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Harnessing Corporate Videography for Maximizing Potential and Profits

Alma Elliott
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

The average human attention span has now fallen to less than that of a goldfish, and this decline got put into motion ever since sophisticated and new technology; particularly smartphones, entered the mainstream market and brought about a global paradigm shift in how people lived their lives.

Now, to the general public, this might seem like an insignificant detail that we are asking you to concern yourselves with, however, it was reported in the UK in 2018, a lack of concentration caused damages to the industry sector of an estimated £1.6 million.

Those statistics are significant, and quite strange because one might wonder as to how a lack of attention can lead to such heavy liabilities?

The answer is the steep curve of information humans now produce every second of every day in all of our lives. The data we generate is used to drive better healthcare, develop better clothing and fabric options, promote education access, and bring about a revolution that will set the precedent for living life for the generations to come.

This also has generated and given rise to a number of problems faced by the corporate business industries in the contemporary society. As the world continues to grow, one of the most important sectors is the business and corporate sector which expands and created opportunities for many people whether fresh or experienced.

The Problems Facing the Corporate Sector:

The corporate sector has been pushing double and triple duty to reach customers now, as the information overload resulting in a lack of attention to the services and media put out by organizations, now means that sales and marketing will need to change their marketing and selling techniques and adapt more inclusive and innovative ideas on how to get those profits.

One sure fire way to boost sales is to use corporate videography. Corporate videography involves utilizing all the benefits of creating attractive content and garnering even better views and traffic onto their sites, turning them into sales and popularity.

With corporate videography, you can properly communicate your offering in a way that your target audience would understand. This is vital because marketers must be succinct in their messaging and package it into an asset that potential customers will consume in order to achieve this.

In a variety of ways, corporate video material advances the organization. It's a wise investment that will boost employee happiness and boost your bottom line. People can strengthen their company's corporate communication efforts while enhancing their video marketing efforts by creating engaging corporate video content.

With corporate videography, businesses can develop effective and interactive content that will astound potential clients and turn them into loyal consumer bases!

But first, let us take a deep dive into the basics:

What Corporate Videography is, exactly?

Corporate Videography refers to the business and practice of making videos, animations, and motion picture products to drive productivity and boost customer engagement on all platforms of media.

In the not so distant past, print media was the biggest platform for advertising and engaging people, but with the rise of social media and more importance of being “tech-savvy”, everyone has now shifted their focus to capturing the attention of the younger generations and the middle generations who are also becoming involved more into the technological development scene all around the world.

corporate videography

Businesses hire sophisticated marketing teams that solely focus on the goal of having better reach for their customers.

Corporate videography includes making short videos which include material such as training videos for onboarding of new employees and continuing professional development of existing employees; motivational content; advertising newer content, services, and products; explaining and “how to” videos; customer reviews, journey, testimonials, and many more.

What are the Benefits of Corporate Videos?

According to a HubSpot study, 54 percent of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support, therefore corporate films have become increasingly significant in recent years. In today's digital environment, if your company isn't producing them, you're sure to slip behind.

Examples of Corporate Videography:

1. RIPO:

RIPO, a Latvian furniture design, and maker, filmed a short film in early 2018 for boosting their brand. It illustrates, rather than tells, the audience everything they do, their brand ethos, and what makes them a unique company in just 2 minutes. Instead of using a vocal narration, they chose to employ English text on-screen, which quickly connects this modest Latvian company to the rest of the world. Consider how many people would be turned off online if they choose a Latvian narrator.

corporate videography

Picture Taken From: Spiel Creative Corporate Videos

Furthermore, they cleverly combine sleek, simple photography with a subtle electronic sound that swells throughout the movie, emphasizing the notion that they truly value Scandinavian design and efficiency.


Coca-Cola released a two-part content strategy film called 'Content 2020' in 2011. It was Coca-strategic Cola's vision for the company's future, and it was 17 minutes long in all. It is divided into nine chapters and covers topics such as their move to focus on content excellence from creativity, their commitment to assisting people and improving their lives, and their immense influence on popular culture, to name a few.

Given that this is a corporate video intended for internal use rather than public consumption, the fact that part 1 has nearly 700,000 views on YouTube is astounding! Coca-marketing Cola's clout is exemplified by this example.

corporate videography

It's also worth highlighting the video's artistic style. It employs whiteboard animation, an art form in which the viewer sees the story take shape by watching the artist's hands draw it. If you need to explain something complicated, as previously stated, this strategy is scientifically shown to be one of the most successful ways of engaging the audience.


