Top 9 Best Voice Over Software for Windows/Mac PC

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21st century is full of wonders, with a drastic change in the digital recording market it has never been an easily available approach to do your voice recording without having gear of plenty of dollars. This era brings even top-class voice over software free of cost. This means you can enjoy your voice recordings with absolutely stunning flexibility features with the best voice over recording software available for your personal computer.

It doesn't matter if you're a Windows OS user or associated with a macOS PC, we have covered voice over software mac as well as windows compatible to ease your burden. Here in this article, we have enlisted top-level voice over recording software available in the market.

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In addition to that, If you are in search of screen capture voice over software, we have also included these masterpieces on our list. So, head back to the list below.

Top 5 Voice Over Software for Windows PC

Finding a voice over software for your personal use as well as the commercial purpose has never been so easy. The Internet is full of voice software for pc, you just need a wise and well-researched list to be able to opt for one. In this article, we have filtered the top 5 of the software of its kind specifically for windows OS, here is the list of these masterpieces:

1. Audacity

A widely used voice-over software, Audacity is an open-source audio voice-over recorder platform that allows you to edit your recorder voice-over audio with sufficient editing tools perfect for professionals in this field. It offers a wide variety of features to be able to play with your voiceovers with a functional audio editor which enables you to mix your audio files with this software.

Pros and Cons:

  • It offers free of cost voice functionalities so you can record your voiceovers freely.
  • Designed for professional means it might give you a hard time recording and editing your audio if you are a beginner.
  • Their mixer is probably the best feature along with the recordings as it allows you to mix your several tracks.
  • It consumes heavy space on your hard drive but if you have a huge space available, then it's the better option for you.


2. Adobe Audition

An enriched with features and viable for windows PC, Adobe Audition is a high-quality and intuitive voice recording software available for you to download and enjoy. It has almost every feature which you want to include in your audio recordings, with several effects. Especially its audio effects feature, which makes it a stand-out in the audio editing marketplace.

Pros and Cons:

  • Adobe Audition is one of the masterpieces in Adobe Creative Suite, which makes it viable for other programs to integrate into.
  • With its professional editing tools, it supports several plugins for your audio recordings.
  • A major drawback is it comes up with a huge subscription cost which you have to pay via monthly tenure.
  • It might give you a tough time while editing and recording your audios if you are new to Adobe Creative Suite software.

adobe audition

3. Windows Voice Recorder

A Microsoft's incorporated Windows Voice Recorder is free to use voice over recording software best suitable for Windows OS users worldwide. With a wide support of functionalities, Windows Voice Recorder allows you to mark key moments to your recordings in able to remind you of important recording parts.

Pros and Cons:

  • Enables you to start and pause your recording to minimize the no sound recording highlight the important part.
  • It also enables you to share your recordings with other apps as well with a few clicks.
  • It has limited features which less accessibility and basic editing tools
  • Supportable to the windows 10 devices only, no support for the older version of Windows.

windows voice recorder

4. Avid's Pro Tools

Owned by Avid technologies, Pro Tools has widely used software in the audio editing and mixing industry due to its wide variety of features available for users. It also introduced a version with having a specific tool for mixing live streaming audios in real-time which is one of its exceptional features.

Pros and Cons:

  • This software, previously designed by Digidesign has new updated features that support high-quality recordings as well as editings.
  • Pro Tools supports plenty of plugins with the other applications as well.
  • It has limited free features but the subscription is also cheap with a wide variety of editing tools in the package.
  • It has poor customer care support and also includes several flaws while running on Windows PC.

5. Wondershare DemoCreator - [Most Recommended]

A big daddy of voice recording software, Wondershare DemoCreator has stand-out features that allow the user to record their voice with plenty of other editing tools. This software comes up with a simplified interface with a screen recording ability to take your videos to the next level.

NOTE: Click here to get How to Make Voiceover in Wondershare DemoCreator

Pros and Cons:

  • Offers two methods of editing a stunning video and screen recording editing techniques
  • Simplified design with powerful tools making it easy for beginners to choose this masterpiece
  • The free version is limited to several explore features available.
  • A light-weight software that enables you to use other software as well and the best part is, it doesn't affect the speed and runs smoothly on your Windows PC.

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Top 4 Voice Over Software for Mac PC

While stating Windows OS, we don't forget the macOS users as they also have an equal share in the market. Fortunately, there comes a huge variety of voice over software compatible with macOS as well, to ease your research being a MacBook user, we have covered the top 4 of the best-automated voice over software for macOS specifically, below is the list comprising of top 4 masterpieces available in the market:

Logic Pro

A fancy masterpiece, Logic Pro is an advanced level audio recording software that allows you to create a number of samples before actually trying to record your audio. Logic Pro has a huge number of professional users worldwide which extends its primary reasons to use and try this masterpiece.

Pros and Cons:

  • Several voice actors and former musicians use this software to edit their voice recordings which shows its high-quality recording capabilities.
  • Its functioning is user-friendly and easy to get for new users in this field
  • The advanced features of this software require manual turning on, hence you need to have previous experience with audio editing.
  • This software comes up with video support as well to enhance the user's vibe.


A highly concerning audio recorder available for Mac is GarageBand with a huge number of users worldwide. It has the sole purpose of audio editing with a direct record button within the software right from your MacBook. With numerous features from recording to the editing of audio, GarageBand has the trust of users worldwide.

Pros and Cons:

  • Best for podcasters as it has a high-quality recording facility as well.
  • It also has the special feature of voice-optimization which allows you to optimize your high-quality voice with this built-in support software
  • It has a pro interface which is a complex one for beginners to try using this software.
  • Comes up with a free version and a standard version as well. So with a low budget, you can avail of this software as well.


A highly competent voice-over recorder software for Mac, WavePad is a free-to-use audio recording and editing software available for macOS users. With a multi-interface feature, you can edit and manage as many different files as you want at the same time. You can also record and then edit the same audio file with numerous support of file types with this software.

Pros and Cons:

  • You can process even a thousand files at the same time with this masterpiece for Mac.
  • Also supports a text-to-speech feature through which you can easily embed your message in high-quality audio in whatever format you like.
  • It is free as soon as you use it for personal use, for corporate uses, it comes up with a fine cost.
  • It requires some pro knowledge in the editing industry to use its multi-interface screen feature.

Movavi Video Editor Plus

More than voice over recorder, Movavi Video Editor Plus is an all-in-one audio editing software available for MacBook. This video editor is a complete package with creative features to customize and edit your videos as well as audios to whatever format you want. Movavi Video Editor Plus is An adjustable video editing software that also has wings to give your audio recordings a professional touch.

Pros and Cons:

  • Simplified editor for beginners to start using it enthusiastically
  • Feasible for a user without the know-how of audio and video editing and customizing tools
  • Fast processing speed while rendering your output file so you can't waste your time while understanding its ongoing processes.
  • Premium account costs you an amount that enables you to explore more of it


The above software is all a well-researched and well-developed application which are synchronized well with the modern requirements of technology in the audio editing industry. It doesn't matter if you are a Windows or macOS user, this article has covered high-quality audio voice-over recording software for both of these kinds. Now all you need to do is select the best amongst them which is well according to your budget as well as your requirements.

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