Top 12 Best Voice Recorder Apps for Android Phones

Oliva Eve
2024-04-02 09:16:39 • Filed to: Audio Recording

Voice Recording is a very common feature that has developed different ranges of utilities for itself. There are situations where you need voice recordings for developing different videos. At other times, you consider recording voices off different videos to cherish over these audios in your free time. Sometimes, you need to record the sound of any video since you cannot find its MP3 file format on the Internet. This article looks forward to presenting its motive by presenting different voice recorder on Android that has considered the best in the market. Since the market is filled with options, you can short-list your choices with the concise list of applications provided below. This will surely save both your time and enable a very considerate experience in terms of finding an app for voice recording Android.

Android's Default Recorder

Many smartphones have no proper built-in feature of recording voices off videos. However, Android offers a fully functional application that records high-quality content with multiple file formats and one-tap sharing. It also looks forward to providing background recordings. However, its customization features are quite limited. This platform is free-of-cost with a very simple and cognitive platform to work on.

Smart Recorder - High-Quality Voice Recorder

This application exhibits a high-class feature set to people who seek a voice recorder for Android. It allows complete control over the recording procedures and induces the Wave Lock feature from disallowing the device to move to sleep. This voice recorder comes with a live video spectrum analyzer. With these features packed into single confinement, it still saves the battery life of your life. However, it lacks sharing options and has no simple phone call recording statuses.


RecForge II Audio Recorder

RecForge is constituted among the best voice recorder on Android for its impeccable features. It provides a supportive interface for all kinds of audio formats with very explicit audio editing tools. This application presents very advanced sharing capabilities for its users. Furthermore, its Automatic Gain Control can be disabled for you to record audio with enhanced quality. Figuratively, this platform is quite complicated and somehow limits your recording time.


Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

This voice recorder for Android phone is known for its impressive interface that presents user-friendliness. The setup system for audio recording follows a very direction contrived with an impressive file management system. Hi-Q offers you with customized audio qualities. However, you cannot record voices with external mics along with a time restriction of recording audios.


Voice Recorder by HIGH TECH

This application is considered exquisite due to its definitive feature set. High Tech has offered its users the options of storing voice memos and easily share throughout the circle with audio qualities ranging from 8-41.1 kHz sampling rate. The application presents a very simple user interface to its users. However, this application has no support line for recording calls.


Easy Voice Recorder

If we consider a straightforward and easy voice recorder Android application, Easy Voice Recorder presents its users with all standard audio outputs along with an effortless organizing and managing environment of their content. It also allows recording with stereo. This application though presents a very impressive feature set that lacks editing tools in its system and can frustrate you with its ads.


Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder is another easy voice recorder Android application that offers a figurative and compelling recording session to its users. While allowing you to select the sample rate of your choice, it provides a proper microphone gain calibration tool for recording voice perfectly. However, this application has a very limited option in file formats and has no editing tools to work with.


ASR Voice Recorder

This application is another monumental option for voice recording on your Android devices. It allows you to record your voices in a variety of file formats with a self-equipped audio playback controller with an explicit sharing feature. This application, even with an explicable toolset, lacks advanced audio editing and has no audio transcription preferences.



If you seek to use a voice recorder for Android phones that provides you the opportunity to write hand-written notes, LectureNotes is an efficient tool for this purpose. This application exports PDF files and is compatible with different word processing tools. This application still lacks in recording voices and demands a plugin to be installed for this purpose.

Music Maker Jam

This application is not merely a voice recorder, yet it allows you to mix different songs for making remixes. It, however, supports multi-channel recording with advanced editing tools. It can be referred to as a voice recorder that doesn't support any external recording.

Call Recorder

This simple voice call recorder Android application allows you to record an unlimited number of phone calls while using its features. This application is quite straightforward in handling the audios. It enables you to record voices in different recording modes. This application can be regarded as a perfect option for marketing professionals; however, it still lacks voice recording options and has no editing tools that could help you in developing a good voice output.


Otter Voice Meeting Notes

Otter Voice Meeting Notes is a very high-profile and advanced voice recorder pro Android application that has its own built-in AI, aiding users in identifying the different speakers after initial training. It collaborates easily over a single transcript and allows you to export MP3 files with initial compatibility with the Call Recorder application. With such features, this application could still improve its audio editing tools.



This article has presented its users with a considerate list of voice recorder on Android smartphones. The major objective of this article was to provide a detailed list of voice recorders to its readers that would help them develop a keen interest in these applications and aid them in short-listing the best option for their operation. A very comprehensive discussion over every application has enabled you to identify the features along with the advantages and disadvantages that are associated with these applications. You need to surely go through this detailed discussion to gain a good knowledge of the applications that are available in the market.