Contacam Software Review

David Wilson
2024-04-02 09:16:39 • Filed to: Screen Recorder Software Reviews

Do you know that you can use your webcam as a surveillance camera by Contacam? Contacam software is one of the popular software that is used as a video surveillance tool. This is one of the most popular live webcam software that is compatible with window. The software is easily available on the internet, and anyone can download it to enjoy free trials. It doesn't contain any errors and bloat.

With the help of a powerful software, you can set up a home-based CCTV to monitor your home in your absence. There are multiple software applications available that can turn your device into a surveillance system. Well, each software has its own pros and cons. In this article, we are discussing this software and its advanced features.

Introduction to Contacam Software

Well, the software is lightweight and fast. This is a versatile option that can meet your requirements. It has a user-friendly layout and can run on moderate systems. This is an all-in-one solution for all your surveillance needs. Just download this software from the internet and install it on your computer.

After that, connect several cameras to your system and then start using this as a digital video recorder tool. Now you don't have to spend a huge amount of money installing the cameras to capture the motions. It will send you the notifications through mail and text. It keeps you awake 24/7.

System Requirements for Downloading Contacam

To run Contacam on your device, you have some necessary requirements that are as mentioned below:

  • Operating system: To run Contacam on your device, you should have windows 7.8, 8.1, and 10.
  • The need for CPU: If you have one camera, then you need a single or dual-core processor, but at the same time, if you have 2, then you should have a dual-core processor. In case if you set up more than two cameras, then it may vary.
  • RAM: To access this on your device, you need 2 to 4 GB of RAM as per the quantity of the camera.
  • Camera preferences: For this, you can use a USB webcam, PCIe, IP camera, and all.

Key Features of Contacam

Contacam consists of various key features that make this tool popular in the global note. No matter which kind of operating system you have, you can access this tool like a pro. Here we define Contacam review that you can read in the next section.

  • The Contacam supports all kinds of windows versions starting from Windows 95 up to Windows 8.
  • It allows detecting the motions like uploading FTP and sending mail through various platforms.
  • This program is available free of cost and in multiple languages like English, Italian, Russian and German.
  • It offers the proper CCTV surveillance method with 24 hours motion detection method.
  • This records video for 24/7 years and also offers a manual recording facility.
  • It allows people to take screenshots and unlimited parallel camera setup.
  • The motion detection method offers animated thumbnails.
  • Live webcam video recording facility with tracking the last history
  • A compatible tool that supports webcams, WDM, and network cameras.
  • Password protection service having free image features.
  • It can store audio for 24 hours.

How to Use Contacam

To install the Contacam on your device, you have to visit the official site and then download the file. During the installation of Contacam, you should configure the location where you want to deploy. You can also create some shortcuts at your convenience.

When you open the main screen, then you will receive multiple instructions to connect your camera. Here you can find out certain options and links to access the live stream. Here you can also watch the step-by-step Contacam manual instructions to remove the cameras. This tool contains multiple menus where you can click to navigate on different pages. 

To use contact, you have to set up the camera first with three easy steps.

  • To connect your device, first visit the camera menu.
  • Now enter the camera name and choose the language and appearance.

Now keep the files on your hard disk.

To use this camera as a surveillance tool, first, you have to visit the camera menu and select your preferred camera. After that, visit the configuration settings and customize the settings. Choose the language, camera preferences, and the thumbnails you want to display. Here you also have access to set how long it should keep the files on the disk. To get notifications, you have to go through the email section and change the settings as per your need.

Contacam Alternatives

If you don't get enough satisfactory results from this software, then you can use the below Contacam alternatives.

1. DemoCreator

Wondershare DemoCreator is an all in pone screen recorder software that is founded in 2003. To access this tool on your device, you have to download the recent version by visiting the official site. It contains new features and extensive compatibility.

This is compatible with Mac as well as with windows. It has a wide amount of users who use this tool for multiple purposes. It offers a better user interface, GPU accelerations, multi-screen recording facility, and video export extensions.

start recording

With the help of this, you can easily record and edit the videos. It gives you access to share the videos on a platform. It contains various editing facilities to make your video more attractive. This is the most popular recording video that is widely popular on the global platform. It has a wide community center where people post their questions and reply to the users to solve the issues regarding the software. This is also open-source software that you can download and enjoy free of cost.

2. Yawcam

Yawcam is the acronym of yet another Webcam. This is the4 software that you can install on your device to work as a surveillance tool. This software program is written in Java. This is a lightweight and compatible tool that supports the Windows platform.

It makes your work simple and comes up with multiple features. Here you can stream videos and take snapshots of images. This is a built-in webserver that works on your device smoothly. It detects the motion and uploads FTP. It also helps to overlays the texts and images.

It gives complete access to its user and secures your passwords. Also, it has a wide community help center where you can get help if you have any software problem. It supports multiple languages and also worked as a time scheduler. Moreover, it comes up with a complete package of advanced features. To download and install this software, you have to visit its official site. After installing, you can check the user manual to access this on your device. The software is updated by the developers continuously. Now download the current version of the software by visiting this site.

3. iSpy

This is open-source software that offers security to your home and office. It comes up with a list of advanced features. The tool contains the audio monitoring facility that is not available in most of the surveillance software tools. Because of its multiple pros, people used to download and install the software on their devices. It can be used for various purposes like monitoring the pets, staff, machinery, and kids at your home.

Not all software is fully functional, and this is the best example of this. It also contains the features like remote access, live streaming, and email alerts through the mail. But to get the accessibility to this feature, you have to purchase the paid version of this software. Here you can play the default media player after signing up and logging in to the account.


After summing up the above content, we can say that Contacam is an amazing software that you can use to detect motion and monitor your home and office. It also helps you with multiple advanced features. If Contacam doesn't work for you, then you can download and install other alternatives software for this. To download any of the software, visit and search on the browser. Download the recent version and install the files on your disk and save your money and energy.