Practicus, a project management and consulting firm, developed a 73-second animated movie in 2016. 'Another Way' is the title of the video, and it's a terrific example of a corporate Hub video that is a snuggle fit on their landing page. Its clean, clear, and informative style complements the brand's collaborative ethos and provides the visitor the impression that working with Practicus is simple, easy, and trustworthy.

This corporate video is referred to as an "explainer" because it accomplishes exactly what it says: it explains what Practicus does and how they do it. Once you've written a brilliant script, come up with creative methods to use animation to figuratively portray the script's most significant points and ideas.

How to Elevate Your Corporate Videography:

There are a few basic steps you need to follow through to really get a grasp on how videography and content generation for corporate sector really works. Here are some guides to help you create the best content for your organization:

1. Planning Wins Half the Battle:

Robust planning is probably the most crucial aspect of content creation for videography. It puts into perspective what your goals are and what you need from the content, and how you need it to be. Partnering up with a good videography team and also having a good eye for visualization and other aspects majorly helps in setting a good foundation for your work.

In this “Pre-production Phase”, you basically need to be clear to (foremost) yourself and to the animators or camera crew or digital effects artists about what you have in mind and how you need it translated onto a moving screen.

Preparing material such as notes, rough sketches, and drawings, or setting up a brainstorming session with your team to get the best ideas are a few ways of giving enough information for the production team to actually start on the right foot for the content you need them to create for you.

Things like location(s); color palettes; underlying themes; expression of words; imagery conveyed; audio require; scripts, and other details should be carefully examined and discussed over in this stage.

corporate videography

2. Production Phase:

In the production phase, the team starts to film the content. The goal of the team or teams involved in the production is that the content should align with and promote the company’s values and long-term goals for which they need the content. Working with experienced as well as kind people is also a very important aspect— nobody would want to risk precious time and resources and end up having badly filmed footage.

You can even make good use of the contemporary sophisticated technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and utilize human avatars in your footage, as well as employ the “deep fakes” to introduce an element of novelty and humor to capture and hold the interest of viewers and potential clients or customers.

3. Finalizing in Post-Production:

As the production phase ends and you have footage in your hands, now starts the phase of sculpting it and carving out the tiny details which make it shine. This is done by many processes which include editing; adding visual effects; adding audio or music and/or voice-over; correcting visual aspects, rendering the video, and more.

You can import your videos to external processing software and/or devices; add captions, annotations, stickers, and more such type of effects to make it beautiful. At the end of all post production editing, you can export your videos onto the relevant platform.

Make sure to always backup your data at every stage of the whole working process, in both cloud storage platforms as well as hardware devices such as CD-ROMs, USBs, hard-drives etc. so that you may not lose any crucial or extra data at any point in time if there is an issue or any malfunction with the equipment or systems.

How to Make Your Corporate Videography with DemoCreator Software:

Wondershare’s DemoCreator software is a screen recorder and video editor multi-package tool that allows users to record screens for a variety of purposes including presentations, gaming, lessons, and more. With an easy-to-use and straightforward user interface, you can easily edit your screen recordings. It is much more than a screen recorder. It enables you to manipulate your recordings using a variety of tools to make them more visually appealing and understandable to your audience.

corporate videography

The DemoCreator software and tools are the perfect solutions for individuals who want to record their screen and need a few simple editing features to make their recording more appealing and understandable. Teachers, tutors, and authors of online courses will benefit from DemoCreator the most.

With these easy steps, you can now use the incredible features of DemoCreator software to elevate your business to the next level:

1. Record Your Video:

Come up with a plan for your videos. Then, you can enter DemoCreator’s environment and make use of their user-friendly features such as making your own avatar, and others, to give a unique twist to your videos. The DemoCreator human avatar uses machine learning to track your jaw, eyes, hearing, and pupils. If you move your head, your avatar will follow suit. When you speak into the microphone, the avatar will lip-sync in real-time or even imitate recorded sounds.

corporate videography

2. Import Your Video Clips for Editing:

You can import into the DemoCreator Editor and begin to implement any changed you want.

corporate videography

3. Add Captions, Annotation, Stickers, or More Effects:

Make animated videos quickly and easily with a variety of ready-to-use elements and scenes! Characters, props, text, and audio assets can all be dragged and dropped. Turn live action screenplays into animated video by just one click, to customize character style, facial traits, attire, and accessories.

corporate videography

4. Export Video:

The last thing that your need to do is to export your video to any integrated platform with DemoCreator, or any other third-party platform you wish to get views on.

corporate videography

Things to Keep in Mind:

As these processes, and essentially the entire process of videography requires extensive resources, you also need to spend some time organizing and managing the allocation of these resources to the best of your skills. It is much better, in the long run, to hire someone else to do it, instead of doing it yourself which may result in damaged footage and wasted resources.

