Eatcam Webcam Recorder Review

David Wilson
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Webcam Recording

A webcam recorder is used to record some of the beautiful moments of your life and any events. Eatcam webcam recorder is webcam recorders that provide many benefits to its user. You can use a webcam recorder to record AVI files. Moreover, you can also watch them when you want to work using MSN Messenger, etc. The Eatcam webcam recorder helps in recording anything displayed during the video chat, instant messaging, and streaming video software.

Through the Eatcam webcam recorder, you can record AVI, FLV, WMV files, and you can see all those recordings whenever you want to see them. You can record any audio for your video through a webcam recorder, and you can see it later. For many other works with MSN, ICQ, AIM, and yahoo, you can use a webcam recorder. This webcam recorder gives you the facility to replay some of your favorite moments. You can record audio from any source as it supports all formats

Download Eatcam Recorder

To use the Eatcam webcam recorder, you need to download and install the Eatcam webcam recorder. After that, you will be able to use this software. This is a software that is used to record real-time videos of yahoo videos and other messenger videos.

This software supports various file formats like AVI, FLV, WMV, and many other formats. So it is very easy to use. Many people use it as this gives many technologies. You can see any video recorded by an Eatcam webcam recorder, and you will display it at time webcam videos, youtube videos, and other stream videos on the screen. Eatcam webcam record supports video chat recording options so that you record videos and audio of messenger chat. You can also record audios from any other sources. It is very useful for those who want to record the videos.


Some easy steps do Eatcam recorder download

  1. To download the Eatcam webcam, you need to search it on the search engine.
  2. After that, you get many options to download the Eatcam webcam, so you select one link in all of the options.
  3. Then you go through the link and download the Eatcam webcam. The Eatcam Webcam recorder is a very small file type. It is 4.12 MB in size so that it will be easily downloaded.
  4. After downloading, you have to follow some simple steps to install it on your system.
  5. Eatcam webcam recorder free download is available on the internet.

How to use Eatcam recorder

If you are confused about how to use the Eatcam webcam here, you can go through the process and step-by-step method to record video through the Eatcam webcam recorder. You can record yahoo video messenger chat videos through the Eatcam webcam recorder. The users also use the Eatcam webcam recorder for MSN.

Step-1:When you want to record video calls through the Eatcam webcam recorder, you have to first open that software and then click on the record button and select the "being record" option.

Step-2:After that, a window will be open. You have to select "local webcam," and then you have to click on the "next" button.

Step-3:After that, you select the audio input option and click next. Then you can change the format of your output file for your video.

Step-4:After all the things are done, then you will start recording your videos along with the audios. Eatcam webcam recorder will record your file, and it will not stop until you stop recording.

This way, you can opt to use the Eatcam webcam recorder to record messenger videos. You can also take screenshots during the time of recording.

Pros and cons of Eatcam Webcam Recorder


  1. You can easily record videos from stream videos, youtube videos, messenger videos, and many other videos.
  2. It also allows using audio from any source.
  3. You can save and share these videos with anyone.
  4. It supports many file formats like AVI, FLV, and WMV.
  5. Through this, you can record the whole desktop screen or just a specific part of the video.
  6. You can take screenshots during the recording time.
  7. You can record yahoo and MSN messenger videos through this.


  1. The main disadvantage of this software is the lack of scheduling time.
  2. You get delay options just before you start recording.

Best Eatcam Webcam Recorder Alternative

Some people said that Eatcam crashed sometimes and they cannot open to start recording. If you are facing the same issue, I would recommend you to try Wondershare DemoCreator. This software is able to record computer screen and webcam at the same with microphone audio and system sound. Moreover, it also comes with screen drawing tools which are help express the video better.


Before you use this software to record the webcam videos, you need to download and installed it; after that, you can go to the DemoCreator software, and then you can see the screen button there. After clicking there, you can choose your recording screen and the frame size or rate.

recording screen democreator


After that, you have to set up your audio. In that tab, you have to choose between your microphone and computer; both will be recorded by default, but you have to select don't capture and go for the next step.


Then you have to set up your camera setting. You can record your video through a webcam, and you have to select your camera option and, after that, select the resolution you want to record, then you select a frame rate for your recording.



This is the advance setting option. You have to select the advance tab, and then you choose where you want to save the file and then select the fast JPG or encoder AVC. Then after that, set up your hotkeys.

democreator recording webcam

Now you can readily record your videos through the DemoCreator webcam recorder. This webcam recorder will help you to record real-time videos. And the advanced feature of this software makes it different from any other webcam recorder software, so it is very popular and easy to use software for any people. 


Eatcam webcam recorder is an excellent real-time video recorder with which anybody can record any video through the webcam. It gives many benefits to its users as it supports many file formats for which no one will be facing trouble by using this. But it has some demerit like the scheduling time issue. DemoCreator is also a good and advanced webcam screen recorder. It gives many new features to its users, and anyone can easily use this software. You can download and use these two software for your webcam screen recording. So if you're going to save and record your real-time videos, you can use one of these two software.