How to Use a Magnifier to Make Things on the Screen Video

Oliva Eve
2024-05-15 14:00:25 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

The Magnify impact is highlighted in the effects libraries of most present-day video altering and picture compositing software items. If you'd prefer to figure out how you can use a cursor magnifier in screen recording video, you've gone to the ideal spot because in this article we are demonstrating how you can make the cursor magnifier in the video in the absolute best video altering programs available. Screen magnification is a subject that we feel determined about considering the way that it's a full-time screen enhancement customer for all our PC work and in this, we have described the events to show kids in kindergarten through optional school about these undertakings.

Need to focus on unequivocal nuances in your video? There's a straightforward technique to do it: That is cursor magnifier in Wondershare DemoCreator software. Zoom a video to convey those scenes closer to the watcher. All you need to do this is an astounding video administrator with a zoom fill in as Wondershare DemoCreator. It's a multifunctional video adjusting and setting up a gadget that will let you quickly and viably zoom in or zoom out a video, apply different upgrades, add sound, titles, and changes, and save the result to any of the more than numerous media formats. You can also give it a direct hit to your YouTube channel for what you'd have made that special impact effect video i-e cursor magnifier in the video.

Why the cursor magnifier is important for tutorial videos?

Screen amplification software, now and again called screen growth software, is a PC software that extends everything on a PC screen. Since the screen picture is amplified, the client just sees part of the screen at a time. Instances of screen amplification software incorporate, Windows Magnifier, Zoom on Macs, and ZoomText. This product is for individuals with low vision who can communicate with PCs outwardly.

Notwithstanding amplifying zones of your presentation, screen magnifiers can likewise stress a territory on your screen with shading a lot for the individuals who effectively lose their place. You can likewise tweak your cursor to make it simpler to situate on your screen, for example, hovering it to make it more obvious.

Advantages specific to Tutorial Videos

With this special tool inside your tutorial videos, you can likewise look over changed amplification modes. For instance, you can amplify the whole screen, or utilize a fixed position that augments segments as you look through. Or then again you can utilize the standard amplifying focal point that pursues your cursor around the page. A magnifying the screen video in Windows 10 application offers the capacity to transform the shadings on your screen from dark on-white to white-on-dark, which can diminish glare and is useful for those experiencing macular degeneration.

It's advantageous!

Screen amplification software can assist understudies with overseeing eye weariness, utilize great stance and a decent survey distance, and access similar exercises as their companions. This encourages them to learn scholastics, complete tests, and construct innovation abilities. Utilizing screen amplification software can affect numerous regions of the Expanded Core Curriculum, for example, Assistive Technology, Independent Living Skills.

It's Free to Get Started

You can begin by utilizing the inherent screen amplification program on your PC or downloading a free preliminary of the product you are keen on.

Utilize Full-Screen Mode

Full-screen mode is the best route for the vast majority to utilize screen amplification; set your settings likewise to be effective.

Set Goals

The vast majority discover utilizing screen amplification muddling at first. Regardless of whether for yourself or your understudy, it is beneficial to set an objective of utilizing the screen amplification program for a specific measure of time

How to use a cursor magnifier in DemoCreator?

The zooming impact is fairly simple to add. Perceive how to focus on a video with the assistance of this basic guide. Here in this guide, we'll emphasize mouse cursor magnifier in DemoCreator software as stated above, it's an important factor nowadays to emphasize the given text inside a video so you can have magnifier enabled. Hence, to learn how to do that, follow the steps below:

Open Wondershare DemoCreator
We assume you've already installed this masterpiece software inside your desktop. Hence, open the DemoCreator and hit the Video Editor option from the screen as it will take you towards the video editor of this software program.

Import/Record your Videos
Now inside the video editor of this software, you've both the ways to import your pre-recorded videos or to record a new video for editing of cursor magnifier effect. To opt for the recording of the video, hit the Record button situated at the top left corner of the screen.
On the other hand, if you have got a pre-recorded video already inside your computer then you need to import it from the Import button.

Note: You can import any format of video as well as along with the images and audio files.

Drag the Media to Timeline
In the next step, after you've imported or recorded your videos within the DemoCreator software, now you need to drag them to the timeline where you can start editing them accordingly. Hence, to do that, drag your files from the Media section into the timeline as follows:

Enable the Magnifier Effect
In the main step, go to the Cursor section situated on the right side of the vertical menu bar.
From there, select the Cursor Magnify Effect and drag it to the timeline on your video file.

Customize the Magnifier Effect
Within the DemoCreator, the best part is that you can handily do the customizations of your cursor effect inside the video editor. To proceed with that, select the Cursor inside the timeline and it will eventually open up the customization menu at the right side of the software interface as follows

  • Under the section Cursor, you can have the scale and opacity menu for the cursor focus point inside the video.
  • In the Spotlight section, you can change the color along with the opacity and the area it covers on your entire screen of the video.
  • Under the Magnify Section, you can customize the magnification color on the screen as well as the zooming criteria of this effect.
  • You can also customize the Thickness and the Area of the Cursor effect into the video where you've brought this effect into.

Edit the Video File
Here inside the video editor, you can also edit and bring colors to your recordings or imported videos. You can add transitions, other effects, titles, and texts along with the title animations to your videos inside the timeline with the simple menu bar situated on the left side of the software interface.

Export/share the masterpiece
In the last step, the purpose you've had made and edited your tutorial video with the magnifier effect is here to serve. You can export your masterpiece video to your required format as well as you can also share it to an online platform such as YouTube from a direct hit.
To do that, hit the Export button and customize the exporting options that will save your video to the required location.
To share it to the YouTube platform, hit the YouTube menu, and sign in to your channel where you can easily hit the Export button to your YouTube channel.


Text can seem blocky and difficult to peruse when amplified, yet a screen magnifier application smooths the edges and makes it discernible. Openness apparatuses have large amounts of most working frameworks, all the better to assist clients with vision or hearing weaknesses. Extraordinary compared to others is the magnifier, which is a real sense that tosses a computerized amplifying glass on the screen to assist those with visual perception issues battle what is by all accounts an always diminishing sort size. You can download it from these links:

Eventually, with the cursor magnifier in DemoCreator, you can have all the perks as explained above. This software enables you to magnify with specific customizations so you can have an easy-to-use effect on your tutorial videos as well as your video recordings. This effect in Wondershare DemoCreator has various variations along with other similar effects so you can bring them into the timeline of the video editing environment. That's the reason we recommend this masterpiece toolkit as it worth a try!