need in-app purchases. If you are looking to get a voice recorder capable of transcribing audio precisely, you can go with this app. There is no restriction on the duration of audio recordings. However, you need to purchase if you want to add texts or transcribe your audio files. The free version of this app allows you to choose the file format, change the playback speed and trim the unnecessary parts. Once you are done with your recordings, you can store them on the cloud or share them effortlessly on various social media platforms.


  • It supports the transfer of recordings using WiFi.
  • Unlimited recording duration.


  • File transfer and transcription are not free.


We have seen all the top options you can get for internal audio recording and editing. You can choose the one that appeals to you more from the above recommendation. Considering all the options and features, DemoCreator is the best in the market. DemoCreator is the best platform to record and edit when you need tools to record and edit sound. It provides users with a quick and easy way to record and edit audio files using valuable features such as text-to-speech, pitch change, noise suppression, etc. DemoCreator offers many unique features, but the one thing that sets it apart from other similar apps is its ease of use. Try it today!