How much does a corporate video cost to make?

The cost of production alone for a corporate film starts at around $5000 and can go further beyond that for all and any additional services and features that you require and use. It all depends on what you're looking for. Animation or live-action style and quality, video duration, and the caliber of the firm you deal with are all factors that influence it.

What is your financial situation?

Your KPIs are inextricably related to your budget. As a result, you should calculate your return on investment (ROI) if your KPIs are reached. Consider the following scenario:

If one of your key performance indicators is to grow new customer sales by 25%; estimate how many new consumers you'll gain each year. Calculate each new customer's lifetime value. Then calculate your return on investment by multiplying the answer from step 1 by the answer from step 2.

This will not only help you generate a reasonable budget, but it will also assist you in prioritizing work and demonstrating the video's relevance to stakeholders.

How Do I Locate the Best Corporate Video Production Company?

Examine their portfolios and reviews to check if they've made comparable videos before and if they've collaborated with respectable companies. Gather a few samples to aid in the communication of the video you're envisioning. If you want to meet them in person, limit your search to those who are local to you. 'Corporate video company close to me,' for example.

Your main themes and brand ethos should be thoroughly briefed to them. If they provide you with a quote based on basic features/length when you first contact them, realize that they are aiming for a quick sell rather than a true partnership to accomplish real business results.

To produce a captivating script, talk to both the creative director and the salesforce. When it comes to interacting with the team, trust your instincts. Are they receptive, passionate, and understanding of your message, for example? Allow yourself to be influenced by their expertise. Keep your calendar and finances in check.

What is the most appropriate art style for my corporate video?

The art style for your video should be picked logically, that is, to meet the film's objective, your calculated budget, your brand's ethos, and one that resonates with your audience, rather than based on a gut feeling, that is, guesswork.

Be wary of agencies who try to push you towards more expensive and intricate art styles that you don't need. Regardless of what they say, the artwork's primary goal is to effectively communicate your message.

When it comes to marketing videos, more expensive art styles don't always imply better business results. In reality, a high production value can frequently result in unfavorable outcomes, such as it may be more expensive and time-consuming to test and change the film once it is finished, lowering your return on investment; it may detract from the video's main ideas; and because of the extended production time, the deadline may be pushed back.

Relationship between Corporate Video Marketing and Sales Funnel:

When you're designing your video marketing strategy, it's especially vital to keep the sales funnel in mind. This is the path a potential client must travel to become a customer of yours. To get the most out of your marketing budget, think about how your corporate videos may use each stage to get as many people to the bottom as feasible (and buy). Google's 'Hero, Hub, Hygiene framework is an extremely beneficial method for optimizing video content for your sales funnel.

Hero (Attraction):

Hero videos are strong, emotional marketing promos that are only seen once in a while. They are designed to introduce your company to a wide new audience or to break it into a new market sector. They're at the top of the sales funnel because the attraction stage is all about introducing your company to potential leads and persuading them to investigate further.

As a result, they usually need the most personal investment of any video format. Brand videos are the best ones in this category.

Hub (Capture):

Hub videos are recurring, integrated pieces of content that keep your audience interested by providing new views on their interests. The purpose of these videos is to increase brand awareness, trust, engagement, and subscriptions among new visitors who have been attracted by your awareness content.

They're ideal for the capture stage of your sales funnel since they establish you as an industry thought leader by effectively responding to any queries or objections consumers may have regarding your product or service. Customer testimonials, explainers, and interviews with industry experts are all excellent choices for your corporate video campaign.

Hygiene (Attraction and Nurture):

Hygiene videos (also known as 'Help') ensure that you get found when people seek queries and keywords related to your sector on the internet. You can create content that particularly addresses these most sought terms by using Google to find them. This methodical strategy is what will propel you to the top of Google's first page.

These films serve as both an attraction and a nurturing tool since they generate new leads through internet searches and also they dispel any remaining worries with relevant and educational information. Product demonstrations and instructive videos are perfect for generating conversions for your campaign.


There is a lot of scope for people and businesses to improve on their revenue from video marketing. A professional video production business should show you the art styles that are most likely to work with your video. DemoCreator is an amazing software with unique and attractive elements which can boost the quality of your corporate videos and generate more views and sales than before.