What Equipment Would You Prepare Before Voice Over Recording?

Oliva Eve
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Audio Recording

Voice over industry is growing day by day and in this era, being a voice actor requires more to recordings and editing your voices. Nowadays, Voice over recording at home is perfectly viable and having a varied career. You can make it your professional career being a voice-over actor with home voice-over practice. But do you have what it takes to be a professional one?

Voice acting qualifications needed several things to make it a professional start in order to see yourself working on a TV show, Commercials, Radio, and highly paid digital Ads. It takes a bit of your time and more of money to get it going. Getting your voice over recording at home isn't an easy task as it looks like. To make the best out of the home studio, you need to bring voice over equipment to your studio. Read on to learn how to make it easy for you to establish your voice over career with the list of the essential pieces of equipment below.

Part 1
7 Essentials for Home Voice-Over Studio

Being a professional, there are several essential equipment voice-overs needed to produce a fantastic start of your career. Fortunately, advancement in technology has made voice-over equipment more affordable than ever. A home studio doesn't demand all those features which a professional studio has, but here we have gathered 7 of the essential equipment that will surely make you achieve top sound quality right from home voiceover. Readout more here:

1. Microphone

The foremost equipment for your professional home studio is the Microphone. Which is a device that captures and records your voice sound within real-time? This essential equipment is a basic studio gear that can affect your home studio as well as recordings. Although investing in this equipment would be a big plus if you want high-quality audio at the user end.

voice over recording equipment home

2. Headphones

Another essential equipment is headphones. For an accurate presentation of frequencies of voices, it is recommended to use a high-quality headphone in your home studio. For a professional touch to your voices, you should invest more in headphones as they will surely take your voice recordings to a whole new level by not just noise-canceling features but also minimizing the external noise which might affect your recordings. It's just not possible to produce a high-quality and neat output without a high-quality headphone.

voice over recording equipment home

3. Microphone Stand

In your home studio, your microphone accessory must contain a microphone stand which allows you to have a decent and clearer studio setup where you can comfortably record your voice. Mic stands generally adjustable to your comfort level although investing more in this equipment can extend the features while increasing the comfort and maintaining the high-quality home studio.

voice over recording equipment home

4. Shock Mount

A piece of expendable equipment to comfort your voice recordings is Shock Mount. This equipment in your home studio certainly helps to minimize the unusual vibrations or pressures from the outside in the form of air or noise. Shock Mount helps you to get the highest possible quality while maintaining the microphone at your customized position where you can easily and reliably record your voice with no outside unwanted rumblings.

voice over recording equipment home

5. Pop Filter

For a professional home studio, Pop Filters are considered as one of the essential equipment to be present which enhances the output results of your voice before passing to the microphone. This equipment includes a mesh part that filtered out the unwanted frequencies of your voice in a technical way, which makes your voice a smooth and more accurate than ever. This equipment is used by almost every voice-over professional as these critics in your voice frequency can affect your whole recording.

voice over recording equipment home

6. Preamp

An electronic amplifier with a well-graded feature will surely help you to skyrocket the quality of your audio recordings right from your home studio. This equipment generally installed in high-level studios but for a professional home studio, we enlist it as a piece of essential equipment as it helps you raise your voice where it gets slows down and can affect your whole recording in an unwanted manner.

voice over recording equipment home

7. Acoustic Panel Kits

If your goal is to achieve high-quality professional voice-over in your home studio, then you should include Acoustic Panel Kits in your essentials list as it has a direct impact on your voiceovers. This kit specifically avoids the distracting and unwanted noises from your home studio room which has a real effect on your voice over output.

voice over recording equipment home

Part 2
Top 3 Voice-Over Recording Software for Beginners

While being new in a voice-over industry you might face several obstacles finding software that can do all the basic stuff with all-in-one features. Although there is no shortage of such software in the market it requires a good research in order to select the best approach to choose for your voice over career right from your home studio. You don't need to go anywhere else as we have enlisted top of that software for you right here in this article.

Readout more in the below top 3 voice-over recording software listed below:

Wondershare DemoCreator

The top of the list covers the masterpiece by Wondershare technologies, Wondershare DemoCreator is a widely used voice-over recorder software where you can enhance your voice-over quality with a super cool interface. Wondershare DemoCreator has the stand-out features which allow the user to record their voice with plenty of other editing tools. This software comes up with a simplified interface.

NOTE: Click here to get the detailed voiceover recording method about Wondershare DemoCreator

Pros and Cons:

  • Compatible with cheap systems, this video editor has plenty of built-in objects to be used in the video files.
  • It also has a viable recorder tool, which allows you to precisely record the selected area of your computer screen.
  • This software is perfect for a beginner's choice as it offers the simplest user interfaces with a professional way to deal with.
  • A light-weight software that enables you to use other software as well and the best part is, it doesn't affect the speed and runs smoothly on your Windows PC.

Windows Voice Recorder

Another match for beginner's requirements, Windows Voice Recorder is a Microsoft-owned quality voice-over recording software which only consumes 13 MBs of your hard drive. This Microsoft's incorporated Windows Voice Recorder is free-to-use voice-over recording software best suitable for Windows OS users worldwide. With a wide support of functionalities, Windows Voice Recorder allows you to mark key moments to your recordings in able to remind you of important recording parts.

Pros and Cons:

  • This software enables you to hold your recording in real-time in order to minimize the silent sound recording highlight the important part.
  • It also enables you to share your recordings with other apps as well with a few clicks from this software interface.
  • It has limited features with less accessibility and basic editing tools essential for beginners.
  • This software is compatible with the Windows 10 systems only, as it has no support for the older version of Windows.

voice over recording equipment home


Being third on this list, as the name specifies, Audacity is a widely used voiceover software, which is an open-source audio recorder platform that allows you to edit your recorder voice-over audios with its sufficient editing tools perfect for professionals in this field. It offers a wide variety of features to be able to play with your voiceovers with a functional audio editor which enables you to mix your audio files with this software.

Pros and Cons:

  • A completely free of cost voice over functionalities is applicable with this software so you can record your voiceovers freely.
  • Designed for professional means it might give you a hard time recording and editing your audio but it surely maintains the higher standards for your voice overs.
  • Their mixer is probably the best feature along with the recordings as it allows you to mix your several tracks.
  • It consumes heavy space on your hard drive but if you have a huge space available, then it's the better option for you.

voice over recording equipment home


Voice over recording is a new trend in this modern era of technology and choosing it as a profession is possible only if you are synchronized with the above requirements to be installed in your home studio. However, to make it a better place, it would be wise to invest more in the above-enlisted equipment. A professional voice-over artist always treats home studio as in the standardized way that motivates the artist to establish a quality career in the voice-over industry.