Best 6 Customer Service Training Tools

Oliva Eve
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Customer Service Tips

Every company needs to have good customer service. These are the people who are not just responsible for sales, but also for building relationship with clients and handling any disputes that may arise. More than any other department therefore, the customer service department requires a lot of specialize training since they are the “face” of the company.

This is where customer service training tools come in. When used properly, these tools can be instrumental in training customer service agents to accomplish their task more efficiently. In this guide, we take a look at some of the top customer service tools that can help you whip your customer service force into shape.

The iSpring Suite

If you would like an all-inclusive eLearning tool that can offer different kinds of content on the same platform, then the iSpring Suite might be the right choice for you. To keep this simple, it easily integrates with PowerPoint to allow you to turn your old PowerPoint presentations into new training courses or build new courses in just a few minutes.

This suite also comes with a built-in video studio that you can use to record both on-screen and webcam footage to seamlessly create video training. Once the video has been recorded, you can use the built-in video editing suite to delete some of the unwanted clips, remove background noise or even add captions and transition effects.

ispring suite

A built-in dialogue simulation feature allows you to easily train your employees on the art of communication. And finally, you can use the quizzes feature to determine how much your employees have learned and what sections may need to be repeated.

While it may be a comprehensive suite, the price tag of $970 a year may place iSpring well beyond the reach of many startups.

Branch Track

Branch Track is another customer service training tool that can be instrumental in helping you whip your customer service team into shape. This one is primarily a dialog simulation tool that allows your team to learn the proper way to talk to customers and potential clients.

branch track

It allows you to easily use the drag and drop editor to design dialogue and connect the scenes and characters in a way that realistically simulates some of the scenes, situations and emotions that may arise in every day life.

Even though it only offers this one facet of customer service training, Branch Tracks is quite expensive, staring at $999 per year and with plans that can cost upwards of $3000.


If you would like to take the training a step further than just dialogue simulation, you can use ITyStudio to create behavioral simulation in 2D and 3D animations. Even though at first blush it may sound complicated, ITyStudio makes the creation of the animated characters for your simulated environment very easy. It comes with a simple drag and drop platform that is also designed to help you create endless possibilities.


It also offers a very flexible scoring system that can help you evaluate a number of skills including focus, engagement, empathy and listening. At $35/month or $350/year it is also quite affordable.

Articulate Rise

This is a web application that is designed to help you create responsive online courses that can be easily accessed on any platform and on any device. The platform also makes it very easy for you to create the course since you can choose to use the pre-built lessons and simply add media and content like text, and charts or you can choose to custom create your own lessons.

articulate rise

It also has features that can make it easy for you to collaborate with your team members on the same project. Lessons can be created and edited by various members of the team with the changes available in real time. It also comes with a screen recorder that allows you to record both the screen and webcam.

The entire suite can cost upwards of $900 a year.

Wondershare DemoCreator

DemoCreator is a powerful video recording and editing suite that allows you to capture the content on the screen and webcam. Videos can be powerful learning aids and with the features that this tool can provide, you can easily create a whole set of related video content that you can easily share with your team.


One of the most endearing features about this tool is that is comes with a full suite of editing tools designed to help you make your videos even more interactive. You can use the editing suite to delete sections of the video that you don’t want to include in the video, add annotations and text to the video to make it more interactive.

Starting at $23.99/year, it is also one of the most affordable customer service training tools you could ever invest in.


Uptale is the more “high-tech” tool of the bunch since it allows you to create a highly interactive and highly immersive VR learning experience. As you can probably already guess, it may not be very easy to put these high-tech simulations together. The process often requires that you upload all your content including all the videos, photo and audio that your project needs and then use a SCORN or xAPI format to publish it.

The one advantage of this platform is that all the VR simulations you create will be easily accessible across all platforms and on all devices. It also works with all VR headsets.


But since this is a highly customizable platform, the amount you pay will depend on your particular project and therefore pricing is on request.

The diversity of the tools we have outlined above point to the fact that there are several ways you can choose to train your customer service professionals. You must therefore determine the kind of training your employees may need at a certain point in their training and then adjust accordingly.

For example, it may not be necessary to use a dialogue simulator at the beginning of the training and you may find that videos make for a great introductory class. Videos are easy to create and can be timeless. And when you have the ideal video editing suite, you can make slight tweaks to a video to make it more relevant to the particular training exercise. Select a tool or tools that will be beneficial to your team at their level and you should train a highly effective customer service force.