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Best OnePlus Screen Recorder

David Wilson
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Screen Recorder Software Reviews

OnePlus is among the leading smartphone brands in the world as it offers a lot of features and is also among the most ahead-of-its-curve smartphones. The world has gone into a phase where smartphones are the most used devices for internet usage. Content creators all over the world have now resorted to the creation of their video content through smartphones and it is evident that OnePlus is also among the most used phones for content creation. OnePlus screen recorder app is an effective app that is being used by content creators to create content for the world.

Content creators can use screen recorders for creating different content by recording their web activities. OnePlus in the year 2019 added the native screen recording to its operating system OxygenOS. Therefore, people who are using a phone which has the OxygenOS 9.5 version or a version above will be able to use this feature. There are multiple options for customizations with screen recorders as well as the ability to record audio. In this article, we are going to explore how the screen can be recorded on OnePlus and how the potential of that feature can be maximized.

How to Record Screen On OnePlus?

The two OnePlus phones which are considered to be the best are 6T and 7T versions and in this section, we are going to explain how the OnePlus 6T screen recorder, OnePlus 7T screen recorder and the OnePlus 7 pro screen recorder work. The process is usually the same for all of them and is explained below in the recorder.

The option of a screen recorder is there in the form of a shortcut in the settings portion on the pane where notifications are. The option though isn’t there in the default pane therefore the tile has to be added from the window of settings customization. The process of doing so has been explained below

Step 1: Pull the status bar down. This is going to show the notification drawer. Now pull once again for showing all of the settings.

Step 2: There will be a Pencil Icon in the notification drawer towards the bottom which is going to enable adding more tiles.

Step 3: The Screen Recorder tile must be held and dragged from the bottom part of the notification drawer. Select the position for this tile in the notification tray.

Step 4: Then the back button has to be pushed and this will finish the editing. There will be a shortcut now for the recorder in the notification drawer.

In the OxygenOS operating system, there are many options for customization available. When the tool is run for the very first time, it will ask for access of the storage of the phone and the permission for audio recording as well as network connectivity. After the user agrees, there is a floating widget visible. This widget consists of three buttons which have one button to record that is the standard red button, one button which has settings and one button which is used for dismissing this feature.

The user will have to then go to the settings panel for customizing the options for recording. Here the user can decide on the resolution and the video bit rate. The bit rate varies from 1-24Mbit. There is also an option for the Frames per second here and there is an option for 15-60 FPS. Here is where the audio source needs to be selected too and there is an option of recoding through internal audio or recording from microphones which are built-in. The tool comes in particularly handle for those content creators who are looking to create a video tutorial to outline features of a product.

The orientation of the video can also be selected. The floating widget pauses the recording automatically as soon as the screen turns off. The touch operation then begins to show. Once the options have been set up all that remains to be done is recording of the screen by pressing the record button. The screen recorder in the OxygenOS comes with every possible customization and therefore offers some of the best features available today.

Use A Recorder To Recording Screen On OnePlus

For many a year, the users of OnePlus particularly OnePlus 6T users have been requesting for a screen recorder in the service. The content creators who own the phone have been on the lookout for a good screen recorder. This is particularly true because the phone otherwise is packed with features and had been providing every other service that a user may require. However, there were those owners who use the phone to record tutorial videos for example the ones who record tutorials for make-up videos or for gamers who want to record the gaming videos and tutorials. The advent of social media and its omnipresence has put pressure on gaming videos and other content creators to use their devices in a more efficient and effective manner which means that there has been pressure on the developers to create a screen recorder OnePlus 6T that user can use to create content of the highest quality.

Apart from the content creators, sharing How-to videos has also become a common activity recently with people feeling the need to share information with their acquaintances who they want to explain the functioning of a particular task to them. The use of a screen recorder in the recent past has become very important for corporates and professionals as well who are now gradually replacing emails and meetings with screen recordings for a better visual explanation. The native screen recorder for the OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T has received a few OxygenOS OTAs which bring the screen recorder feature into the June 19 security patch. As per the official OnePlus forums, OxygenOS 9.0.7 and 9.0.15 OTAs which are meant for the OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T do not have a huge overhaul however the biggest addition here is the Screen recorder which has been added to the OnePlus6 and OnePlus 6T. This is after it had been added first on the OnePlus 7 Pro.

An update which came recently that is the Version 2.2 update on the OnePlus Screen Recorder are getting the addition of Framerate settings for the recorders and the option of hiding the appearance of the floating widget when the recording begins. These new settings are now enabling the user to set the recording frame rate to the 15, 24, 30 or the 60fps which depends upon the preferences of the user. The OnePlus screen recorder in the app draw is not going to be there. The screen recorder is going to instead need the user to press a small cog icon for the access. This appears when the Screen Recorder overlay is opened. Without the on-screen floating widget or stopping the recording the user will have to swipe the notification shade down and stop or pause the recording through the notification.

The OnePlus handsets have tested to work well on the handsets like the 5T, 6T and 6 and this is something that works well. While there is an expectation of future OxygenOS Ota for adding the settings pretty soon which is downloadable separately in the form of the .apk file and also installing manually in case they are desperate to change the floating widget and framerate settings. The standalone application may have been already installed by some users who would have activated this feature on the older phones of OnePlus.

The port officially is without a doubt going to result in the smoother recording not having any issues associated with it. The patch which came on June 2019 with the ability for screen recording a bit of screen recording tweaks at the top. The users in Denmark are going to have the support for VoLTE on Telia network. Another thing which is to be noted that the tool of feedback has now been integrated with the community app that had been added to the recent Open Beta of the OxygenOS builds.


The screen recorder OnePlus 7T and the other OnePlus phones have to offer has the features of any leading screen recorder and it provides the content creators with the option for creating content in the most effective way and also edit it in the most creative way possible. The operating system offers some of the most potent editing tools in addition to the most creative filters. The feature is extremely easy to use and recording can be done on the click of a button on the home screen. OnePlus offers cutting edge technology in the form of the OnePlus screen recorder.