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Top Game Recorder without FPS Drop

David Wilson
2021-09-16 20:31:13 • Filed to: Game Recording Tips

The gaming sector has developed its foundations and improved its structure over the decades. The modern gaming society has improved its dynamics and presented various genres with hundreds and thousands of fans following. This led to numerous gamers introduce the need to record gameplays and screen for different viewers to watch. This article provides an influx of varying fps game recorders that offer premium and efficient services. Modern society demands high-quality output. Other game recorders without fps drop are presented in the article to remodel the best platform selection.

Top 10 Game Recorders without FPS Dropping

Next, you can get the top game recorders with no fps drop.

Wondershare DemoCreator

The best platform presents the perfect tools, prices, and environment to work on. Wondershare DemoCreator offers the gaming community a simple and efficient platform under a low-price tag, following a balanced ambiance that allows you to screencast and edits your recordings with ease. The DemoCreator game recorder provides you with an expansive library of effects, transitions, and filters that can be effectively consumed to enhance the recording model. What's more, it not only gives you a 60fps, 120fps recording but attenuates an advanced audio mixer covering all the dynamics of audio and the video within a single platform.

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Suppose you are up for a free fps game recorder platform that offers efficient services in recording high bitrates and monumental frame rates. In that case, Bandicam provides you the most efficient features in terms of screen recording. With no price to pay, Bandicam allows you to record games at flexible frame rates and under 4K resolutions. The compression feature presented in its package ensures that the video's size is minimal with no quality losses. It can be considered as the perfect option to record games without fps loss.

bandicam game recorder


Fraps present a pervasive environment in-game recording, with a benchmark nature of manual adjustment of frame rate and video resolution. Frap Realtime Video Capture ensures an efficient video recording at frame rates ranging from 30 to 120 fps. It even offers customized environments for setting frame rates below 30fps. With a simple platform to operate, Fraps can cater to large volumes of recorded data in videos with internal and external audio recording.



This 60fps game recorder is an efficient two-in-one software that offers state-of-the-art video recording and editing features for users with a professional touch. While allowing significantly provocative content to create, Camtasia presents a versatile structure with lucrative features to develop content with. While it offers no time restrictions while recording the game, it still has specific system requirements necessary to operate it correctly.


Open Broadcast Software (OBS)

Users who are more inclined to use platforms with no specific pay should comply with Open Broadcast Software (OBS). This free, open-source video recording service provides you with an enhanced feature set preferable in various gaming communities. The application offers you the ability to broadcast the service across multiple streaming platforms and cater to their experience through amazing plugins. OBS Studio can be consumed as a platform that offers a complete structure for game recording with no particular limitation.


FBX Game Recorder

Dedicated game recording tools can be referred to as the most appropriate options for delivering high-quality content. FBX – Game Recorder offers you the ability to record games at 144fps with a 1440p Quad HD video resolution. Though this platform requires a specific price to be paid, it is relatively easy and efficient to use. A series of different settings can be configured before recording a video game, which includes settings up fps, video resolutions, audio and video capturing, and hotkeys. This game recorder offers extensive versatility in operation.

fbx game recorder

NVIDIA ShadowPlay

NVIDIA ShadowPlay is another dedicated 60fps game recorder that operates primarily across NVIDIA graphics with a 60fps gameplay ability and 4K video resolution results. This game recorder is far exquisite than any other existing in the market. It provides you with an instant replay mode with GIF recording and lives broadcasting across multiple channels.

logitech screen recorder


Mac users can consider using QuickTime, one of the most popular video recording platforms in the Apple domain. With the provision of adding active transitions across videos with ease, this platform offers a very exquisite set of tools to record, edit, and share video files across the Mac. QuickTime is quite beautiful and detailed in providing efficient services, where it ensures to be a game recorder that does not drop fps in any case.

quicktime screen recorder


ScreenFlow is another platform that offers explicit services to Mac users with noticeable tools that present high-quality results to its users. With a user-friendly interface to work on, you can consider recording and customizing your game recording without discrepancies. With the aid of ScreenFlow, you can share your results across any dedicated social media platform with ease.


Action Game Recorder

Dedicated game recorders can provide very efficient results in recording video games at impressive frame rates. Action Game Recorder is another software to present real-time high definition results in the recording. While working across the available hardware acceleration, Action ensures to offer the best environment to record games without fps loss.

action screen recorder

The key point for choosing the best game capture tool

At here, you have got some high-quality 60fps game recorders. However, how to choose the most suitable one? What factors should be considered? Just read on!


It is quite essential to inheriting a game recorder that is relatively easy to use. Checking the process is crucial in the process, which can only be ensured through a simple and usable interface.


Since the standard fps for high-resolution is 60fps, a recorder with 60fps support is crucial. Though 120fps can be considered ideal in this case, it is significant to have 60fps for effective results.


Users with a limited budget should always look for a tool that is either free or low-priced. However, it would help if you were very keen on judging the availability of functions across such platforms.


If you want to get more screen recorders with video editing functions. Just click here.

This article has presented a definitive guide on efficiently selecting the best fps game recorder for covering an efficient game recording. It would help if you looked over the guide to get a better understanding of the platforms that are involved in providing impressive game recording features. So, read here, which game recorder would you pick?

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