How to Record Gameplay with Nvidia

David Wilson
2023-07-20 11:15:18 • Filed to: Game Recording Tools

With the dawn of the 21st century, the gaming world entered a new era of constant ongoing evolution. Gamers all around the world are experiencing astounding upgrades in both hardware and software of video games. Gaming consoles are getting more popular, but many gamers still prefer their PCs.

For the past few years, the gaming communities all around the globe have been going gaga over online videos of screen recorded gameplay. The recent upsurge in recording gameplay footage has lead to the development of countless software applications that let you record your gameplay.

Before you choose any software to record and share your gameplay videos, you need to make sure if it is worth the try.

The tool you choose must be able to pick up with the rapid pace of action-packed video games. The marketplace offers tons of such tools, but deciding which one to pick is the question at hand.

Nvidia GeForce Experience is a screen recording software tool that you should consider for this purpose. This article provides an in-depth insight into the features of Nvidia and how to record gameplay with Nvidia Experience, and also suggest alternatives. Let’s get started!

Steps to Use Nvidia GeForce Experience

Nvidia GeForce Experience is a fantastic software application that can up your gameplay recording quality by tenfold. The software has gone through so much evolution in the past few years. The user interface has become much more innovative.

There is a slight learning curve to master Nvidia, but the tool does not hesitate to showcase its wonders once you get familiar with it.

If your computer has Nvidia GPU, it's high time you start utilizing the GeForce Experience to your benefit. There are numerous quality features that you are missing out on.

The GeForce Experience lets you capture videos, take screenshots, and share live-streams with your gaming squad. It works to bring you drivers that function to amplify performance, eliminate bugs, and boost your overall gaming experience.

GeForce Experience is here to ensure the high-quality broadcasting of your video games. It is capable of capturing the swift-paced action that games are packed with. Even though the learning process takes time, it is still worth the patience.

Here is a detailed guide on how to record game with Nvidia GeForce Experience.

Step 1: Make sure you have an Nvidia graphics card. Go to the Official GeForce Experience website. Download GeForce Experience. Run and install it.

Step 2: Once installed, open the software. Go to the settings tab in the top right corner and make sure that the In-Game Overlay is on.

run nvidia software

This will allow you to record videos, take screenshots, and broadcast your gameplay.

Step 3: Next, go to the Settings tab in the In-Game Overlay and then click on Recordings.

Here you can choose in what location you want to save your videos.

Step 4: Now that you have adjusted the settings, open GeForce Experience and click on the share icon, or just press Alt+Z that is the default key to open GeForce.

click share on nvidia

Step 5: To start recording, click on the recording button and select start. You can also press Alt+F9 to begin recording your screen.

start recording nvidia

Step 6: Next, select Customize. This will open a lot of features that you can adjust according to your preference to get the best quality of screen recording.

start recording nvidia

You can set the quality to low, medium, high, or custom. The software offers resolutions from 360p to 4K to In-Game resolution.

You can choose a frame rate of either 30 fps or 60 fps. You can also change the bit rate from 10 bps to 130 bps.

Once you have got your quality set up, go ahead and click Save.

Step 7: You can choose to record live commentary simultaneously while your gameplay is being recorded. For that, make sure you have selected the Audio icon.

record live video nvidia

You also have the option of recording live video as screen recording goes on. Just select the Video icon, and your webcam will be on.

Step 8: Once you get done with all these steps, you can now click Recording and Start. To stop, go back and click Recording and select Stop and Save.

stop recording nvidia

Also, you can press Alt+F9 to start recording and press the same key to stop and save.

After this, go to the location you initially set for your saved videos, and you will find all of them there.

These are the key steps that you should know on how to record game with Nvidia Experience. You can set up hotkeys according to your preference through settings. The flexibility of this software and the option to record audio-video simultaneously with screen recording makes it an outstanding tool.

You can choose to share your gameplay recording videos on YouTube, or you may stream them on Twitch.

The feature that records your gameplay is called ShadowPlay. This feature must appear on the top right when you open GeForce Experience to make sure that your panel is compatible.

The most attractive feature of this software application is the amount of control it offers its users over the quality of their screen recording.

Nvidia Alternative to Record Games

Every software has its liabilities. Nvidia GeForce Experience has some of its own, despite the fact the tool does a marvelous job at creating high-quality screen recordings of your gameplay.

More often, the GeForce Experience is unable to pick commands and is forced to stop functioning through the task manager. That ends up in you staring at the blank screen and waiting for it to restart.

Many users have reported that the Recording click for GeForce Experience fails to work very often. Sometimes the software is unable to pick any visuals and records only audio. These bugs can become very frustrating if they keep occurring from time to time.

This calls for an alternative to GeForce Experience. Wondershare DemoCreator is where your hunt for a suitable alternate comes to an end. The software is equipped with everything that you need for quality gameplay recording. Let’s take a look at what the fuss with this software is all about!

It has managed to become one of the most amazing and versatile software applications to record and edit gameplay through the years. It has a plethora of functionalities that you can put to good use to record, edit, and save your gameplay.

run democreator

1. Click the "Record Game" option from the screen once you have installed the program successfully.

2. Run your game and the software will detect it automatically. Set up the recording area, frame rate, audio and webcam settings.

audio and webcam settings democreator

3. Hit on the red circle button to start recording. You can also press F10 to start or end the process.

start recording with democreator

4. Once the process completes, you can edit the videos with thousands of resources or export it directly.

edit game recording clip democreator

The countless editing features of this software have helped it to acquire much popularity among gamers all around the world. Some of the features that it provides are cursor effects, callouts, headers, annotations, texts, and so much more. Wondershare DemoCreator is so much more than a mere gameplay screen recorder. This application features a lot of options that enable you to save lectures, create content, and edit it to your satisfaction.


Now that you are all geared up with the pros and cons of both these software applications, you can easily make your choice. Load up your favorite games and download your desired software to share your gaming techniques with the world.

With to upraise of new game recording software tools in the market, you need to leave the obsolete software tools with slow-paced functionalities behind.

Make sure whatever platform you choose allows you to create your videos just how you want them to be. The more versatility in editing options, the catchier your video will be.