Movavi Screen Recorder Review

Oliva Eve
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Screen Recorder Software Reviews

The company Movavi is well-known and dedicated to developing various software for video editing. The Movavi screen recorder allows one to capture webinars, online calls and instructions in a very fast and efficient manner. The company aims to comfort its users and provide them with all the features with its software. Well, to enjoy using this software, you don't need to be a professional editor or a tech expert.

If you are looking out for a tool to record what happening on your PC screen, Movavi Screen Recorder is what you are looking for. It comprises various features such as video editing and it is very easy-to-use software. This is what makes the tool the best of all. Well, it is not necessary to use the software for video recording; it can also be used as a video editor tool for your PC.

You can simply edit your already-recorded videos and enhance them as per your requirements, export them once editing is done, and further even upload the videos to any of the social networks. Below is an all-inclusive Movavi screen recorder review for your reference and for you to get a good understanding of this best screen recording software.

1. Movavi Screen Recorder Download

To download Movavi screen recorder software for free, just enter the official website. Movavi screen recorder full version comes bundled with a wide range of features, which are otherwise not found in the free version. The full version of the software helps you make video tutorials, record Skype video conferences, record webinars, save webcam-recorded videos, and so on.

Once you download the software, simply install it. Your software is ready to get your screen recorded and edit the videos. In addition, Movavi screen recorder crack download encompasses a simple and easy video editor that allows users to make minor adjustments and add effects and other filters. The free trial version of Movavi screen recorder is a 7-day pack but comes with few limitations. Overall, with mere 4 steps, one can have the recording all set.

install movavi screen recorder

Step 1: Adjust all the required video recording settings.

Step 2: Select a capture area and start recording your computer screen.

select recording area movavi

Step 3: Enhance your recorded video with the video editor (integrated).

edit recorded video movavi screen recorder

Step 4: Simply Save the edited video in whichever format you want. Your video is now ready to go on air via various social networks.

2. Pros and Cons of Movavi Screen Recorder

The Movavi screen recorder full version has numerous features that have simplified the overall process of screen recording and video editing. Let us have a quick look at the software's pros and cons.


  • The tool has a very spontaneous interface
  • The software comes with an enhanced video editor including various effects and filters
  • The tool allows one to record the video in full HD (1080p)- around 60 fps on your PC.
  • One can select various audio sources, for example, the microphone, OS, or even webcam
  • One can record the entire screen or just a specific part of the computer screen
  • The software is bundled with editing advanced tools including slow motion, video stabilization, as well as green screen effects, that is chroma effect. One can even replace an image with the background.
  • You can even upload the recorded videos from the application to YouTube directly.


  • Few people have reported the software crashes very often
  • Complaints have also raised regarding the customer support of not being much supportive
  • Many a time, it is difficult to upload videos directly on YouTube
  • All major features are missing in the trial version; hence, one needs to buy the full version to access all features.

3. Should I Use Movavi?

Though the Movavi screen recording software has its own pros and cons, using the software entirely depends on the purpose of what exactly the user is expecting out of the software. If you wish to record a quick and simple video, then the 7-day free trial version of the tool is more than sufficient. In this free trial version, you can record a video of up to 120-second long. However, a watermark will be on the processed your video as it's the trial version.

Movavi Screen Capture software is one of the most powerful yet lightweight screen recording tools that can be used for video streaming, to grab music from different websites, for capturing video calls, to create interactive tutorials and just to get some desktop screenshots. You will definitely enjoy its intuitive controls along with a user-friendly interface.

Contrarily, the positive side of the Movavi screen recorder is that it comes with an in-built video editor. This video editor aids even the professionals to produce some highly customizable videos. The editor has numerous features such as major stylish filters, special video effects, and editor tools. One can also save the recorded videos in any format they want via the advanced screen recorder tool. But then to enjoy all these advanced features, you need to purchase the activation key for Movavi screen recorder. All the major features aren't available in the free version. So all-in-all, the software is a good-to-go if your requirement is small. Otherwise, it's a pricey option to land on.


The above article has reviewed Movavi screen recorder taking into consideration all its features. We have also provided a detailed guide on Movavi screen recorder download. The software provides a robust video editor program that is full of good features and is quite intuitive and easy to use. The video editor enables us to perform various things that are otherwise seen in highly advanced video editors. Also, there are very few tools that exist which provide both recordings as well as editing in one application. So, the question remains if the tool is worth giving a shot? Well, we recommend you use it yourself and let us know your experience in the below comments.