How to Record Discord Audio in Few Steps?

Alma Elliott
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Game Recording Tools

Game chat applications are beginning to set the gaming community trend and bring contemporary methods of communication among the players. Throughout the globe, gamers have been gathering up to set up voice chatting across different voice chat apps such as Discord. These platforms are not simple chatting platforms that provide VoIP services but attenuate impressive features that make them highly recommended among the community. Many gamers have considered recording their audios for various purposes, out of which sharing and monetizing over multiple platforms is considered among the top priorities in users. This article provides a detailed guide on how to record Discord audio using a highly recommended platform.

The Best Recommended Discord Audio Recorder: DemoCreator

As gamers have preferred Discord audio recording, they have conceded on settling over a platform that would offer them high-quality recording outputs. As this market is expanded across the maximum bounds, hundreds of developer companies have presented their product for efficient screen recording. Despite that, this article seeks to introduce you to a platform that would cater to all requirements and provide practical recording and editing features. Wondershare DemoCreator is a highly appreciated screen recording and video editing platform that ensures elegancy in its services and presents monumental features. It assures in providing exemplary services in the Discord audio recording method.


  • The platform offers you a very intuitive and simplistic platform to work on, making it a top-rated choice for beginners, along with professionals.
  • Support screen, webcam, mic, and system audio recording.
  • Provide a very detailed list of effects, transitions, and media libraries.
  • It offers a breakneck rendering speed with an impressive audio editor for managing audios files separately.
  • Infuses all significant kinds of input video formats.
  • Suitable for both Mac and Windows PC.


  • Adds a watermark in its free version.

Platform Compatibility: Windows OS, Mac OS

How to use DemoCreator Recorder to Record Discord Audio?

When it comes to using DemoCreator for efficiently recording audios across platforms like Discord, it follows a very straightforward guideline. For that, this article aids you in determining how to record Discord audio in DemoCreator.

Step 1: Download and Install the Wondershare DemoCreator recorder.

At first, you are required to download the platform from its official website. After downloading the setup for the trial version of Wondershare DemoCreator, you need to install the platform by following the on-screen guidelines. As soon as you install the forum, you are provided with the autonomy to register yourself over the platform. For that, you need to select a particular package out of "Monthly," "Annual," and "Perpetual License" to gain complete access to the software.

Step 2: Log in to your Discord and select your target recording content.

Over a similar desktop, you can either run Discord by installing it on your computer or running it across the browser. After launching this specific voice chat application, you must log in to the account and approach the content you wish to record.

Step 3: Once the DemoCreator program has been installed, head over to the "Capture" tab

Similarly, launch the DemoCreator program after a successful installation. You need to select the "Capture" section out of the two options provided on the home screen of the software.

wondershare democreator

Step 4: Enable the Audio recording.

With a new screen on your front, you are required to configure different settings before setting up Discord Audio recording. You can observe several options out of which you are required to initially select the "Audio" section on the left panel. Hover your cursor across the settings and enable the "Computer Audio" by changing the settings to "Capture."

audio recording

Step 5: Choose your Discord screen and start recording.

Along with setting up the audio for the screen recording, you need to select the specific screen you wish to record. For this, access the "Screen" tab on a similar panel and change the "Screen Capture" options to Discord's specific target window. As you are done with the recording settings, tap "Start Recording" or "F10" to proceed towards initiation. The platform counts to three seconds before starting the recording of the screen.

Step 5: Drag the recording files on the Timeline

As you are done with the recording and have stopped it successfully, you can directly drag the recorded files into the platform's Timeline to have them edited. The platform offers you to edit the video by adding different effects, transitions or perform frame-by-frame editing of the footage before finalizing it.

Step 6: Export your recording Discord audio file

With the video recorded and edited, you now need to move into the Export window for exporting the separate file. Since you need to ship the audio recording, the platform offers you to select a particular file format along with the location and name of the file. Set the file format to MP3. Along with these options, you are provided with several audio options that can be easily changed, which include setting up the encoder, number of channels, the sampling rate, and the bitrate for the audio file. Tap "Export" to execute the process and save the audio file on your desktop for sharing.


The article has stated a very comprehensive overview of the Discord audio recording method. It has reinstated the complete procedure that includes a follow up of all the tools involved in the mechanism. Users who seek to record the audio off the voice chat applications such as Discord should consider utilizing Wondershare DemoCreator for such purposes instead of the other platforms that exist in the market under huge price tags. It would help if you looked over the guide to get a detailed overview of the platform, followed by a clarified mechanism explaining the process to record Discord audio successfully.