OpenShot Video Editor Review

David Wilson
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Video Editor Software Reviews

Video editing in today’s social media-frenzied world is a basic requirement and it isn't just restricted to the professional video editors but is also commonly used by content creators who have taken up creating content as their profession. It might also be used by businesses that use their videos to showcase products in a better manner.

The users these days also often upload tutorials or how-to videos which can be accessed by a huge audience all across social media and video sharing platforms. The need arises for video editing software that can cater to people who are not professional editors but can be used and accessed by people and is basic and intuitive in nature. One such editor is the OpenShot video editor. In this article, we are going to provide you the OpenShot video editor review.


OpenShot video editor is an app which is available cross platforms on the Mac, Windows or Linux and that is something that every new content creator is looking for. This interface is a very basic interface however it does offer everything that is required from the point of view of the editor. The user can switch easily between the Advanced and Simple views depending upon the information which is needed to be seen at any time on the screen by anyone. Apart from this, the users can customize this interface to suit their needs.

1 OpenShot Video Editor Download

OpenShot is a very easy to use video editor that surprises its users with the power it has. It is one of the video editors which are used by many content creators for creating videos in an easy manner. The users usually prefer this editor because of how basic its interface really is. There are many basic features which are available in this app and can create good content. It is also among the most recommended apps by critics.

For downloading and installing the OpenShot video editor, the user needs to follow the steps below.

Step1: The user needs to go to the download link provided below


The user has an option to download the video editing software for Windows or Linux or even Mac. After the video is downloaded, the user has to install the video editor.

Step 2: After downloading the OpenShot video editor, the .exe file will have to be double clicked for running an installation process.

Step 3: After that, there will be an installation process which will start and the user will have to follow that until the instructions end. The icon is going to appear on this desktop.

Step 4: The icon will have to be clicked and the application then begins to run.

2 Pricing and Interface

The OpenShot video editor is meant specifically for the video editors who are young and cash strapped and also new to the art of video editing. Therefore, the OpenShot video editor free is open source and does not have a cost attached to it. The user has also an access to many features in the free version itself and has other features available. In case the user wants to access the advanced features too, he can access it from the OpenShot API where they are available at minimal rates. With the video editor being free, the users prefer the OpenShot video editor in comparison to the other editors.

Another factor that makes this one of the favorite editing software for editors is the interface of the video editing software. The video editing software is extremely easy to use and very intuitive too. The user also has an option of customizing this interface in a way that he can resize the section which he wants to use more and edit the size of the panes and also whatever those panes are going to feature. There are other options of the floating videos however the floating video gets back to the location of the feature. The user can also select simple and advanced views.

3 Key Functions

Trim and Slicing – The user has an option of editing the clips on the timeline by cutting, trimming and slicing the videos. There are other options for adjusting and snapping of the videos as well. These are the properties which may be animated over the course of time only with a few clicks. The users also have an option of resizing by transform tool as well

Animation – The OpenShot video editor provides the options for amazing 3D animations which are powered by the Blender application. The OpenShot editor comes with over 20 animations and allows the users to come up with over 20 animations. It also allows the users to make adjustments to color and sizes along with lengths of the video and also the other rendering properties of the video.

Title Editor – There are more than 40 vector titles and their templates which are included with the OpenShot video editor and this makes the adding of titles to the project very easy and also gives an option to the videos to make it creative. The users can create other vector titles as well if they want to use templates other than the ones which are given.

Slow Motion – In OpenShot, the users have an option to slow time down by the time-mapping features. The users have the option of also reversing the speed of the video and the animation of the speed and direction of the clip can be done as per the prerogative of the user. The key frame animation is done in a good manner in this video editor.

Audio waveforms – the users have an option of editing the audios in the form of waveforms and then edit them as per their convenience. The users who see the waveforms can edit the size of the audio clip and the volume and also take out the spaces in between the audios if there is a voice recording. They can also make the videos sync with the audio as well.

4 Pros and Cons

OpenShot editor is one of the most popular software for video editing and the reason for that is the number of benefits it offers to the users at no cost at all. The users have an access to many features in this very basic software. Though there are also a few drawbacks which exist in the OpenShot video editor.  

The pros and cons of the video editor are as follows.


  • Free to use
  • Easy to use
  • Audio Waveforms
  • Editing, clipping and resizing options available.
  • Drag and drop is available.
  • OpenShot video editor watermark free
  • Many layers and tracks
  • Trimming and cutting features available.


  • Limited Effects
  • Tendency to Lag.

5. OpenShot Alternative - Wondershare DemoCreator

For those who find it difficult to use the OpenShot editor or find the drawbacks of the video editor too hard to handle, we recommend an alternative in the Wondershare DemoCreator which is also an equally powerful app which as per the users. This is one of the apps which is used extensively by its users.

democreator windows

The Wondershare DemoCreator has a very effective interface too and provides flexibility and also like OpenShot is very intuitive. The users are also able to use the software for the recording of their videos and are also recording sounds with the use of microphones. The video trimming in the software is very easy and the options are available for the slowing down of videos and the changing of pace for the videos. There are other options that are available to which include the changing of volumes and adding transitions. There are other composite changes that are also available and the effects of the videos are also added for the addition of transitions and these videos to make them look professional. Users are also able to set the frame rates and other target areas for the editing. The users also have an option for exporting the video to different formats.


The OpenShot video editor is without a doubt becoming popular with a lot of people in the content creation world. However, there has been a question that has arisen lately, and that is whether the OpenShot video editor safe or not. The answer to this is yes, the video editor is extremely safe and should be used without being worried about safety. The users of this video editing software use it to create videos that they can share on social media and video-sharing platforms. These may be gaming videos or video tutorials that share how a particular thing is to be done. In the ever-growing world of YouTube and Facebook, OpenShot provides a good option to not only create quality content but also do so for free and without having to gain any significant knowledge of video editing.