How to Make Audio Transitions in DemoCreator?

Oliva Eve
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Audio Editing

Change the movement of a sound haze now with the fade-in/fade-out operations made handy with audio transitions tips explained in this article. You can change the rate at which the volume of video or brief pieces obscures in and out. a couple of archives can sound riotous and unexpected! Have you not experienced the unforeseen frenzy or shock when a stunning voice meddles with a calm atmosphere? Rather than shake the soul of your groups, you can utilize fade-in fade-out choices to add a slow expansion in the volume of your sound records. both Fade in and Fade Out impacts that you can add to the start and end of your compact pieces. These fog decisions make your compact pieces sound smoother and more unnoticeable.

What's cooler than a specialist fade-in/fade-out effect expected to immaculately change your watchers starting with one scene of a video then onto the next? An audio fade-in/fade-out effect complements the advancement. Just in case, if you are checking out a sound, you may feel abnormal if the track suddenly starts or gets done with a comparative volume to the whole one. Make an effort not to stretch since you can fix this issue viably with the Audio Fade incorporate. Thusly, in this audio transitions guide, we will sort out some way to use Audio Fade In/Fade Out with an intuitive and handy platform. Stick with us to learn more.

Method 1: Fading Audio Out/In

In the first method, we'll demonstrate to you how to make audio transitions with the DemoCreator by performing the fade-in/fade-out operation. We've split the guide with the steps so you can have a better understanding of performing this technique without any hassle. Let's dive into doing so…

  • Download and Install Wondershare DemoCreator
    Before you start embarking on your first project by fading operation. You need to download this software from the official website of Wondershare DemoCreator.Now after performing the download of this software, you need to install it to your computer with the downloaded file so you can perform the audio transition editing handily.
  • Launch DemoCreator
    In this step, as you've probably downloaded and installed this software, now you need to launch it by opening it from the desktop or by typing the DemoCreator within the search bar of your desktop and after the successful launch, you need to opt for the Video Editor option.
  • Import and Add your Files to Timeline
    In the next step, you need to import the files on which you want to operate the audio transition. So, to do that, hit the Import button within the basic layout of this software.
    After your files are successfully imported into the software, now is the time to drag them into the timeline.
  • Edit Audio
    In this step, we'll emphasize how you will perform the basic audio editing functionality with the DemoCreator. So, to do that, select the audio file within your timeline and right-click on it which will open up the properties of the file.
    Hit the Edit Audio button which will eventually open up the basic audio editor visible to you at the right side of your software interface as shown above.
  • Fade-in/Fade-out
    In this step, we'll demonstrate to you the fading functionality of DemoCreator with a swift approach. So, to do that, hit the audio within the timeline of this software and it'll enable the two icons within the audio file.
    To opt for the Fade-in option on that audio, drag the first icon which is on the left side.
    Now to opt for the Fade-out technique hit the other icon which is on the right side of the audio file.
  • Export and Share the File
    Now in the last step, you can perform the exporting operation with few clicks from the software interface just by hitting the Export button at the top-right corner of your software screen.
    This will internally open up the export window where you can perform the MP3 format within the format section and hit the Export button at the lower corner.
    Now to share your file directly to your YouTube channel then Wondershare DemoCreator has made it quite easy as you can do it just by hitting the YouTube menu bar.

Method 2: Split and Edit the Audio Track

In the second method of performing the audio transition, you can do it manually within the timeline of DemoCreator. But worry not, we have got that covered for you as well. Just follow the steps below to perform this action without any hassle.

Step 1: Split the audio track

Just as you followed the above steps of importing and dragging your files within the timeline, now you can perform the splitting audio technique which will help you to cut out your audio files where you want to make audio transitions. To do that, select the audio file and hit the Split icon at the top of the timeline.

Note: You can also perform the splitting operation just by hovering the slider on your audio and hitting it at the exact venue and it'll make your audio separated from the other one.

Step 2: Edit the Split Audio Track

In this step, we emphasize how you would perform the editing option on your audio which got split for transitioning purposes. So, to perform this option, select the desired track and right-click on it which will appear the properties of that audio file, and select the Edit Audio from it.

Step 3: Make the audio transitions

In this main step, you'll get to know the transitioning technique with the DemoCreator. To operate, refer to the audio editor which just opened up at the right side of the software screen.

From there, go to the Volume section from the audio editor, and by changing the audio track volume which you got split for this purpose, you can easily achieve the audio transitions hassle-free.

Note: You can also drag the volume operation for the other audio and check their synchronization within the preview section of the software screen.


From the above methodologies, it gets crystal clear now to perform the various audio editing techniques with this intuitive software. So even if you're a rookie in performing the audio editing techniques manually, then you can choose the Wondershare DemoCreator software hassle-free as you can learn it without any complexity. You can also refer to the above methodologies to make audio transitions in DemoCreator hence this is the best available option for you if you're new in this regard. So, refer to the following links to get this software at your desired PC.

Now as from the above article, you can now easily embark on your first project with the audio transitions as your basic aim with your various audios and video projects. You don't need to be a professional or a creative editor to perform the editing techniques with the DemoCreator as you can do that with the best-described guide above. Hence, it would a wise option to opt for the DemoCreator from the pile of software applications available to you with the various problematic scenarios without wasting any time and resources.